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  • Rianna Skywalker

Awakening from the Dream within a Dream

Blue Cosmic Eagle day 12 of the Blue Night wave we began 22nd November 2017. A decent into the Dark Void, the abyss, the unknown, the subconscious, buried shadow aspects. What a ride it has been, so much so I was not able to write til now.

Blue Night is a curious archetype in the creation story of this 13 Moon Dreamspell of the Maya. One of my archetypes, so, I have spent time with this energy, and do so every 4 years as well as having been in Blue night for 13 years. Blue Night represents pure potentiality, and therefore abundance, but it is also the unknown and unknowable. It is the dark abyss, the field of dreams. When we are in the dark, in the unknown we have to rely upon different faculties to interact with the world. Intuition, this other knowing that we can’t quite explain. Blue Night is the nothing from which everything comes, the primordial soup, floating wave forms of energy that fall into form when the light of consciousness ‘fixes’ on it. There are no limits in the dreamscape, no limits to the dark night sky. And so the continuum of Blue Night is from the dream that is a nightmare, fear, the unknown, alone, shadowy monsters right the way through to Abundance, the dream come true, the dream of our souls.

Where we land on that continuum depends on how much we have worked on letting go of control and developing trust, trust in something bigger than us, something unseen and unknowable, but felt, some intelligence that is working - a light at the end of the tunnel will keep us from giving us hope when we hit the inevitable dark spots of our life. The dark night of the soul is often a great catalyst for growth. In many indigenous cultures they create this journey with Vision Quests, often going into the dark night naked in the jungle, to face your demons and reclaim your power. This is precisely what these past 13 days have been about. To throw us in at the deep end, where we no longer think we know anything, so we can learn to trust and use a different sensing - intuition - to reorientate and remember the dream of our souls.

It’s all a dream, only we are in a dream within the dream, forgetting we are the dreamers of ourselves. We have created many definitions, borders, beliefs and restrictions to make us feel safe, to try to eradicate the unknown. But, it is ever present in our psyche, do we even know ourselves? As we let go of knowing, and enter into the space of Blue Night, the open anything is possible, therefore I have no tension here or there resisting this or that truth, expectations of this or that reality, we are invariably rewarded with a vision, of something greater than we could ever have imagined within the confines of our defined reality.

"I don’t know” is the most intelligent answer there is, because we are moving so fast through time and space that everything is changing. I am not the person I was yesterday, my truth yesterday is not my truth today. As we enter into this mystery of free floating in the primordial soup, we might hit upon some truth, that has some permanence.

The hidden power of Blue Night is White Mirror, as Blue Night journeys through it’s own self guidance, with the support of a fearless heart in Yellow Warrior, it challenges us to make a cosmic connection to a higher truth, connecting the dots outside the box. Bringing us some clarity and order, the light at the end of the tunnel guiding the way.

The practice point of this wave is White Worldbridger, death change and rebirth, so as we embrace a surrender, a letting go of knowing, of ideas, of dreams, of everything, a dying unto ourselves, we are energetically returned to the all, and reconnected with the truth of who we are, and most importantly what we came to do. A vision hidden in the subconscious of our essence self, the original dream of ourselves.

The balance point of the wave of Blue Night is Yellow Star, if we can dream it all into being, then perhaps we could balance that dream in terms of art and beauty, in terms of being in alignment with Source, the beautiful truth. The nightmare dreams need not materialize. If we are having fearful dreams, then the soul is calling us to heal something, calling us to see that something out of alignment is in our dreamscape, and subconscious, and therefore has a great deal of manifesting power in our so called waking life.

The manifestation point is Yellow Human, literally the Mayans are saying that we are the dream of ourselves. We dreamt ourselves up from the infinite possibilities of the sea of pure potentiality. We arrive here in a state of utter forgetfulness, in the dark womb of our mother and then in the dark womb of this heavily veiled earth school, but we have free will, and we are conscious creators that didn’t realise that we could also create unconsciously!

As long as we don’t admit to being lost, we cannot be found.

We are lost to ourselves, and the world is largely reflecting that, so much confusion and darkness, so much unlovingness. But this is a super creative moment, when we dim the lights the demons come out, and we get to see what has been lurking in the shadows. The task is to meet these discarded aspects and bring them home to the light of love. Day 8 of the wave is the integration point, love is the integration of the dark back into harmony with the light, no separation.

If when faced with darkness we can drop into feeling, and into our heart, we will feel the wounded child, within and the collective wounded child of the universe that we all carry fragments of. This makes us more human, when we can feel, and when we can own our shadows before they become too dark to rehabilitate. With full heart presence, and self love, we can look more honestly at ourselves and pull up the soul fragments to be reintegrated, translating them into super powers.

Tomorrow we begin a new wave, after the visionary awakening that is the goal of the Blue Night wave, we enter the Yellow Warrior wave, the mission is clear, we are more focused on going out into the world and moving towards our dreams to make them come true.

Without facing the dark, we cannot be Warriors, we will be stuck in the Blue Monkey dark side, infantile and wounded, powerful but irresponsible. When we face the dark, we discover it was all us anyway, we bring it all home, and are more powerful for having reclaimed that energy that was resisted.

We are seeing the darkness being exposed all around us globally, which means we are all working towards exposing our own darkness, as within without. Keep up the good work, do not fear, trust that the truth will set us free and ONLY LOVE LIGHTS THE WAY.

Waking up isn’t easy, but, until we do, we won’t realize the limitless potential we have to create reality.


In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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