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What We Do, Assists or Destroys Earth : Freeing Gaia We Free Ourselves

We are on the 11th day of the Blue Hand wave of ‘what to do’. I had lined myself up to write on Blue Solar Eagle day 9, and then on Yellow Planetary Warrior day 10, but the the messages were not coming through with much clarity, and then last night as we shifted into the energy of today, after sunset, I felt the guidance strongly. Here is the message of Red Spectral Earth, the energy of the day.

Josephine Wall - NO MORE

It was probably more important now than any other wave, that my awareness was attuned not to be driven to do something because of any other need, drive or condition, but to be totally in the space of listening to what wants to be done, when it wants to be done. This is the message of the Blue Hand wave of doing, that we slow down, and attune to, what is being called for, and when we do, there is less effort for greater effect, because we are aligned with greater forces than ourselves, the divine plan, which we had already agreed to do when we came into incarnation. So by implication, when we are not aware of this, we are violating our own agreements.

Red Earth represents our Mother Earth, this Garden of Eden that is the materialization of Spirit in Form, that was birthed by the Divine Mother, for us, to incarnate into form, and experience consciousness. It is the living, breathing, abundant, intelligence of Nature, it is time, and place, it is the messages of Nature, that is not random but all intertwined and interconnected. Red Earth is our home ship, traveling through time, through phases of evolution, taking us on phases of evolution. Red Earth is an activation portal for White Wind, Great Spirit to move the Will of the Divine into action, into being, into form.

Red Spectral Earth is the liberation point of the wave of Blue Hand, and is also the challenge point of the archetype of Blue Hand. These archetypal energies are in a continuum with each other, meaning that there is a tension that requires constant balancing and that there is a multitude of variables between the two. If Blue Hand is Yellow Humans drive to do, our embodied ability to affect a direct influence on existence, on the material realm, then Red Earth must be the what that is affected. The missing archetype in that equation of the core kin family is White Wind - Great Spirit, and Great Spirit is the supporting energy of Red Earth. Of course, Mother Earth is the manifestation of Great Spirit, and, we have been gifted our lives from within her matrix -womb - to come into form, and experience existence. Then Mother Earth becomes our Daughter Gaia, as we are then an influence on her, with what we do here. When we Yellow Humans are disconnected from our White Wind - Great Spirit - our spiritual truth, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that we are entrusted to be Guardians of the Earth, steering her evolution with our evolution, then we are driven by ego, by greed, by the agenda of others, by fear and by belief in lack. All these drivers are devolving our connection with Source Consciousness - Great Spirit, and as we can see, destroying our precious Mother Earth, defiling our pristine fertile Daughter Gaia.

Josephine Wall - THE SADNESS OF GAIA

What we choose to do, with our Free Will, as Blue Hand represents, is the deciding factor in whether we improve life on earth, and bring about the materialization of Heaven on Earth, or if we are feeding into the matrix of control that has imprisoned Gaia and her children, us Humans, usurping our energy, and hers.

We free ourselves by Freeing Gaia. That is the birth of the New Earth, the earth restored to her natural state of being, and all her children restored to their natural state of being, in connection with her, and in connection with the Source of her, of All That Is.

What controls what you do? Are you living in a reality of the truth of your free will or have you adopted a belief paradigm that is culturally, politically, nationally, gender or other indoctrination system influenced or even dictated. Are you a doctor prescribing harmful drugs because you have bought the ideology of Science which has sought to deny natural law? Are we choosing to further our and others healthy reconnection to divine truth by honoring natural cycles of time, nature and spiritual laws, organic farming, natural medicines, environmental awareness - that is not a political agenda of false information to control how we think about what is happening on the planet?

Blue Hand also represents the knowing which we achieve through experience, which then feeds into the Yellow Human, and brings about the state of Wisdom. When we as Humans reconnect with our spiritual truth - White Wind, and we reconnect with Red Earth - our Mother, and Daughter - thereby taking full responsibly for ALL THAT WE DO… then we will inevitably slow down our busyness and listen to what is needed now, rather than blindly doing for the sake of doing, and thereby doing insane things we have not considered - without knowing the consequences, without wisdom. This is willful ignorance.

Men, driven by need or and greed, are chopping down huge tracks of rainforest. Where is their wisdom and humanity? Where is their connection with their Mother Earth, their Great Spirit, their alignment to their Guardianship of their Daughter Gaia? They are most certainly lost from the divine truth of existence, from themselves. But we are all responsible. We have to do our part, every day to make choices to lessen the burden on Gaia, and align with her natural cycles, adopt her intelligence as our intelligence, so we can co create heaven on earth instead of co creating this nightmare.

Right now, and, as ancient knowledge would attest, in the past, we have been ‘led astray’ by false ‘prophets’ who had magic tricks to convince us of their ‘superiority’ and then we have given away our power to their authority. We abandoned our Will, for the Will of another, that convinced us that it was our Savior. As we did this, we lost connection to our inner guidance system, lost connection to the incredible intelligence of our body, and it’s energy systems, and it’s powerful connection to All That Is. We lost connection to our outer guidance systems - both our earthly navigation, the synchronistic - time influenced - messages of Gaia/Mother Earth, AND our cosmic navigation - watching the planets and the stars to orientate where we are, to understand the connection between Gaia’s cycles and these Cosmic cycles, to witness the overall intelligence of existence, of Source, from which we emanate.

All this leads us into a deep state of confusion. We are literally LOST IN TIME & SPACE. We don’t know who we are, we don’t know where we are, in time or in the cosmos, we are not even sure if our planet is round or shaped in another way. We don’t know natural weather from manipulated weather, we don’t know our own bodies and how they work. We have been dumbed down, by being numbed down. We are not sensitive to the field of information that we are literally swimming in. Instead we have been busy creating a sea of false information, distraction and frequencies that are an interference from what would naturally arise, and what would naturally attune us.

The more lost we are, the more easily manipulated we become. The Will of the People is a powerful force, being controlled by a fraction of beings who are not aligned with the well being of the earth & natural earth beings. We must recover our Will to Do. Interestingly much of the New Age movement has also been infiltrated by the control matrix, and is largely confused about Ego, and letting go of Ego. The truth is, that we came to be these particular unique beings for a divine purpose. There is a purpose to you, and there is only one you for all time. The particular coordinates in time and space that was your moment of incarnation, is your unique fingerprint, your soul blueprints are a widow into what you came to do, and who you are, within the tapestry of the whole. There is a design to you, just as there is a design to the All. There are patterns created, and there are interference patterns created, we are here to influence the pattern of creation, to leave an indelible mark on existence. We are not insignificant as we have been told, and what we do does matter - literally what we do influences the material reality we exist in, and the one we leave behind for the future.

Natural Ego, is a divine directive, but we are estranged from our divine truth, and therefore live in the Adapted False Ego, the construct we make in order to survive in this upside down world that is not natural. This Ego must be healed, not let go of. The Natural Ego is connected to the truth of All That Is, it remembers it is a Source Emanation of the Whole, charged with a particular trajectory and agreements along the way. To lose this is to lose the point. To find this, we have to lose the Adapted False Ego, that has been programmed away from Divine Will. A good way to begin to disconnect from the Adapted False Ego is to ask, why am I doing this? And follow the rabbit hole down to the core. Only love lights the way, Blue Hand is the physical emanation of the Heart, so all that we do must come from LOVE ONLY.

Now when we accept this, there could be some degree of overwhelm, but, the steps are simple. All that is true and beautiful in this reality is inherently simple at it’s core. Balance of the yin yang energies, doing and non doing, and dropping deeper into the intelligence within, the ORGANIC intelligence around us. Disconnecting from belief paradigms, and enquiring for our own experiential knowing, so we can retrace our steps back to truth. Stop doing, and start being. Be with Spirit, be with Nature. And wait for the call of our soul, what is it that I must do now, if at all, to bring more peace and harmony to my reality, and therefore the collective reality.

Know that what you do is important. When we observe the natural timing of Nature, we know what to do when, we won’t plant seeds in the winter. There are lots more layers to the portals of natural time that confluence at any moment, bringing in the light - sound and frequency that would optimize any creation. The Dark Wizards are attuned to these, but have kept them secret for their own agendas. We must remember the power of Red Earth - time and place. As the shamans knew when to do ceremony and rituals to be in alignment with the Earthly and Cosmic portals.

Josephine Wall - TREE OF PEACE

It is no accidents in the Creation story of the 13 Moons that the Blue Hand wave comes directly after the White Wizard wave. We can only move into action when we have self mastery, when we have learnt about our environment, and the energies at work at any given moment, and the energy of who we are, and what we bring to any given moment. Wizards are mixing the ingredients to create potions into magic, and that is what we came to do. To be magical beings, wise and attuned to creation, able to do magnificent things. And we do, there is evidence all around us of the brilliance of Blue Hand, but there is also, much that we can see that too much unchecked Blue Hand energy is detrimental to Humanity and the Earth.

That is why it is crucial that we learn how to allow the children to remain in contact with the truth of their soul. The core purpose point of this wave was Blue Monkey, the magical child, the essence self. When we move into the world from that pure space of our soul, with our mission encoded in our heart, we know what to do, what we came to do, when we came to do it. Until we have an education system that honors that truth, and acts as a facilitator to that remembrance, then we will have to unlearn what we have learnt, so we can remember what we already knew!

Only love lights the way.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Readings

& Mentoring

Art by Josephine Wall


"Progress" - Man's word to excuse the disgraceful abuse of our precious world.

"Gaia" has watched from afar,

hoping that the trustees of this world would come to their senses,

and finally unable to bear the destruction any more,

the "Earth Goddess" returns to force back the advancing darkness.

Some animals flee in terror whilst others shelter beneath her life giving mantel.

The battle to restore beauty is joined.

"No more" will she allow mans blindness, greed and intolerance to pervade this planet.

As she strides purposefully forward, nature's beauty is once again restored.

Let this be a lesson to us all!


The Earth Goddess looks on sadly,

aware that our human weaknesses will mean many years of education to prevent the ruin of our precious world.

The contents of her wings symbolise all the creatures that need protection.

As always "Gaia" will be there to listen and to comfort, bringing with her the rainbow of hope.

The clouds are gathering around our world but she knows she must be strong and work to rectify mans errors, in the belief that he will one day understand that our precious earth deserves our protection.

Let us hope that one day soon "Gaia" will look upon the earth and be satisfied that her lessons have been learnt!

Millenium Tree (Tree of Peace)

As mankind emerges from the mists of time to enter a new millennium, hope abounds that all nations will be united in friendship and love (hidden faces) encircle our fragile and incredibly complex world.

The D.N.A. bracelet twines round the "helping hand" guiding the younger hand of humanity that strives to explore and learn so much more.

You will find a number of famous characters that have influenced and shaped our past, present and future e.g. Darwin, Einstein, Beethoven etc.

The left side symbolises nature - while the right symbolises technology and the future.The dove symbolises peace and the rainbow hope.

The hands either side of the tree symbolise the need for our beautiful world to be protected forever.

The Blue Hands our Creation are in our hands. Let love light the way.


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