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  • Rianna Skywalker

Dissolving into the Infinite Abundance of Our Dreams

Blue Spectral Night : Kin 63 day 63 of 260 in the Sacred 13 Moon Calendar for Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey : 1st wave of 2nd Castle of Crossing

Day 11 of the wave of Red Skywalker, and the dissolution point, after the manifestation point - yang, we move into a yin day, of letting go, releasing and dissolving. The Spectral tone of liberation, freedom. Letting go means to fly free, and yet we are clearly a little intimidated by this process, we are not very good at letting go, releasing things, and floating in the open free undefined space that is further emphasized by the energy of the archetype Blue Night. Blue Night is the Dark Night of the Soul, the Dark Abyss, the wu wei, the formlessness that is the infinite sea of possibilities, and therefore abundance. When we are afraid of the dark, we lose the infinite potential that lies in this as yet undefined space.

The 11th day/year of a wave is a key year in the process that the wave is activating, it is always the antipode or challenge of the archetype of the wave. Just as in all good fairy tales, in order to step into our power we must at some point face our nemesis, our adversary, and no longer be afraid of them. Red Skywalker is the time space traveller seeking the cosmic connections to bring the divine plan, and the Temple of Heaven, to earth. As a Skywalker myself I can attest to the longing for answers, and the early interest in seeking them in the stars, and the amazement of finding them there! But when we seek answers, we must constantly die to what we think we know, so we can alight upon things that might be obscured from view because we have filters and bias constantly creating blocks. The message of this wave is to cultivate the sacred space - in time and location, in mindset and in practices - to reconnect with the divine, through our connection with nature, and with our bodies, with the Mother Creator through which we have come into being, and in which we hold our creative power, and in all these ways align and activate our life force back to it’s original source, to the divine intelligence that is in all things, so we can be guided, moment to moment, from source. Skywalker is supported by Worldbridger, death and rebirth, and the portals to other dimensions of seeing, to bridge one world with another to see the bigger fuller picture of our multidimensional reality. Dying to what we know, and slipping fearlessly - Yellow Warrior is the supporting energy of Blue Night - into the unknown, falling through the fears, and the delusions, the self created monsters lurking in the shadows, until the light of truth leads us towards a new connection, a new alignment.

It would appear that we are in dark times, there is much distress on the planet, but these shadows are not what they seem. We must fearlessly let go of all that we think we know, and all the ways in which we have usually perceived reality, and allow ourselves to dissolve those labels, projections, concepts, propaganda, bias, all of our reference points. We must unlearn what we have learnt, as Yoda says. And then, come to a place of stillness, no-thingness, so that we can allow the truth to rise up from within us, and light the way. The play of light and dark around us is just an illusion that we are projecting, and just as when we go to the cinema, the projector is in a dark room, we must go into that room and see what’s been projecting our reality and heal it, take it apart and let it go. Dissolve the illusion, release the confusion, and let it all be returned to pure potentiality. Let the field lie fallow for a while, there is no rush, the truth reveals in it’s own time, and only the truth can set us free.

Blue Night is a key part of the Age of the New Shamans we are just commencing since the Mayan New Year 2019, and will be journeying through to 2032. We have to flip the switch on it all, nothing is what it seems and in this false projection of reality most things are inverted. Nothing is everything. Matter is merely 1% of reality, and matter is just energy in a different form. It is all energy, and therefore it is all in a state of flux. It is all unknown and unknowable. And so when we think we know, we have moved more and more into definition and each layer of that takes us away from the free flow of energy, into denser and denser states. Enlightenment means we lighten up our hold, we let go, go spectral, let it go let it flow. And as many have before, in this movement towards the yin, as we fall into the dark, the light surely comes. The true light. The light of love.

We are dreaming, and the time has come to awaken in the dream. We are surrounded by symbols and uncanny synchronicities, these are the calling cards for our consciousness to awaken and remember. Remember that we are energy, and we are eternal, we are infinite, and that no-thing has ever happened to us - our true selves, the light of source that we are - we are traveling the void, collapsing realities into form, experiencing them and moving on. Or so we should be, and will soon be, this is what the Age of Self Mastery in the White Wizard is all about. There have been eons of experience that has imprinted and defined us, when we are truly indefinable. We have to release and let go of all these reference points of who we are, who we were, past lives, ancestors, blueprints. We travelled in those constructs and we experienced within them, but we are not them, and not those experiences. When we reclaim the power of Blue Spectral Night, the ability to let go into the void, we can restore the unlimited potential of our experience, and stop the recycling of the trauma and karma.

All that matters now, is that you come home to your body, your sacred space, the temple of you, and you prepare to let go of who you think you are in order to meet the true self, and remember why you are here now, and what you came to do at this time of great transition. This is a time unlike any other time in human history, in our galactic history. Do not fear the dark, it is always darkest before dawn. Feel what is arising, meet it and let it show you the way,. If you knew you were dreaming, how would you navigate? Do you know how to be lucid in your dreams? It is ok to meet what is arising without knowing what it is, or having to label it or give it a story, if you feel sad, if you feel angry, just be with that feeling and give it some - safe and healthy - expression, allow it to speak to you, know that it is something unconscious that is trying to become conscious to you. Tonight let yourself dream a new dream you have never dreamt before and see what seeds push up from your subconscious for our tomorrow.

Let love, only love, light the way.

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