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Rescuing the Inner Child from the Dream of Forgetfulness : Remember You are Miraculous

Blue Magnetic Monkey : Kin 131 day 131 of the 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : Align with Divine Timing : Day 1 of the 3rd wave of the 3rd castle : Blue Western Castle of Burning : Burning the Bridges of the Past to Sow Seeds of the Future

Magical Child : Blue Magnetic Monkey

We are beginning a new wave today, the Blue Monkey wave, the 3rd 13 day wave in this 3rd castle of 52 days. The Blue waves are transformational. After the Red initiates, the White refines, then the Blue transforms and the Yellow matures to fruition. Creation cycles as seen in nature. These cycles exist in harmonics of 4 days, 4 waves, 52 years. Expanded to the macro and reducing the micro. As above so below. The gift of this orientation tool is aligning with nature, the natural cycles of this living being, within a living galaxy. When we are harmonizing with nature, we open to truth, and the magic of existence.

We have been in this 3rd Blue Castle of Burning for 26 days, imagine a horizontal line, a bit like the ecliptic, and a wave beginning from that line going up to a peak, that’s the first wave, then returning down to the line, that’s the second wave, and now going down below the line, that’s the 3rd wave, the one we are in now. This is where the real work occurs. We diving into the underworld, the subconscious realms, the astral, the unconscious, the dreamfield, where the shadows are lurking for us to dissolve and return to emerge renewed. Rebirthed. This wave is all about rescuing our inner child from the darkness and confusion. Rescuing to heal the wounds and release the wonder. All that we see in our outer reality that is not aligned with love has its roots in the wounded child. The inner child is the essence self, it holds the dream of our soul, the remembrance of who we really are, and who we came to be. It is the closest thing to love, coming on the day after the White Cosmic Dog, Universal Love. Our journey to love is a journey back to the essence self, to meet the true self and to know ourselves as love.

Blue Monkey’s supporting energy is Yellow Star, creativity and the arts, the artist of life is who we came to be, came to create our human life story with as much creativity as possible, to express the unique expression we are, back to existence for consciousness to know the infinite myriad of itself and to expand in loving itself, and lovingly birthing new expressions of self. The hidden power of Blue Monkey is White Dog, love. Children are pure love! We all know this, despite religious projections of their sinfulness. Sadly we have not known well enough how to steward a soul into the physical, and so, even with all the best intentions, trauma occurs in this process of conception, gestation, the birthing process, those early days and the entire childhood, until the age of 7 when we emerge from the trance and formulate an ego personality to deal with the reality we have found ourselves in. We adopt the conditioning and create a false self to fit in and function. We lose connection to the magic. The wave of Blue Monkey is inviting us to find the magic again, and step into the creations that flow from the magical self, when we move into the final wave of this castle, the super charged galactic activation portal laden wave of Yellow Seed, seeding the future. The more we can transform in this cosmic window, the more pure our seeds will be, and the more beauty they will grow for us to experience.

The challenge of Blue Monkey is the polarized archetype of Red Dragon, the Mother/Child dynamic. Red Dragon represents the Mother Principle, the Mother Creator, Divine Mother, birthing into form, protecting life, nurturing life. The glyph depicts a volcano, a nod towards the Goddess Pele, that fire of life that creates matter. The Kali /Durga aspect that is the creator destroyer. Blue Monkey, the child, emerges from the Mother Red Dragon, and carries that energy within, but if there are maternal disruptions, either on the physical with the biological mother, or in the spiritual, with Divine Mother, or with Mother Earth. These broken cords create trauma, and these traumas separate us from Source. We need to reconnect to Source, in order to receive the fullness of ourselves, to align with the highest truth of who we are, and what we came to do. Our connection to Source is how we can receive our gifts, our magic and allow our light to be fully expressed into the physical. In a sense we are called to rebirth ourselves, to heal the human realm birth/childhood wounds, and allow the spirit light being to be born. At the level of spirit, nothing ever happened to us. It is all a script, a perfectly designed dance to bring about something beautiful, if we will allow it. The reconnection with the inner child / essence self allows us to see with the higher mind, the 3rd or First Eye of the Soul, that all is perfect, the light and dark experiences, that bring about the perfect conditions for a specific expression, our mission, what we came to do. Often it is precisely our wounds that reveal our wonder, our magic. We are wounded in ways that point to our gifts, so we can go find them.

The journey of this wave reveals the core purpose of this inner child healing journey is to free up our imagination, to open up our visionary power, the power to see future timelines and create them. To remember the dream of our soul. The seeing of this, which is directly connected to the love we have, the love we are allowing to embody us by our saying yes to life, saying yes to this being we came to be, to know it, in truth, so we can serve the greater good our soul is seeking to do. This vision allows the energy to flow towards it, we cannot direct our energies to create a reality we have not seen, first with the eye of the heart. The seeing of this vision is vital now, as we are becoming more and more telepathic, communicating with each other, we will be able to come together better than ever before to create these shared visions, and we do have collective visions, because we are here now on a collective mission.

With the essence self restored, we are able to return to the void, the mystery, the Blue Cosmic Night in which we dreamed ourselves into being, and allow the dream of ourselves to reshape our reality in alignment with the original dream.

A child is born completely into an unknown, and does so with complete trust, and love. We need to recover that child like innocence, trust and love, to see the greater potential of what we can achieve from love.

LOVE lights the way

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker

We are having our Wavespell Webinar tomorrow at 2.22pm AZ time, on this LionsGate Portal, tomorrow’s energy will be a strong portal for us to choose as a humanity, which we we are going, towards the wounded child's creations or towards the dream of our souls, the dream of heaven on earth. It is up to us, and now is the time.

Reach out for a reading to see what your personal messages is from this wave, and the 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time, aligning yourself with your highest timeline potential.


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