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4th of July 2023 : Yellow Solar Human Kin 152

On this Day of Independence 2023, we are on Day 9 of the super charged wave of Yellow Seed, closing out the transformative Blue Castle of Burning, having activated the life force codes (Red Serpent wave) to realign with the Divine (White Mirror wave), remembering who we are, who we came to be (Blue Monkey wave) we are now traversing together the wave of Seeding the Future.

Yellow Solar Human Kin 152 : Free Will Experience

The 9th tone is the Solar frequency which represents Intention & Direction, as with the rays of the sun, and consciousness. As we intend, so shall we go. Hence the 9th day/point on a wave is the intention point, what are we intending as we embark on the journey of sowing seeds for the future? Do you know your true intentions?

The archetype of the day is Yellow Human, representing humanity, as vessels of spirit, agents of free will, exploring reality to experience and embody wisdom. This whole cosmology is a gift to humanity, for us to awaken to a higher perspective of who we are, in spiritual terms. As we are, first and foremostly, spiritual beings that are having a human experience. We struggle when we do not remember the higher truth of ourselves and reality. This year 2023 is The Great Spiritual Awakening, bringing us back to the wisdom that we need to shift the trajectory of Gaia, our collective spiritual daughter, Mother Earth, Humanity and all of Creation. Because Earth is the Heart of the Universe.

The journey of Seed is one that we will go into as a generational wave in 2045, as with this microcosm version of 13 days, we will be in a 13 year process with all these powerful Galactic Activation Portals, this will translate into 10 years of thinner veils, allowing us to Seed New Earth. As we travel towards that closing wave of a larger cycle of 52 yrs that we began in 2006, each Yellow Seed wave is honing our connection with how it is we came to be seeded here, what is seeded within us for the greater good of creation, and how to activate those seeds, nurture and allow them to facilitate the Divine Intention. The Original Intention for Creation - Heaven on Earth.

The unique aspect of our humanity within this creation is our Free Will, however if we are lost, in forgetfulness of who we are, and what the truth of reality is, how can we choose freely? I find it beautifully synchronous that this years July 4th lands on Yellow Solar Human, reminding us that we hold the intention of what will be seeding the future. We are free to choose, if we can free ourselves from the confusion of the illusion we are in. What is it to be free? Why are we so afraid of freedom that we have enslaved ourselves to a lesser version of reality? The truth is being revealed, we are in a time of Revelations, the Age of Truth 2017-2030, concurrent with the Age of Wisdom 2019-2032, so we can align with higher truth, and reclaim the wisdom that will allow us to step into our power, of free will, to freely align our human will, intention & direction, to our higher selves Divine Will, as we collapse the separation, Thy Will will be My Will, and it will be done.

We are simply reMembering the dream of our soul, where the seeds of creation are germinating in the dark unknown, readying to sprout forth through our being, and be expressed into reality. Who holds the intention for humanity, do we as a humanity or are we giving our free will away to an external influence because we have lost our ground, our earth, our hearts? The key to unlocking the paradigm is the hidden power of Yellow Human, Red Moon, the water, the yin, the feminine receptivity that allows us to purify our emotional bodies, freeing us from the eons of human trauma that has caused the fragmentation of the light, separation from our soul light, and all the mental emotional physical suffering that we are seeing reflected in our reality. Feel it to heal it. We live in overly Yang driven times, externally focused for intentions that dictate our direction. Divorced from feeling, we are unable to receive our spirit guidance. This Galactic Year 2022/2023 will be closing later this month, we will move from the Red Self Existing Moon, the 4th year of the Wisdom Years, which has been calling us to restructure the waters, to embody the feminine, to ground in feeling, in the flow of life, allowing us to receive our Great Spiritual Awakening, watering the inner seeds so they can emerge as we move into our hearts wisdom, to create a reality of love, in the coming year of White Overtone Wizard.

The seeds of the magic are within you, love is the light that leads us home.

In lak’ech a la kin, Rianna Kin 13

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