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Shifting Gears : A New Season Begins

We are closing down this Galactic Year of Blue Lunar Storm, as we close out this wave of Red Moon, the first wave in the last castle of the Tzolkin 260 day Lunar Calendar of the 13 Moons. It’s been quite a bumpy ride shifting gears from the Generational wave of Red Moon 2006 - 2019 and this era we are in now of the White Wizard 2019-2032. These Gateway kin represent the soul family group that Gaia/Mother Earth was born into, they are the gateway through which the immaterial becomes material. As earth beings we are made of the earth and the stars, and live in cycles with the earth, and the stars. These larger cycles orientate us in true time, in natural time.

Through the lens of this cosmology, we are right on time with the chaos of 2020/2021 as we are in these processes of evolution, cycles within cycles, steering the way towards the ‘finish’ line - the awakening of a higher consciousness and the corresponding reality that consciousness would create. All the cycles begin with the Red, representing the fire, initiation, activation and then move into the White, representing air, clarity, refinement, alignment and then move into the Blue, representing water, transformation, fluidity and end up in the Yellow, representing earth, maturation, fruition, flowering and mind. We are living in an artificial - hijacked - timeline that gives us the Gregorian Calendar, and we are subject to the Galactic Calendar, and the interface between the two has come into phase in recent years. Jan 1 gives us the Terrestrial Year, and 26th July gives us the Galactic Year. In Jan 2017 we began the Terrestrial cycle of White Mirror, White refinement, clarity and alignment with the Mirror archetype representing truth, clarity, alignment, Higher Universal Law. And in July 2019 we began the Galactic cycle of White Wizard, again white representing clarity, refinement and alignment, and Wizard being the archetype of the Wisdom, the shaman, the keeper of the knowledge of Heaven and Earth, the Magi, the magical manifestors. So in short we are in an Age of Truth & Wisdom, a time of refinement and clarification, coming into the light of truth that will set us free by reconnecting us to the wisdom we need to navigate reality.

Through my deep connection with this calendar I saw 2020 coming years before, and a reset. The second year of a cycle is always the worst, most challenging. We made it! I know that perhaps we are walking wounded, and don’t fully realize all the ways in which our reality has shifted, and we have to adjust, but we are on this ride, we signed up to be here now for this moment in human evolutionary history, and there’s no stopping the process. Let’s recap, what was Galactic Year 2020/2021 Blue Lunar Storm all about? It’s been the second year of the White Wizard process, that corresponds to the Blue Lunar Eagle in the White Wizard wave, and is the second point on the wave of White Mirror. So this was always going to be a KEY year in this process, the process of awakening to our truth and reclaiming our power aka our wisdom. Blue represents transformation, Lunar represents the 2nd frequency of polarity, and Storm represents energy, regeneration, change. We can decode this meaning as a change of seeing, a transformation of our world view, the revelations of truths that set off a storm of change, chaos that follows deconstruction. The guiding energy of Blue Lunar Storm is Blue Lunar Monkey, the inner child, the polarized inner child within us that has left it’s truth in love and is polarized within, creating a polarized reality without. This Blue Lunar Storm year has been about healing our inner child and reclaiming our inner child visions, the wisdom of our soul that reconnects us to Higher Truth. The challenge of changes, chaos, unsettling our reality, allowing things to change, to regenerate. Of course it is not comfortable to weather the storm, and finally we are about to leave this doubly challenging archetypal cosmic influence.

On Saturday we will begin the 2nd wave of this 5th Green Castle of Enchantment, and the wave that holds the New Galactic Year 2021, the wave of White Wind. White representing clarity and refinement, alignment and Wind representing spirit, communication, the breath, breath of life, prana and Great Spirit. White Wind is a wave that is part of our human experience, we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience, our story is told in the Core Kin of Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand and Yellow Human. So this year will be easier to relate to, White Mirror is a harsh, surgical sword of truth, more abstract and opening us to higher dimensions, whereas White Wind is more yin, more grounding in this reality, even whilst connecting us to our multidimensional aspects. White Wind is the breath, our breath of life, and I predict a lot o breathwork to facilitate the healing from the trauma of the 2020 reset process, that is bringing up eons of trauma that we have held in our bodies, our fields and our collective mind hive, so we can free ourselves from being stuck in the repeating karmic wheel of destruction. It’s time to swing that Wheel of Fortune another way. That’s what this moment is truly for. It will be a year to communicate, we are emerging from the storm and not one of us is unchanged, we are new, and we have new insights into reality, and into our purpose, our mission, what we need to do. It will be a year to really remember our soul, our spiritual truth, our spiritual intelligence and guidance. There is and will be an awakening to the Restoration of our Divine Intelligence, the need for spiritual intelligence in order to be able to effect a change on reality. The missing link so to speak. It will be a year to go MULTIDIMENSIONAL within, and thereby be able to see the multidimensional truth of the reality we are in. We all have new eyes now after the 2020 vision reset, and with these new eyes we can begin to see through the illusion, the delusion, the confusion and come home to Higher Truth by and by as we center in our soul.

Sunday 25th will be the Day Out of Time 2021, this year it lands on the Blue Lunar Night, the last night before the Yellow Electric Seed activates us into the New Galactic Year 2021. Blue Night is the unknown, the void, the pure potentiality of the dreamfield. The process of White Mirror - Age of Truth and White Wizard - Age of Wisdom, both feature Blue Night in key positions. In the process of Truth, Blue Night is the balance point, as we surrender in NOT KNOWING, we expand our ability to meet and know truth. It can quite clearly be seen in this reality, so many arguing over things they think they know, because they were told, but they have not directly - internally or externally - experienced so they cannot truly know, and yet, what they think they know is dividing them, causing separation and pain. As we are able to fall back into the void without fear, to reclaim that fertile space of our dreams, we will be able to activate the seeds into reality with more conscious awareness. At the moment we are in the experience of Blue Night as the subconscious realms, riddled with fears and shadows and confusions, delusions, illusions. We are afraid of the dark. The Dark Wizards. The wise ones who have the power of knowledge that they keep secret in order to have control. We are seeing our repressed shadows, fears and subconscious distortions play out in front of our eyes, so we can reclaim our power. To do that we need to plug back into spirit, to reconnect with our truth, and the communication of spirit that is available to us when we open to receive it.

In the moments of darkness, the light of truth is always waiting. Lighting the seed of inspiration that will sprout a forward timeline. And that is where we will be on the 25th July 2021, letting go into the dreamfield, challenging all that’s lying in wait there, releasing attachment and resistance, being only immersed in the vibration of love, beingness. To breathe into the unknown with spirit guiding the way. Let us be especially mindful on this day, and evening in particular, that we are allowing the polarity to expand the possibilities, but not to fall into duality, to breath into the oppositions and keep filing the space with love. To let love be the soil of this Yellow Electric Seed of 2021.

It will be such a relief to leave the Lunar energy, so let us appreciate it for the ways it has expanded us, and stabilized us, so we can fully embrace the shift to the Electric tone. The 3rd year of the White Wizard process, corresponding to the Yellow Electric Warrior in the White Wizard wave, Warrior representing fearless intelligence, pioneering spirit, courage, mission orientated, powerful and purposeful. The whole purpose of this evolutionary cycle we are in is for us to reclaim our power through knowing the truth and having the knowledge of the nature of reality, our truth and the wider truth of our reality. So we can be fearless, with intelligence, to pioneer a New Age, a Golden Age for Humanity. The 3rd frequency of Electric speaks to creativity, activation, bonding in service, harmonization, dynamic, beginning of flow. 3 is the number of creativity, it is the Taoist magical number that begets the 10,000 things. A 3rd energy comes in to meet the polarized energies of 1 and 2 and bonds to them, joins them to create flow, a dynamic dance, movement, which is creation. So we are going to move from a stormy polarity of chaos into a cohesive dance of creation. The Yellow Seed archetype represents innovation, the seeding of the future, concepts, ideas, the young emergent realities and beings, creations. The Seed is already a hologram of its future self, it just need to be sprouted, activated at the right time in the right way and nurtured to grow into itself. The seed must push through seed casings, limitations, and keep pushing through even push through from one dimension- below ground - to another, above ground. And to keep moving towards the LIGHT of truth, to flower fully as it was designed to do. We are StarSeeds seeded here into this Earth’s soil, and we are sowing our seeds into the fabric of time. We came with our Soul Seeds, but many have not been activated. We have been distracted from the beautiful truth that lies within us, distracted by the noise and fray of this illusory world. We have been traumatized. And by and by, as we each get lost from the truth of who we are, individually and collectively, our seeds go rotten, fail to get activated, and are not sown into the fabric of time, and the timeline gets hijacked, and our lives are not our own.

Yellow Electric Seed promises to be an electric pulse of activation, waking up those seeds, the ones with enough life force light force to receive the pulse. Some maybe won’t be able to receive the pulse, the invitation, the remembrance. But many many will. You maybe are wondering what you are here for, what you could possibly be called to do at this crucial time in our human history. Some of us have known for a long time, but also, we knew about preparing for this moment, and for this transition but I feel certain that none of us know what the new reality paradigm that we are seeded with, will be. It’s in the hands of Spriit, our soul, and until we are reunified with our spiritual truth, we will only project our human programming on the seeds of the future, creating out of fear and survival, creating out of defensive living, that perpetuates the duality reality we are desperate to graduate and move forward from. Electric Seed will allow us to come together, to synergism and create, to appreciate the dance of creation that we can be together. Yellow is a fruition color, so this year will be the flowering of creativity, tangible, seen in the external reality. You may have an inkling as to what seeds are within you that you want to see activated and start to grow for the future, but you might also be surprised, if you let go into the challenge of Blue Lunar Night on the 25th, surrendering your ideas, and really breathing into spirit, opening to receive the communication that will direct you to your mission, to activate your Soul Seeds.

The general theme of the Galactic Year 2021 will be this spiritual revival, the expansion of our spiritual awareness, of our multidimensional nature, and bring us back to LOVE, the intention of the year, spiritual love, that leads us to true Wisdom. Love is the Only Truth, and all that is not love is not truth, so as we navigate we have to find our center, in love, to be able to follow the path of love.

May all your seeds be full of love’s expression and may they flower fully for us all to witness the grounding of heaven on earth. We are the garden of eden, everything is within us, and we are in times of remembering who we are, how to access the wisdom of our soul, so we can effect a change in reality, to shift gears to another reality. To move forward we have to let go of the past, to grow new seeds we have to weed and sift out the past debris, to clear the ground and nurture it with good intentions. Blue Lunar Storm has shaken us, to free us from the past imprints, to take us to that place where ONLY LOVE is real, only LOVE matters, so we can build back better from LOVE.

If you knew that you had a precious seed within you, that only you could sow into the fabric of time, would you ignore that? Would you want to remember and activate that seed, to bring it into being so that it can serve in the shift. Each seed activates other seeds, this is a continuum of doing and non doing that has ripples of effects in the matrix of our reality. You are instrumental, you have a part to play, without your part being played something is lost, and distortions occur, taking the whole song off the rails into discord and disharmonious disease and disconnection. We are the StarSeeds we have been waiting for. Look to the stars, remember who you are, it is written there, it is your guide map home, to decoding the script of your life, your gifts are there, your challenges too. Once we orientate to our soul blueprints we can build the temple of heaven. As we bring our true self to the true time, aligning with the Divine, we are able to ground that intention into reality. Being out of time is another construct to keep us without the knowledge that is power. If we don’t know the timing, we can’t be effective. Natural Time, using the movement of the sun moon earth and stars to orientate to the Moment in Truth, we can respond, from truth to truth, and so we will restore our timeline, back on track.

The Dark Wizards have stolen time, controlled time, reset time. We are in the Age of the White Wizard which is to awaken from the dream of forgetfulness and reconnect with our spiritual intelligence, true wisdom, that is the light that instantly defeats the dark. A tiny candle in a dark room still brings the light into the dark. Nothing can stop the light. And as above so below, as Night follows Day, a new sun will come. The Sixth Sun, is a level of consciousness already seeded within our soul, and we are the ones who can activate those seeds of the beautiful plan so we can experience a whole new level of reality.

LOVE lights the way,

In Lak’ech

Rianna Skywalker Kin 13

Cosmic Oracle

AstroIntuitive Guide

Self Mastery Mentor

Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Relationship

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