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What’s love got to do with it?

White Rhythmic Dog Kin 110 : Red Serpent Wave : 3rd Castle

Galactic Year of White Overtone Wizard : Terrestrial Year of Red Galactic Skywalker

White Wizard Generation : White Mirror Cycle

Day 6 of the wave we are riding as we surf the 3rd castle of the calendar of Natural Time, aligning with the Divine.

This is first wave of Red Serpent, representing the life force, the kundalini rising journey from survival to heart based consciousness that imagines an entirely different reality.  Activating a higher consciousness.

The 6th point on the wave is the balance point.  It is the point of the first turning point on the journey.  6 is a magical number, anchored in both the material and spiritual realm.  It is the number of the Merkabah, the sacred geometry of creation.  The merging of yin and yang, Fire and Water, masculine and feminine.

In the awakening of the life force, the light body, we are balancing these polarized energies within, in order to enter into the consciousness of unity and love.  White Rhythmic Dog, balancing in the heart, loving the polarity of life, bringing opposing forces into an harmonic dance of creation.

At the 1st chakra we are in survival mode, in the 2nd we are in relationship with reality, dancing in a cocreation.  If we have wounds in the 1st chakra, 0-7 years old, then the impact of that feeds into all the chakras, distorting their potential to channel, metabolize, balance energies.

Red Serpent is our passion for life, but if we are in perpetual survival mode, this gets hijacked.  As we open up the energies to revitalize our life force, reconnecting with the force of life, allowing the codes to come alive within us, this process brings us back into the space of love.  Self Love.  As we meet ourselves in that passion for life, the one that brought us into incarnation, we remember who we are, and what we came to express with our life force.  When we are suppressing that life force, by denial of self, by identification with the conditioned reality that actively works against the life force, we can’t feel or hear our soul desire.  We can’t step into our power, step into the flow of life that wants to meet us.  We are not there to receive it.

That’s why the turning point is love.

Love allows the life force to rise.  Love illuminates the life force, opening up higher potentials.  In a loveless world, we descend to dog eat dog consciousness, and love is not center stage in our moment to moment awareness.  Fear is the currency and fear is a contracting survival instinct energy that keeps our life force low, magnetizing lower vibrational thoughts and actions.

All these Polar kin archetypes are chakras of the body.  Inviting us in to activate the body temple, activate the light of our soul within the physical body that is also made of light, although it is carrying the weight of our DNA karmic ancestral imprints.  Our work is to bridge heaven to earth.  Our work is to lift up the life force to reconnect with the light force of our soul, to bring our physical vessel back into alignment with love, trusting in the beautiful plan, trusting in life.

White Dog represents love, the heart, heart chakra, loyalty, soul tribe, community and connection.  We need love to survive.  It is not a luxury we can live without, though we are experimenting with that possibility clearly.  The awakening is awakening to the truth & power of love.  That this whole experience is born from love, as we see reflected in our hologram.

What is it that takes us out of love?


Separation leads to fear, and the fall begins.  Fear begets more separation.

When we fall out of love with ourselves, we separate from our soul, identify with an trauma driven ego construct, that is ruled by fear, including the fear of not being the ego.  Never having met the healed ego, the individuated divine self, the ego usurper takes over.  Preventing love.

Loving ourselves is saying yes to this life.  Is saying yes to the life force that is the fuel for this life.  At some point we will all have to choose.  What brings us to life over what is diminishing our light.

As we choose love, we elevate the life force, we rise up to the heart chakra, the seat of the soul, and meet ourselves more and more each day, healing the wounds and empowering the wondrous within us.

Love is the light that lights the way.

In lak’ech a la kin


Kin 13


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