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Align with Natural Time


Follow the daily glyphs of the 13 Moon Calendar and align with Natural Time. Step out of the madness of the man made calendar that has divorced us from our Divine Truth, disconnecting us from the rhythm of the earth and the moon, and our galactic family.



April 12, 2020

We begin a new wave today, a cycle of 13 days, the second wave of 20 that makes up this sacred lunar calendar. 

This wave is very significant for this time.  On July 26th 2019 we went into this very same wave, for a 13 yr journey.  This is the revisit to what this year is all about, and gives us until 26th July 2020 to integrate the process that has already begun.

We are in the Age of the New Shamans 2019-2032, an awakening for humanity.  We are evolving from our human realm to the greater knowledge of our higher selves and higher truth of reality.  We are also in the Age of Truth 2017-2030.  

The truth is being revealed and we need to see through the illusions in order to reclaim our inner knowing, and activate our inner magic.  

This wave is white, connected to air, clarity, refining.  It’s the second wave in a cycle of 52 days and a greater cycle of 52 yrs.  We are in a process of evolution.  And the stars are aligning, there is a changing of the guards in the heavens, celestial changes that lead to changes within and in our reality, as everything, everything is connected.

The Shaman sees through the illusion of this realm, sees into the multidimensional nature of reality.  Sees everything as energy, and can engage with the energy to bring about it’s focused intention.  We are seeing the results of the knowledge of how reality works being used as a weapon against humanity, and in this moment, we have a chance to reclaim our power.  The Dark Wizards have reigned by spell casting us into creating their reality timelines, but now, we are coming to a place of choosing not to do that anymore.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and now is the time.

Love will light the way.

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