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There are no accidents in life. I found Rianna at just the right time when I was ready to see the bigger picture, to see my reality in an expanded way. I knew I was ready and I wanted to be able to navigate my life back into balance, back into a deep connection with the Divine Intelligence that I sensed I was a part of and so I was ready for the next level of my awakening. First, though, I wanted to see where I had come from.

Rianna took me through a very powerful process and opened a deeper layer of this process of awakening my emotional intelligence and guiding me beautifully to evolving to a higher level of consciousness.

She encouraged me to let my inner child be cleansed, transformed, and restored to it’s wondrous state. When the storm cleared, I was able to see better see what needed to be done, what changes I needed to make and that I really was ready to step into my own shoes, my own fearless power. 

She touched my heart in doing so. And I was able to touch my heart so I could sing my song.

Now, I can see I am guided by my own power doubled. Wow, Rianna, you are magic!

Love your Way. 

Love my Way. 

Thank you dear cosmic sister.

Pam W, UK

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