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Align with Natural Time


Follow the daily glyphs of the 13 Moon Calendar and align with Natural Time. Step out of the madness of the man made calendar that has divorced us from our Divine Truth, disconnecting us from the rhythm of the earth and the moon, and our galactic family.



April 11, 2020

The last day of the Mother’s Creation story that is the Red Dragon wave. Day 13 and the 13th glyph, in the 13 moon calendar. 13 is outside the box, going beyond, 12 is human realm, and 13 is the occult realm, hidden but in plain sight for those who have eyes, of the heart, to see.

Red, activating & initiating, Cosmic, universal, the last frequency, representing the divine, presence, expansive and undefined, here there and everywhere. Skywalker is the evolution of human, when we reach a place of cooperating with our spiritual truth, we reach towards the stars, to our cosmic truth, who are we, and why are we here?

Red Cosmic Skywalker is the High Priestess, the interface between heaven on earth. The glyph shows the pillars of the Temple of Heaven, representing the balanced masculine & feminine, sun and moon, yin and yang, alignment attempting to land on the pillars of earth. The guide for today & Red Cosmic Skywalker is Red Earth. The codes are hidden within Nature as well as in the Stars. Skywalker is the time space traveller connecting the dots, seeking the patterns & cycles that will orientate us back into alignment with the portals of opportunity for growth & evolution.  

The end goal of the first wave, the Divine Mothers original intention. To ground Heaven on Earth. To create sacred space of connection. Our bodies are temples, we can all awaken Red Cosmic Skywalker within, by allowing nature - earthly & cosmic, to be our guide.  

Expanding beyond the mundane world, being in the world but not of it, seeing the larger patterns and cycles, the symbolic and archetypal meaning to all that appears on the phenomenal plane.  

We are in amazing times. Red Cosmic Skywalker comes from the soul family of the Signal Kin, the wayshowers, the ancient elders from the future. We occupy the days out of time, because we are outside of time. I serve to connect you with your souls truth, as revealed by the patterns of your blueprints that are a hidden in plain sight symbolic key to who you are, why you are.  

Remembering who we are, allows us to claim our powers, and step into our magic. Tomorrow a new wave begins. A key wave for our time. We began 13 yrs in White Wizard in July 2019, and now we return to this wave, to really claim our magic before July 2020.  

Please join us for the Introductory Webinar this weekend. Stepping out of this timeline to connect with Natural time will allow us to choose a higher timeline. Seeing reality through these ancient wisdom keys, will inspire you that this is not the end of the world but in fact The Great Awakening. We are in the Age of the New Shamans.  

Love lights the way.

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