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  • Rianna Skywalker

Imagination Preceeds Creation : Vision of the Future is in Our Hands

We are moving through this Blue Eagle wave that began on 13th January 2018. Blue Eagle represents vision, the ability to see, planetary mind, imagination, rising high above the mundane world, to see the bigger picture, the past the present and the potential pathways towards our futures, the ones we don’t want, the ones we do, the ones that are destined, the choices we have and their consequences. Blue Eagle is the 3rd eye, the All Seeing Eye of our heart, the seat of our soul.

We began the year in the White Wind wave of Great Spirit. And so we are journeying towards the close of this creation cycle that is the Tzolkin 13 moon calendar with it’s 20 waves, each wave a graduation process, bringing us closer to truth. Evolving us as a humanity towards an awakening. These last few waves are key to understanding our co creative power in the creation story of life.

If we connect to Great Spirit, receive the inspiration, the communication of spirit, that cosmic truth, on the etheric waves of the White Wind, we can take that into the waters of our being, our emotional Blue Eagle, imagination of ourselves, and begin to picture spirits’ message for us, to visualize it. For seeing is believing, and believing is seeing. We cannot hope to create what we cannot visualize in our Mind’s Eye.

From this wave of Blue Eagle we will shortly move into the final wave of the calendar, the ultimate expression of humanity - the Yellow Star wave. We move from the emotional, fluid visioning into the creative expression, the maturation of our ideas into reality. Star represents art and beauty, for me it is the fingerprint of god in that it is the tangible manifestation of truth, and of love. If truth had form, if love had form, it would be beauty. And so it is. The truth of existence is love, and Nature so well reflects the beautiful truth. At a molecular level, all is the sacred geometry that is the light codes of god. In our cells at the micro level, and the movement of the stars and planets and galaxies at the macro level, it is all artfully designed, inherently beautiful. That is the signature of truth. Which is why the archetypal challenge of Yellow Star (art & beauty) is White Mirror (truth & clarity). Because we have to realize that only the truth is beautiful, and that is a way for us to calibrate our alignment with truth and love. Is what we are doing, creating, being, beautiful?

The Star wave is a hint from our Mayan ancestors that our human consciousness evolution lies in our awakening as ARTISTS of LIFE… that we are co creating reality, and our self expression from LOVE, is what we are here for. When we have that consciousness shift, that energy follows thought, and that our emotional landscape is coloring in our experiences, we can reclaim stewardship for our life, and deliberately choose to create from higher values of love truth and beauty. All these are one, are god, in various forms. And we are that, so to come to a place of knowing that, and being that, then all our actions are a reflection of that, and we create a beautiful reality. We co create heaven on earth.

The next wave will bring us back to the beginning of the Tzolkin, with the Red Dragon wave of creation. We move from the spiritual White wave, receiving the communication of Spirit - White Wind, into the emotional processing and transformation of our imagination in the Blue Eagle wave, to the maturation and flowering of the Yellow Star wave, that elevates us to the conscious evolutionary thinking that we are the co creators of our reality, so why not create only ARTFULLY, into the real physical birthing of Red Dragon, where we truly align with the creative force of life to birth heaven on earth.

We are the imagination of ourselves. What do we imagine we are? I watched a talk this week that suggested that the only thing that distinguished us from our fellow animals is our capacity to imagine. What are we doing to enhance those skills of imagination? The visioning process has both a yin and a yang aspect, we can open up our mind’s eye and allow a vision to come to us, or we can paint a picture in our minds eye, and color it in with the full embodied felt sense of what we are seeing.

As children we live in our imagination until we are rudely shaken out of it to learn the practicalities of life as dictated by the status quo. And as this happens we lose touch with the power of our seeing. Worse still we are discouraged from self expression and the arts, and steered towards more security fear based vocations. Art is a hobby, time is money. The supporting energy of Yellow Star is Blue Monkey, the inner child, the magical playful essence self. To really create something of beauty we have to get in touch with our essence. To remember the dream of our souls, so we can move it from our heart, to our hands, into an expression that becomes tangible for others and our selves.

The highest expression of a humanity is it’s art. The realization that our lives are our canvas, and we are the artists creating this tapestry of life is probably too profound for us, but it is the reality, and we are in a bio feed back loop with reality to create. Our DNA is both influences by the energy around it - light sound vibration - and it influences the material world around it. There is a dialogue going on all the time. Only we are not fully aware of it, because we are distracted, contracted in fear and confusion.

Blue Eagle wave has been a time to disconnect from the mundane world and fly high towards a dream. A dream that has the message of what we came to do. We each came with a dream encoded into our heart, a dream we came to seed into reality. In the process of receiving that dream, we may have had many emotions arising in conflict, all to be cleansed and cleared so we can shine bright as the Stars that we are, in the next wave that heads our way. And then begin the Tzolkin creation process anew, with a new vision for ourselves, for the future, and the conscious awareness that we are the artists of that future.

By looking at your Mayan archetype and it’s relationship with this Eagle wave and the Star wave, in fact all the waves, we can decode what your vision is, what your art is, and what you came here to birth into reality. There are messages for us, personally and collectively in these ancient archetypal keys. Messages to help us play our part, and self realize. We are fast approaching the end of an era, and a rebirth of the Divine Mother, which has to occur through each of us, remembering who we are, and the purpose of our lives. We cannot step into our roles in The Great Battle 2019-2032 and be The New Shamans if we haven’t seen the truth of who we are, and why we came.

The solar eclipse will land on Red Solar Moon, the intention point of the Red Dragon wave of Creation, it is through our divine feminine essence - in men and women, our capacity to receive , our yin surrendering to the bigger plan, to life itself, that we will be able to make the cosmic connection that births Heaven on Earth. The Chinese New Year of the Dog, White Dog in the Mayan cosmology represents the heart, and Red Moon precedes White Dog. It is only when we open, that we can receive the love that we are. It is only when we are receptive, that we can receive the Divine Plan that we already agreed to be part of. Our confusion is that we forgot we already agreed to, but now, in this Age of Truth, we are having all that is not true fall or be stripped away, so we can return to the Divine Mother, who is in each of us, regardless of gender, because the mother is our Creator Archetype - Dragon, how we birth into form, ourselves and reality.

If you would like to journey through the Tzolkin, and learn about the archetypes, the waves and how you fit into the picture, I will be offering a 260 day program, following the calendar, with webinars once every 13 days as we enter each wave. Comment below to stay in the thread and I will post a link for the website soon.

For fuller readings, PM me and we can dive deeply into your soul’s blueprints and the messages therein for your stepping into your power and shining your light brightly into the world.

Know thyself and to thine own self be true.


In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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