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  • Rianna Skywalker

The Beauty of Being : Artfully Expressing Divine Truth

Art : Carolina Niño Büro

We are in the last wave of the Tzolkin 13 Moon Calendar, Yellow Magnetic Star. Yellow Star represents ART, beauty and elegance - elegance meaning efficiency, sustainability, equanimity. We are here to be artists of life, co creating with the divine, to bring our divine truth into reality. We have journeyed 19 cycles since the beginning of this Tzolkin, and now, we are at the culmination point of this creation process, and about to launch into another one. Cycles in time, we journey towards self realisation.

The message of the Maya is that when we awaken to Time is Art, and live by Natural Time, connected to Cosmic Time, we will be enlightened. The Yellow Star wave is the ultimate expression of our humanity, and one that we need to fully embrace so we can access a higher level of consciousness. It is essential that we raise our consciousness to take this new level of seeing and being into the next creation cycle that begins 8 Feb when we enter the Red Dragon wave of The Divine Mother.

I will take you through the wave in more detail for you to grasp the subtly of the message we are integrating right now. The wave is in the Yellow spectrum = maturing, flowering - what comes to fruition. Star as I have said is Art Beauty and Elegance, we are made of stars, and we come from the stars. Stars are light codes of creation, and so are we. There is a beauty to stars, and a beauty to us. There is a perfect pattern of creation that runs through all things. The sacred geometry of life, light. The Star archetype is challenged by the sibling archetype of White Mirror, because there is no real beauty without truth, and no truth without beauty. This is one lesson humanity needs to comprehend. All that is God, is beautiful, and all that is not beautiful is man made, when man is out of step with his divinity. When we create beauty, we are expressing our divine nature, in harmony with the divine nature of all that is. That’s elegant. Can we come here, and shine our light, sing our song, and be harmonious with all of divine creation? There is an art to being, and a beauty in expressing our beingness, authentically.

Day 5 the Core purpose of the wave is Yellow Human, to be empowered evolved humans, we must devote ourselves to the art of being, and the expression of that in creative ways. We are creators, we created this, therefore we can create that. We all know when we see artistic genius how we feel the presence of the divine. In playing music, singing, painting, humans get into a zone, a space of being that is receptive and expressive. YIN and YANG in perfect balance. When we lose our selves, our limited ego construct, and open to something bigger, more vast, and allow that through us, we are following the divine plan. Thy Will is My Will. We are all artists, there is not one child that has never painted a picture, or played some music, even if it was a stick on a tree, we arrive here in full exploratory mode, playing with this reality, interacting with it in creative playful ways. If we were to carry on doing that, unhindered by the pressures to conform to vocational commercialism as the only means of survival, who knows what we would have become. Do you remember your child self? To truly express yourself you will need to reconnect with your inner child.

Day 4 is the practice point of the wave, what will we have to do in order to access the energy of the wave, in this case Yellow Star. Day 4 is Blue Monkey, the inner child, the magical playful essence self. Which also happens to be the supporting energy of Yellow Star. We have to play, and play from our magical essence self. For many of us that will take some work, some healing of our wounded inner child, so we can access the wondrous held within our unadulterated (literally) souls. Blue Monkey also represents illusion, because kids are living in their own dream world, until we burst their bubble and force them into our co created collective nightmare! They are both dreams though, we are the dreamers of ourselves, and from woundedness we create the nightmare, and from a healed beingness we create only heaven on earth. As this is what we are. Spiritual beings in this human, earthly experience.

The journey towards our inner child is through the heart of Day 3, today, White Electric Dog. White Dog represents love, heart, soul companions, family, community and tribe. Art has an interesting effect, both the creating of art, and the witnessing of art, speaks to our hearts. We are activating our hearts when we are creative, because we are creative from our souls, which emanate from our hearts. Art both activates love, and love activates art. How much of the worlds art is a declaration or devotion to love? When we love ourselves fully, we allow ourselves to express who we are, in artful ways.

What opens us to love? Day 2 the challenge point of the wave was Red Lunar Moon, receptivity, flow, the divine feminine, water, vulnerability and sensitivity. We cannot create from a place of no receptivity. Creation is a flow of energy that we either open to or not, and as we close off to it, we die. If we want to create an amazing piece of art, we open to receive inspiration… from the divine. When we do this, we are returned to our hearts- White Dog, and soul’s remembrance of who we are, our essence self - Blue Monkey.

This is the first section of the wave, to bring us to a place of empowerment as a humanity, we need to love ourselves, and open to receive the divine within and without, and allow that to move us towards an awakening of our consciousness as creators.

By relating your natal archetype with Yellow Star, you can decode what your ‘art’ is to be expressed into the whole of reality. Remember there is only one of you for all time, and there is purpose to you, and only you can discover it and express it into existence, and if you don’t, it will be lost for all time. Know thyself and to thine own self be true.

The wave reading will be continued in the next 2 parts.

I am launching a program of 20 webinar classes over 260 from 8th of February to guide you through the Tzolkin Creation Story, to connect you with these amazing archetypal day energies and waves so you can begin to live in harmony with Natural Time.

When we shift our senses and awareness to these naturally orientated calendar systems we step out of the matrix of control, and into a harmonic with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Returning to the beauty way of being.

Let love light the way.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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