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Love is the Awakening : The Divine Mother is Waiting for the Re-union

Fully Descended Masters of True LOVE : Great Spirit in Action

The Path of Love has been unfolding these past 12 days as we have journeying in the White Dog wave since 9th of November 2017. This wave precedes a descent into Darkness, into the Dreamtime, coming up on Wednesday 22nd November. All the waves of the DreamSpell 13 Moon calendar slide meaningfully into each other, like a relay race, we are given these windows of opportunity to rise up in our awareness, our awakeness, graduate with higher and higher seeing, knowing, feeling and beingness each time we transit through the process, and thereby acquire the necessary tools for the next journey, and so on, through 20 waves each Tzolkin, 260 days the length of a human gestation, a process where we can rebirth ourselves, recode our DNA by attuning to the Natural Time, Cosmic Time and re-membering who we are, and why we are here, and how we are to come together, and co create heaven on earth, the New Earth.

Before the White Dog wave of love we journeyed in the Red Earth wave, to be activated in our true nature, and the goal in that process, was grounding, and rebirthing our true earth child physical selves, activated with the life force that is ever present in nature, reconnected to that, and in a state of open receptivity, connected to the Divine Feminine flow, the yin space of creation. From that receptive, open, vulnerable, trusting space, we can enter the heart. And so we moved into the Love Wave, which has been refining us. The core purpose being to bring about knowing of the magical power of love, our true power, and to awaken self mastery as White Wizards, with the intention of knowing and moving from White Mirror - Truth. The goal of the path of love is to reconnect with Great Spirit, for the heart is the seat of the soul, and our reconnection with our spiritual truth lies there.

We can see in the world around us, as we have lost our sense of our spiritual nature, we have lost our heart consciousness, as we have lost our lovingness we have lost our spiritual context. Love is the clear light of truth in the form of an emotion, the power of love to transform is astounding. Love is everywhere and yet, we think we have lost it. We have lost ourselves, and that is why love seems to be elusive. We are love, born of love, and born to love, to love our individuation and our role, in this precious life dance. To love ourselves back to the divine love from whence we came.

The challenge of love, is our wounded child. We arrived into a world that has got lost, and love has been lost within it. Babies are born in fear and violence. Even in an apparently happy birth at the hospital, what we have been conditioned to accept, is actually so removed from love that just about every baby born there is traumatized, as is the mother. The unnecessary cutting of the cord, which would fall of by itself in 3/4 days is one of the ways in which we violate and traumatize babies, hard wiring their brains to fight flight or freeze during the setting of the reptilian brain period. This leads to fractured or totally disconnected limbic system function. We can no longer feel. But feelings are the language of our soul, and bring us into our hearts, the seat of our soul. Then we suffer other assaults on our being, overt and covert, by negligence and ignorance, and dysfunctional conditioning by adults who were also traumatized at birth and through childhood. We adapt, and bury our wounds, no one knows how to deal with them anyway, so how can we vulnerably share them. We are shut off from our divine support, and we get further and further lost from our truth and the truth, no longer having that awake and aware inner guidance system that is plugged straight into Source.

Healing the Inner Child is essential work on the path of love, and that requires an awakening of the Inner Mother, and the healing of the Mother Matrix -that being the wounds of the physical mother relationship, that is a mirror to the earth mother and cosmic mother relationship wounds. Whatever story we chose to Iive when we created this life, the mother story is a hugely important key to our awakening as a humanity. The mother relationship, our feelings about it, are mirrors to the relationship with our Cosmic - or Divine Mother. It is supremely important right now in our evolution that we address this wound and reconnect with the Divine Mother within, and allow the transformation of MOTHER LOVE to assist in our soul desire to create Eden, Heaven on Earth as intended.

Love is the force that activated the emergence of Humanity, and it is our activation point to bring us into service, service to our soul’s intent. The form and practice that a LOVE CONSCIOUS HUMANITY must observe is to actively seek divine connection. The 4th day of the White Dog wave of love is Red Self Existing Skywalker, representing the temple of heaven, attempting to come to earth, the cosmic connection, traveling outside the norm - the human realm to reconnect with our Stellar Origins. We have to honor our body temple, we have to make our mind a temple, a sacred space of loving thoughts and creations, a space to receive, receive higher guidance. As we seek to reconnect with the Divine, we experience love, and know love. When we know love, when we know we are love, we know the power of love.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace - Jimi Hendrix

Day 5 of the wave is the core purpose, and it is White Wizard. White Wizard is the big 13 year planetary cycle we will go into in 2019 until 2032. A period that I am referring to as The Great Battle. We have to awaken as the New Shamans, the future lies in our hands. We have endured a long time in this sleep state and the Dark Wizard FEW has had power over the many, and this time is about all of us stepping into Self Mastery - being spiritual beings, of love, grounded - descended completely - into form. All Knowing and All Seeing, when we are reconnected there is no battle, we are sovereign and able to call back all our energy, including those parts that got lost and was utilized by the Dark Wizard to exist. Without our energy, the Few cannot exist. And the only thing stopping that process is our inability to love ourselves back to wholeness.

“The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.” - Andrew Bennett

So love is the power with which we can defeat this illusory creation, without fighting. Simply by surrendering to the truth. Only the truth can set us free. After we gain this goal of the path of love, White Dog, we are tested. We will be entering the Blue Night wave, representing the DreamTime but also the Dark Night of the Soul, the Dark Abyss, the unknown but also unlimited void, the space of nothing from which everything comes, and therefore also representing Abundance. Blue Night is the primordial soup, the energy field of pure potentiality that is awaiting the light of consciousness to collapse it from it’s fluid wave into solid still (but always vibrating) point form - matter. Blue Night is Anti or Dark Matter, it’s our subconscious, the shadow and yet is our greatest gift.

If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true? - Oscar Hammerstein

Armed with the light of love in our hearts, reconnected to the Light of LOVE that is Source, our source, we will not get lost in the dark, we will not fear the unknown, or the shadows. With LOVES AWAKENNG in our consciousness we can be the dream of our true selves, we can think love and as we do, we collapse into form a new reality of LOVE, the reality of the New Earth, the earth where we finally bring heaven to earth by fully being Descended Masters.

LOVE lights the way.

Finding Your Way

For a limited time I will continue to offer readings, as from January I will be focusing on working one to one, and with small groups in transformational journeys that embrace the blueprints of their soul. 3 month, 6month, 9month and 1 yr individualized mentoring programs. Bringing the blueprints of the soul fully into life now.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, now is the time for us to truly align with our soul purpose, for we each have a role to play, and there is only one of us for all time. I have known for some time that I have been called to guide people to their soul’s design, intent, purpose and path. I look forward to being of assistance to those who feel called to work with me.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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