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Receiving our Divine Mission : To Be the Truth of Who We Are

We are hurtling through this RED MOON wave, today is the 10th day, and my birthday, making this wave the theme of my year. This Red Moon wave is the grand cycle wave we have collectively been traveling for 12 years and will graduate in the summer of 2018. This is a pivotal time, a time for us to refresh our memories as we study up for the finale year that is coming.

Since 2006 we have been in this wave that is the Restoration of the Divine Feminine. Many will know what that means, and some of you will wonder, what exactly does that mean? Red Moon represents water, the yin aspect of reality, and therefore receptivity, vulnerability - openness to receive, and respond. Water is life, there is no life without water, and all life emanates from the feminine principle. Water is connected to memory, and feeling. Sensitivity and purification - because water washes everything clean. Though water is life, and is super strong, the aspects of the feminine it represents have not been valued in our time. We have travelled about as far as we can in this experiment of denigrating all in favor of the yang, masculine, active principle, the outer vs the inner, the doing vs the receiving, and we have become unbalanced. On a personal level, right through to the corporate, global and governmental systems level, and most critically on an environmental level.

Nature has all the signs we need to keep our sense of reality in check, and yet, we do not seem to heed her cries. The water of our planet is polluted, more and more. Not only our oceans but our rivers, and the rain that falls from the sky. This is an outer reflection of our own inner toxicity. Not only are we highly medicated, but our foods are full of chemicals, our water, our air and so on. All this due to an overactive yang energy that is driving to do, to take, to make, to conquer, to control, to own and to use for its own self aggrandizement - there is no more reverence for life. Reverence requires humility, reverence requires the acknowledgement that all that we have is a blessing we receive, not that we take.

And all this activity, the astounding accomplishments of this era since the industrial revolution, and before that the agricultural revolution which is when we really began to move away from being in balance and harmony with nature, with the ebb and flow of the waters of life… we are more lost from truth than ever.

Because the truth is not something we can seek without the space in which to receive it. If we have a belief paradigm in place, our social or familial conditioning, we are not open for anything that contradicts that. And if we are not open, then we cannot receive divine guidance. If we are full of the rules and twisted interpretations of this reality, we cannot hope to receive the higher truth of reality that is all around us. We will be busy doing what pays the bills and gets our earthly successes achieved, and life will pass us by, we won’t know why we came, or fulfill our true purpose.

Now if simply paying the bills and being successful was enough, then there would not be this longing in the hearts of all of us, to know and love our true selves, to know the truth of reality. There are many dis-eases of our time that are screaming out on our mal nourishment despite being the most affluent of times. We have so much, and yet we have so little. We are spiritually mal nourished, in particular we have lost connection with the Divine Mother, the Creator of Form, of our precious earth and all that inhabit it. Without an understanding of this archetypal energy, without honoring it, within, we cannot hope to activate our own reflective power of co creation.

Whether we are male or female, we are all born of the Mother, and live on daughter Gaia, our Mother Earth. The denial of the power of the feminine, the life giving power of the divine feminine, we are basically on a suicide mission to destroy ourselves and the planet. We have got so insanely unbalanced that we cannot feel anymore, and believe the lies of those who long before lost any connection to real truth.

This wave of Red Moon is a process, an initiation back to the Mother. To begin we must purify, purify our physical bodies and open up to the life force within, to re organize us back in alignment with our fullest health and energetic potential, awakening our physical, etheric and light bodies. The next challenge is to heal the schism of our heart, we are love, born of the love of the divine mother, but we have been wounded arriving in a loveless world, that forgot about love. But we have always had a connection home to The Mother, and though we feel abandoned and betrayed by the Divine, the truth is that we abandoned and betrayed ourselves. And our hearts breaks for this loss, on all sides of the story. Red Moon is an invitation to feel fully and heal fully that vulnerability and allow our hearts to open to receive again. Receive the LOVE that we are, and the mission of our souls. Red Moon is life and as such activates the essence self, the inner child, and is the foundation of what it is to be Human. Human beings are energy in motion beings - our feelings are the language of our soul, but we have not been freely feeling them for so long, that like the waters of our planet our emotional waters are stagnant and purifying, making us sick, mentally, physically and disconnecting us from each other and spiritually. The core purpose of this initiation and restoration of the Divine Feminine principles is to reconnect us to our Divine Intelligence System, to cosmically connect us to our Higher Selves, and the Higher Truth of Reality.

This part of the process is extremely important for what lies ahead. In 2019 we will go into a whole new grand cycle of 13 years in White Wizard. White Wizard is the 6th day of this Red Moon wave, the balance point. We cannot hope to activate our self mastery without allowing the process of Red Moon to sweep through the conditioning and open us up to divine intelligence that will make us all ready to be the New Shamans of 2019-2032 to take our places in The Great Battle. We have endured a long time under the rule of Wizards who were not aligned with truth, light and love, they had cosmic intelligence but they have kept it from the people and used it against them. Another way to look at this, from a higher dimension of seeing, as we refused to receive our true power, our shadow aspects grabbed at those powers and used them unconsciously, even attacking ourselves. We are the ones we have been waiting for, it is all within us. And returning to the Divine Mother is a key to understanding that, that all was born through her, therefore all is one creation. Water is inclusive, it embraces all, dissolves all, equalizes and finds it’s way. When we attempt to control water, we impede her flow, and create imbalances that lead to disasters.

As we allow our yin aspect to lead us, we open up our 3rd eye and see into reality, the past, the future and the now in greater clarity. We resonate one vision for us all, the vision of life enhanced and lived in joy and freedom and love for all beings. The original vision of the Divine Mother that is encoded on our souls, the song our hearts, that we came to sing into the Multiverse.

Then and only then can we integrate our true purpose and mission. We can only be fearless, courageous Warriors once we have humbled ourselves to the greater power of which we were made, receiving divine truth, submitting our will with thy will, because we opened up to the truth that these things were one and the same anyway.

Only when we have taken our posts, know our mission, carrying the light of truth in our hearts to complete it, will we be able to co-create The New Earth. The New Earth is simply a reality that reflects the truth of reality, the truth of love. Nature already shows us this, but we are losing so much of our natural world due to our ignorance of life. The New Earth is Heaven on Earth, a place where we re-member who we are, spiritual beings having a human experience and ground more and more of our spiritual truth into our embodied reality, so we are no longer experiencing the severe disharmonic creations that we currently experience. We will no longer have to learn through suffering we will enter the age of learning through joy.

And that is how we manifest truth. The 10th day, today, of this powerful wave of Red Moon, is White Planetary Mirror, the manifestation of truth, order and clarity. The restoration of the feminine principle will reorganize reality according to Natural Law. Catalysing a quantum shift energetically that brings an awakening of the Co Creative Consciousness in Humanity that we have been waiting for. Finally we will be fully in devotional partnership with the Divine to artfully create Heaven on Earth as was originally intended when this experiment of descending into form began.

Then we will return home. Home to the Divine Mother. As her, for that is who we always have been, only we forgot, and in doing so, lost our way. When we restore the feminine within us all, men and women, we evolve our ultimate expression of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother, our creative power, and realise that we are both the Mother and Child of Creation, having the free will to create, but also the responsibility to honor life. We have been wildly free willed, and not understood our responsibilities, and therefore disowned our power, and this disowned power has taken on a life of it’s own, ruthlessly defiant of the Natural Laws, and respect for life. We have to take responsibility for the denial of our power, and what that has led to, so we can resolve this schism, and step into the light of truth of who we all are.

We have been here before, the indigenous peoples of this earth who maintained their connection to the Mother, Nature and Spirit all talk of previous worlds that were destroyed by our disassociation from divine truth. Again we approach this time, and an opportunity to align with galactic frequencies of energetic shifts that will awaken us, if we can yield to the process. It is essential that we purify and detox our bodies and emotional bodies, our minds, and our conditioning so we can allow ourselves to be washed clean of the past, and into a new future. Rigidity will be fatal. We have to be like water, and flow.

The Mother is coming for us, we will re-member Her.

NEXT : THE WAVE OF WHITE WIND AND THE CHALLENGE OF 2018 as we begin the New Year on Blue Lunar Night


In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Mayan Mystic

AstroIntuitive Guide

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