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Attuning to the Rhythm of the Real Matrix : The Vibration of Healing & Creation that is our Birt

We are currently on day 7 of this new creation cycle of the Tzolkin 13 Moon Sacred Calendar - the Mayan Dreamspell. Blue Resonant Hand.

Art by Zen Hao - QUAN-YIN. The Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Quan Yin - Kuan Yin - is an incarnation of Mary, Sophia, The Divine Mother

Landing on the 14th February 2018, Valentines Day of Love, with the soon to be powerful Solar New Moon Eclipse and Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog on February 16th. I’ll write about that day in the next post.

Blue Hand represents doing, achievement, healing and knowing through doing, through experience. The Blue Hand archetype sits in the Core Kin soul family with Yellow Human, Red Earth and White Wind. The message of that soul family journey is universal for humanity. Humans have hands that do things, and this is how we are called to move our creative life force into reality, and create. We are little addicted to this significant power of doing, and we have done much, both amazing & horrific to alter life on this planet, and no doubt affecting other planets and dimensions of reality. It is our gift, to be the Hand of God, we have the free will and intelligence system to be able to evolve and keep expanding towards bigger and more amazing, and sadly more terrifying creations into the matrix of life.

The message of the Mayans is that we Human’s have to moderate our Doings, balancing out this power, this drive to do - and see the results of our doing as evidence of our being, with Great Spirit and Mother Earth. The idea being is that if we did less, but were first considerate of the call of our soul and Great Spirit, and then double checking that with what Mother Earth, our first duty is to serve as guardians and protectors of this Daughter Gaia - our physical mother, the ground of our life. Of course it makes absolutely no sense to destroy the foundation of your house if you want to still live in it. And this is where we have to come to some sanity on the planet, and this is where I have felt the Divine Mother speaking to me today. I never know exactly what day in the wave is the time to share with you, I have tried to logically offer a window into the wave at the key day points, day 1 theme, day 5 core purpose, day 9 intention and day 13 the goal of the wave. But after 6 years of channelling these messages through the calendar, I am always taken on a different path, of what needs to be shared at this time. It’s an amazing process, I feel blessed this happens for me to share with you.

So back to the message, we are in the new creation cycle of the Tzolkin 260 day lunar calendar. The first wave. Red Dragon, the Divine Mother - Creator, the REAL MATRIX. As per previous post at the start of this wave, this wave is a micro creation story all of it’s own. This wave tells the original intent story of creation. The end goal of this wave is to create the Temple of Heaven on Earth. For this is what we are, who we are and what we came to do. Day two of the Red Dragon wave of the Divine Mother is Great Spirit, White Lunar Wind. This part of the creation story is very appropriate for this precise moment in time as we began this terrestrial year (Gregorian Calendar) Jan 1st 2018 in the wave of White Wind, on Blue Lunar Night. Please see the reading for this year in earlier post. So in this process of stepping into the void, the dark night of the soul that is Blue Lunar Night, we are letting go of our definitions, and allowing Great Spirit to communicate with us, inform us of higher truth. Within this wave of the Mother Creator, the challenge is, creating in alignment with Great Spirit. When we are able to choose, the challenge of Lunar tone energy is, this dualistic tension, choices of our free will, will we choose from societal conditioning, from egocentric concerns, from greed, from power, from fame, from anything but the Divine Plan and Will of the Creator - the original intent. That choice is what guides our doing. And what we do, has rippling effects across time and space.

We are often told we are insignificant, but that is not the case. We are time travelers on our ancestors DNA, we are encoded with the dreams of many, we have come to create heaven on earth. And as there is only one of you for all time, then if you do not do what you came to do, then it is lost for all time. In the matrix of creation, your timeline and contribution to reality would be missing. I once rescued a baby flying squirrel in Bali, Indonesia, it fell out of a tree during the first of the rainy season storms, and miraculously my two super hunter ginger tom cats brought him to me, pretty unscathed. I tried for a while to reunite him with his mother, who was calling for him, and him for her. Unfortunately though she came oh so close twice, by sunset I resolved to be his mum. I wondered, as I always do, what the message from Mother Earth was in bringing me this gift. The most poignant of the metaphorical messages of squirrel medicine was that; squirrels only find about 15% of their nuts!!! The rest of their effort becomes the forest. That touched me, and this is how it is for us all. We only see about 15% of what we have brought into effect in reality, and the rest ripples into existence relatively unknown to us. Just because we cannot measure and define all our achievements, doesn’t mean that what we do or do not do is insignificant. It is.

Everything is energy, this reality is an energetic manifestation of an intent, and we are particles of that process, charged with fulfilling certain roles. As everything is a hologram, we are the 7.5 billion cells of a body, we each have a role, and if we do not know what we are doing and decide to do something else, because we are confused and programed to do it, then we are disturbing the whole body - like a cancer. I don’t doubt that much of the cancers on this planet are due to this misalignment - misuse of creative power, that is leading to the degradation of the life force, and taking us all in the trajectory of death and destruction. I am sure that it is no accident that Cancer in the Zodiac represents The Mother, and the water of life. We have lost our connection to the Mother, and so we are out of step with the Rhythm of Creation. We are disharmonious in our energy and the way we are moving energy, doing and creating our lives. We have not attuned our Will with Divine Will, and so we have done much damage to this Garden of Eden, our body temples and our Mother Earth.

I believe that the reason the Mayan calendar has a Day Out of Time (the day before the Mayan New Year set to the day of Sirius Rising), is for this reset moment, when humanity stops doing everything and checks back in, what is it that we are supposed to do? Day Out of Time (DOOT) is always in the Signal Kin of my soul family - Red Skywalker representing cosmic connection to bring heaven to earth, White Mirror - Divine Truth, Blue Night - the Unlimited Dreamspace, the infinite sea of pure potentiality, and Yellow Star - the art and beauty way. When we stop all our busy - busyness/business - doings, we can expand towards the dream of our souls, the higher truth of who we are, artists of life - and in so doing attune to the Divine Plan, the Real Matrix of Creation, and refine our roles towards that goal.

Blue Resonant Hand is guided by Blue Storm, the vortex of change, we have the power to be a great catalyst of change in our reality, but we must move from our heart (the hands are extension of the heart), and soul, where our connection to Great Spirit lies so that all our doings are in harmony with Mother Earth, the foundation of our existence in this material reality. Then the hidden power emerging is White Wizard. In other words, when we are attuned to Great Spirit and we are not in violation of our Earthly Mother, we have aligned with the Divine Mother and have miraculous abilities to do more by doing less. White Wizard is all about self mastery, coming up in the next wave we will be in the cycle of White Wizard, which is a window into the cycle we will begin in 2019 until 2032. This is a super significant moment in time to attune to the Divine Mother, the Real Matrix of Creation and receive our miraculous powers of creation in alignment with the dream of our souls.

The Tao does nothing, but leaves nothing undone.

If powerful men could center themselves in it

the whole world would be transformed by itself,

in its natural rhythms.

When life is simple,

pretenses fall away;

our essential natures shine through.

By not wanting, there is calm,

and the world will straighten itself.

When there is silence,

one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself.

Lao Tzu

And so this is the mid point of the wave, aligning to the healing creative vibration of life that is Red Dragon, the Divine Mother, will take care of everything and straighten it all out. We don’t have to do anything else but this. And in doing this, finding our way home to our heart, our soul’s purpose, we are healed, and all that we do is healing. We are channelling through the vibration of love, and bringing heaven to earth with every moment, in our non doing and in doing only that which we are called to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Thy Will is My Will, and so it is.

Let LOVE light the way.

In L’akesh

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