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Cooperating with Creation : Humanity is A Conduit for Heaven on Earth

We are now on the penultimate day of the first wave of Creation, the Red Dragon wave that is the beginning of the 13 Moon calendar. This wave is a microcosm of the whole creation story, the original intent of Creation is encapsulated in these 13 days. Today is Yellow Crystal Human.

Sola Arcana by Tessa Mythos

The Crystal tone, or frequency, is made of the energy of 2 - partnership, and 10 - manifestation that means cooperation with creation. Humanity is here as a conduit of the divine plan to manifest heaven on earth, or as we have lately come to know it as, the birth of the New Earth. What does this ‘heaven on earth’ actually mean? Yellow Human represents humanity, it is the 12th archetype in the creation story of 20 archetypes. Yellow is the chromatic for ripening, maturing and flowering, bringing forth the fruits of creation, of a concept, or an action, the action of being. Human sits in the Core Kin - soul family of White Wind - Great Spirit, Blue Hand - the doings of humans with their physicality, and Red Earth - what we are made of, and where we live, our orientation in time and place. We are spiritual beings having a human experience of embodiment within the embodied creation that is Gaia - our Mother Earth. As such, we are the spiritual dulahs - midwives of the Divine Plan into physical reality. Heaven on Earth is merely that we awaken to that fact, that we are spiritual beings, that we are the Divine Plan in action, and that we have this physical manifestation in order to manifest a reflection of Divine Truth here on Gaia.

One of the main reasons we are so far from that fulfillment right now, is this estrangement from Divine Mother, and how that has disconnected us from our individual truth, purpose and self realisation. It is in fully comprehending - on a mind, emotional, and embodied somatic way that we are Creators of Reality, that we can know the Mother, within us, and from whence we came. There has been eons of interference to keep us from that knowing, on every level, and this is what keeps us from being in our power to create the reality that is encoded in our hearts.

The evolution of humanity is mainly one of becoming Emotionally Intelligent, feeling through the pain that has been part of this embodiment process, and all the disconnection that we have had to journey through in exploring reality without our connection to free will, or our soul. This dis-ability has caused much suffering and we cannot go on in this way. We are in a destructive pattern of being that is perpetuating more harm, karma and dysfunction into the reality, and therefore more to clear up. We are all part of the problem, and therefore all part of the solution. We are one Earth Family, and we interface with Gaia, and each other, consciously or unconsciously, energetically in a myriad of ways that we now need to make conscious, and more deliberate. For that we need to make a commitment, a devotion to cooperating with Creation, and to mastering how it is that we are creating reality, so we can reclaim our power to do so in ways that are in alignment with the Divine Plan, and our souls’ dream.

Everything is energy, and emotions are energy in motion. There is a huge amount of creative energy potential in our emotions, most of which is unavailable to us because we have suppressed, denied, repressed and projected it out without really harnessing it’s pure potential. So we create all day long, effects to deal with that deplete our energy, not realizing the circle of energy begins within us. Recently I have been a little unwell, migraines, for most of the year until I journeyed deeper into what was the underlying root of these manifestations. Once I connected with it, my migraines stopped and became normal headaches as I began to unravel from the event in November that I had emotionally not ‘engaged with’. When we are not listening or processing energy, it turns into effects, dis-ease and events that bring us into greater contact with those energies so we might ‘release them’. Right now on the planet we are mostly fumbling around in the dark, bumping into effects feeling victims of reality rather than seeing the underlying truth that we are creators of that which we experience.

When we emotionally detox, releasing the past accumulations of energy, we will eventually become emotionally present in the moment, and listen to the guidance of our emotional intelligence which is actually the language of the soul. Without that dialogue we are cut off from Source Consciousness, and our divine blueprints of who we are and what we came to do, and how to respond to each moment with love, and therefore create a whole new paradigm from love. That reality is what we call Heaven on Earth.

Tomorrow is my Mayan Archetype day, Red Cosmic Skywalker. The progression within this Creation wave of Red Dragon is when humanity is cosmically connected, it can move to the next wave, White Wizard. White Wizard wave begins on Wednesday and is a powerful window into the coming era 2019-2032. White Wizard represents self mastery, it is the evolution of human that bridges towards its divine truth, and marries it with it’s earthly knowledge of manifested reality and begins to create miracles, with less effort. Simply aligning with the divine will, natural law and divine guidance.

Our work now, in these not even 18months is to clear our vessels, our body temple, our emotional and energetic fields to be more open to divine guidance so we can cooperate with Creation as we intended to when we chose to incarnate. This clearing process will intensify towards the Mayan New Year in July, and throughout the Mayan Year of Red Cosmic Moon, to make us more open and receptive to divine guidance, to bring us back online with the divine.

This is not a conceptual thing anymore, it will be a feeling thing, an embodied, in the waters of our being. The Mother wants us back, and the divine feminine flow of universal waters will wash away all that is impure and all the blocks that are impeding the flow of divine intelligence.

“The one great art is that of making a complete human being of oneself.” ― G.I. Gurdjieff

It is time to commit to our part in the process, to accept responsibility and become RESPONSE-able - ie open to receive and respond in the now, instead of being trapped in the past or fear of the future.

Feel to be Real. And let love light the way.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

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Art : Tessa Mythos - Sola Arcana

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