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Return to True Nature to Recover our True Nature : The Age of the New Shamans

We are Magical Manifestors of Spirit, and our time has come to remember.

We are on day 4 of the White Wizard wave that began on Wednesday 21st February 2018. This wave is a window into the future for us all. On the 26t July 2019 the Mayan New Year begins with Sirius Rising, and we enter into a whole new planetary cycle for 13 years. The White Wizard cycle. The last time we had this cycle was the generation in which I was born. 1967-1980. So these 13 days we are journeying now is a chance for us to inquire about what this Wizard generation will be, for us, for the collective.

Earth Shaman : Artist Unknown

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

Wizards blending earth energy, with life force energy, with earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom, is what we are evolving into. This is the Great Battle to remember who we are. We are magical and we can create a whole new reality, if we remember and connect to Natural Law and the Nature of Reality. We have to wake up from the illusion that we are limited, that other beings have power over us, that we are helpless and need saving. We came to save the day, and we came equipped to do so. We simply haven’t allowed ourselves to discover and master these gifts, or use them in service to the greater good. There will be no need for a battle, confronting the Dark Overlords once we truly return to our true nature. They have no authentic power from Source, they can only manipulate and control, to take the power of others and the earth for their agenda which is to serve themselves only, without any conscience to the destruction of life, because they have no regard for the Divine Mother. That is why she has been eradicated from our reality.

Red Self Existing Earth is guided by Red Skywalker, the cosmic connector that is attempting to bring heaven to earth. Red Earth is supported by Great Spirit, she is after all spirit in form. She’s challenged by Blue Hand, all our busy doings that are not in alignment with Great Spirit, and Divine Truth, are destroying her, and the flow of abundance that she represents. It is better that we do less, than more.

“The Tao does nothing and nothing is left undone” - Lao Tzu

White Wizard self mastery is knowing when to use powers and when not to, and that calibration is measured by all these considerations that each day of this wave, and year of the generation of Wizard 2019-2032 will bring to the for front. What is the vision of what we are doing? We can create hadron collidors or blockchain mining, but what good do they do - when we measure the impact on Gaia, on the life force, does it makes sense? Will we honor our gifts, and take the mission that they are implying for us to do as our soul purpose? Will our powers stay in alignment with truth? Will we be transparent and not secretive? The Dark Overlords have been secretive, which is not truth or love, and can only come from fear and control. We have to have a transparent heart, to be clear that our alignment is with truth, light and love, always, because power corrupts.

"All things in Nature work silently. They come into being and possess nothing. They fulfil their functions and make no claim.

When merit has been achieved, do not take it to yourself; for if you do not take it to yourself, it shall never be taken from you.

Follow diligently the Way in your own heart, but make no display of it to the world.

Keep behind, and you shall be put in front; keep out, and you shall be kept in.

Goodness strives not, and therefore it is not rebuked.

He that humbles himself shall be preserved entire. He that bends shall be made straight. He that is empty shall be filled. He that is worn out shall be renewed. He who has little shall succeed. He who has much shall go astray.

Therefore the Sage embraces Unity, and is a model for all under Heaven. He is free from self-display, therefore he shines forth; from self-assertion, therefore he is distinguished; from self-glorification, therefore he has merit; from self-exaltation, therefore he rises superior to all."

Lao Tzu

A major factor in our awakening to the ‘knowledge’ that will set us free, is to reconnect with Natural Time. The Mayan calendar is one of the best resources we have to connect with the actual natural time of the galactic, it’s cycles and therefore our archetypal energies within that matrix - womb of life. When we truly live in Natural Time we will have the higher dimensional guidance access we were born to have ‘online’ all the time, and we will be attuned to Mother Earth’s timeline and flow with her energies. All this will empower us, whereas our disconnection from this, disempowers us.

If you imagine that there is a beat - a pulse of the earth, and the sun, and the other planets and dimensions, and we are out of time - playing a disharmonic beat, tone or pulse, we cannot get into time without aligning to the group, our galactic family. We have to work out who we are, what our instrument is, how to play it and keep the beat of the song that brings us peace love and joy.

Together to get there.

The reading of the wave continues in the next post. In the meantime, if you are interested in decoding your gifts, your magical powers that are going to be called upon, look carefully at this time, journal and relate the Wizard archetype with your own archetype. Book a Mayan Reading with me and I will reveal the message for you.

LOVE lights the way.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

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