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The Seeds of Our Future Lie Dormant Within Our Self Mastery

Awakening as Shamans to Sow the Seeds of Life That Flower as the Garden of Eden - New Earth

Luis Tamani - Sol Seed of Life

Yellow Spectral Seed, the 11th day and the counterbalance point of the wave of White Wizard. We are journeying now in a window of time that is a bridge to an era we will all soon walk together for 13 years from 2019. The spectral days in a wave come after the manifestation point of the wave, and are always the challenge of the archetype of the wave. It is the yin manifestation point in a way that the Planetary 10th day represents the yang manifestation point. The Spectral frequency is about letting go, releasing, liberation and dissolution. When looking at a wave, an archetypal journey, the spectral day represents what the process is going to try and release. In the Red Dragon Mother wave, it is Blue Monkey Inner Child. So we go through the process of integrating an archetypal energy, and the by-product is the releasing of the opposing energy, which, in truth is not really a dualistic construct but a continuum of tension between inseparable things. There is no Mother without the Child, and similarly, what is a Wizard without his/her Seeds of magical manifestations?

White Wizard represents self mastery. As humans we have come into physical being from energy, spirit, source, and are interacting with a manifested energy realm, that is Gaia. We are swimming in a sea of energy, and we are a sea of energy ourselves. White Wizard is the shamanic path of being able to see reality as energy, and therefore acquire the understanding of energy in order to be masterful over it.

We as a collective have awakened a great deal to our energetic reality, our science has given us the data to understand that all is energy, and that energy is information, and all is a dance between fields of information. But we are dense material forms in a dense material world and we are now being called to integrate that paradigm and begin to play with the potential that this gives us. Going into the White Wizard era 2019-2032 will be all about the miraculous. We will be called to push outside the previously held boundaries that limited our ability to create, and see what really could happen if we stood in the light of our true power.

The challenge of the White Wizard is Yellow Seed, the concept, creation, the core, innovation, the targeted flowering. All seeds have the holographic imprint within them of what they will be, given the right supportive circumstances. Just contemplate that for a minute.

All of creation is inherently already perfect, and simply requires the right conditions in order to mature into itself. Seeds need to be planted at the right time, place and be nurtured. We need to know what will affect that growth, the acidity of the soil, the water, how long to keep it in the dark germinating. Seeds go on a journey of unravelling. They burst through various seed casings, and eventually burst through the ground in which they were sown, and move towards the light.

We are Seeds of Consciousness, we are already perfect from our inception, we simply need to nurture and nourish ourselves to self realization. We are the garden of eden, within and when we embody that fully, we will be in the garden of eden in our reality.

The time we are approaching is one of learning how to discover our inner seed, the core of who we are and who we came to be, and to nurture and nourish that into full maturity. So that our seeds that burst forth from our consciousness are ones that are in alignment with our core nature, our truth and the truth from source of which we are.

There has been much interference - GENETIC MODIFICATION - on this planet, and in the human genome. This happened directly, and is happening through various manipulations on our environment. This is the work of the Dark Wizards, who have the knowledge but lack the alignment to truth and love. They are addicted to power and control, and seek to control the seeds - both the food seeds and the seeds of consciousness that human beings are. Babies born today are flooded with toxins (vaccinations) designed to affect their seed of truth awakening within. Our food has been altered, our air is being altered, we are flooded with microwaves and other wave forms - scanners at the airport shatter DNA. It is all a massive war on consciousness, through us. Human beings are vessels of consciousness, seeds of source consciousness and we are encoded with the full maturing of consciousness. We are evolutionary beings, with a mission, to sow the seeds of consciousness into this material reality.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the Seeds of the Future we wish to see. There is nothing to change in our being, but simply to allow our beingness to emerge from the underground. We have been in Dark Times, and we are in the Age of Purification, this Red Moon era from 2006-2019 that we will be finally graduating in this year. One of the most important parts of the process of our coming into self realisation and transmuting the paradigm back to the original blueprint is our increasing concern for our internal and external environment.

We need to be internally clean, and externally clean in every sense of the word. Our food must be pure and alive, we must know the source, and the process that it has undergone. When we accept that all is energy and all energy carries information, encoded, then we know we are constantly taking in various bits of data from our environment. Mostly we have been too distracted to notice, until we get ill or some other event causes us to enquire. But we are aware on other levels of our being, and all of these assaults on our energy do take their toll.

White Wizard calls us into self mastery in that we are very attuned to our life force, and the life force of the planet, our environment and other dimensional influences energetically. And we enter into a dance of coming into balance with all that is, so that we can remain centered and conscious of our choices, the seeds we are sowing for the future.

White Wizard remains humble. We must awaken our knowledge from deep within our core, our cellular memory and our connection to the energetic field, earths memories, encoded in our earthly forms, and our divine blueprints. We the New Shamans must go forward and take the ancient knowledge beyond where it once reached, for that is the nature of evolution. But we must never get above ourselves, for we are merely guardians, gardeners, tending to the creation process that is already perfect. We have to see that it is when we have stepped outside of natural law, and interfered with creation that we have created monsters. True Shamans simply clear space and prepare the space for magic to happen, and that magic is simply the natural order resetting itself. Dis-ease is simply disorganized information, self mastery allows us to unravel from the discordant arrangement and flow into the pattern that will allow the most life force to flow - restoring health.

We can all be Wizards, we can all learn to master our energy, our bodies, to tend them and our consciousness so we can connect to our divine intelligence and bring that into embodied presence here and now, in full surrender to the divine plan, without need for power or control, but simply to honour the process of evolution.

I have often likened Monsanto - the food corporation that genetically modified foods that have no seeds in order to control the food supply - as an example of what happens when White Wizard goes to the Dark Side. Wonderful knowledge is being misused, without regard for life itself, and certainly with no love for humanity. It is not enough to be clever, or to know a few tricks. The most important part of the wave of White Wizard is the archetype that is missing from the White spectrum within it, as with all waves. All waves have 4 same color archetypes and leave a 5th one hidden, a bit like the hidden Sephiroth of the Kaballah Tree of Life. The journey appears to be about transcending the limits of life in this dimension, but the answer is overseeing the whole journey - White Dog - Love. A shaman without love is a dangerous powerful being. And so it is that we must now fully connect to LOVE, which is why we are in the Red Moon wave of receptivity, the prelude to love, and the divine feminine, the energy of love, and the Divine Mother, the Creator from LOVE of All That Is.

With love we can begin to know ourselves and discover our inner seeds. We can nurture and nourish them, and ensure that they sprout forth yet more beautiful seeds. That all our thoughts, creations, children are nurtured and nourished with love, and by and by, when we Think LOVE and Be LOVE, we will be reborn in the Garden of Eden that is Love in Form - Heaven on Earth.

It’s that close now. This is the time of great transition. Cycles and waves of time have passed to bring us to this point in our human history. We are the New Shamans and we have a Great Battle ahead of us, one we have been fighting it blindly for too long. Now we have to awaken to our encoded powers of manifestation, our magical natures, and serve the Natural Laws of Heaven & Earth to restore order.

Tomorrow is Red Crystal Serpent - cooperating with the life force for survival. The supporting energy of White Wizard is Red Serpent, our energy bodies are a major key to the whole story. Without awareness of how our energy bodies work, and how to awaken them, to nurture and restore them, we will not be able to activate that inner seed of life. This will be a large part of our work in the years to come, reclaiming our energy from those who have usurped it for their own ends with our willful or otherwise ignorance. Shamans cannot be ignorant. We have to see with REAL EYES and realize the real lies. We have to raise our serpent kundalini energy from lower chakra to the higher chakras and awaken our inner seeing - Blue Eagle supporting Yellow Seed, to receive the vision of the seed within so we can assist it to flower fully into existence.

The last day of the wave is White Cosmic Worldbrigder. Death Change and Rebirth. The Multidimensional Reality. Wizards transcend this world for other dimensions of reality, to get information to assist them in this realm. We have to awaken to the multidimensional truth of our existence. There is more going on here than meets the eye; energy is beyond time and space, it is all connected. With awareness, we can go to the source of the problem in any time and dimension and work on it, this is the level of mastery we are now being called into. We spent years in the New Age fluffy woo woo talking about creating realities without fully comprehending the complexity of reality. Now we really are going to take responsibility for co creating reality, as we came to do, unravelling the weeds that have grown and are consuming the Garden of Eden that we wish to continue to inhabit.

We have always been Wizards, but we have been asleep to our powers, and others have coopted our powers for their agendas. Now we will remember who we are, and reclaim our powers to serve one another and creation, with love.

Only love lights the way.

In l’akesh

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