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  • Rianna Skywalker

Hand to HEART : Heart to HAND, WE HEAL ALL

We are now on the 4th day of a new cycle that began on 6th March 2017 - the Blue Hand wave of ‘what to do’. Today is WHITE SELF EXISTING DOG - representing love. The forth day of the wave is the form and practice point of the journey. We look to this day to unlock what it is we must do regularly to be able to access, and serve the theme of the wave.

Sander Bos - Prayer of the Shamaness

Blue Hand is a very important archetype for humanity. We are the creatures with hands to do god’s work on earth. We are very enterprising and industrious, creative and ingenious, we have built cities and created machines to fly to space, and dive into the deepest seas. We are very busy doing things, we even have a name for being busy, business. But, we are too busy, and the Blue Hand archetype has got disconnected from the Heart, and therefore the soul, and we are not doing god’s work on earth. We can see we have created guns, and bombs, and we cut down the forests and hunt our fellow earth beings just for fun even when we don’t need to eat. We devised intensive farming and ruined the soil, denatured the food and created man made drugs in place of nature’s gifts, and thereby created more dis-ease than healing.

The Tao gives us the message of less is more, 1000’s of years ago, but, we are head strong - literally, we are not driven by our heart, feeling, connection to inner truth and connection to the whole of existence. White Dog represents the heart, family, soul family, community, soul tribe, processes of the heart and loyalty. Dogs are gods, they are pure love and move from that place. We have much to learn from dogs about true unconditional love.

The hands are an extension of the heart, and as such, when we are in our heart first, and move from there, all that we do - with our hands - is infused with this love, and is by that very nature an act of healing. Blue Hand represents doing, knowing, healing and accomplishment, through the body. We execute our choices through our body - our vehicle - with our hands, we turn our thoughts and feelings into things, and they surround us. Most people on the planet are not doing what they love, and they don’t even know what that is. Because we have not prioritzed getting into our hearts and being led from there.

Blue Hand is in the core family with Red Earth, White Wind and Yellow Human. The message in these archetypes is that we must remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that we are human beings not human doings, that we must first connect to spirit, and to the earth, before we do anything. And this would have been the ancient indigenous way. If a human has an idea, where does it come from, we are vessels of spirit and energy, moved this way or that, but by what? If we are moved by fear, lack and greed, our ideas will be toxic and damaging. When we listen, and balance these archetypes, which are about us all even if this is not our archetypal family, we must bring harmony and balance to the needs of the people - humanity - the needs of the earth - the will of spirit which is the key. We all reach a point in our life journey when we wonder what it is that we came do to. Blue Hand wave is the decoder for that. When you consider your natal archetype with the Blue Hand, you will get that answer - what you came to do. For me, as a Red Skywalker, 13th archetype + Blue Hand, 7th archetype, you get Yellow Sun, 20th archetype. So my life works is around raising consciousness, which I do through my own archetype of Cosmic Connection - being an astro- intuitive guide, open to receiving the guidance from the divine plan, the higher dimensions, from Source, Great Spirit.

These calendars have great messages for us, and at this time, we really do need to connect to them and receive these keys to who we are and why we came, what we came to do and how to do it.

One of the great advice from the Tao Te Ching is - do nothing and all is done… because there is an intelligence in existence that we are made of, and we can attune to, and move with, so as to actually achieve more by doing less. This is the zone. Athletes have attuned to it, and even big corporations have consulted astrologers to tune into the flow of existence, to catch the wave of the moment so as to optimize their results, and reduce resistance.

As we approach the coming shift of the ages, the new era of 2019-2032 in the White Wizard wave, we will need to attune to these energies and guidances that are there all the time for us, if we stopped doing, and were to be, still, and receptive. Then we will know what to do, and all that we do will be healing to the situation. The hidden power of the Blue Hand is White Wizard. When we attune to what we came to do, and how to do it, when our doing is in alignment with our heart, and guided by our soul, with reverence to Great Spirit and Mother Earth, we will indeed be the New Shamans creating a New Earth paradigm.

Day 2 of the wave was Yellow Lunar Star, the challenge point of the wave. In other words, if we are going to do something, we need to stop and consider, is it beautiful? Yes, is what we do going to make the world a better place or, in some way diminish it. Many things we are doing on the planet are not in alignment with this, but we must have learnt by now, we had a choice - the lunar energy is 2, decisions, choices, relating one option to another. Now we must be able to reference what does not work, and what does. Again, if we honour the 4th day practice suggestion, White Dog, and reside in our hearts, deepening our soul connection and communication, then this will help to make the choice easy. Love is beauty in form. It is the Love of Source that birthed our precious planet Gaia, her beauty is a reminder to us about the nature of creation, of which we are part, and in which we are bless with free will to do what we want. But what do we want? We have been lost to ourselves for so long, generations and generations of manipulations, disconnections and dumbing down our inner connection, and our higher connection, and our earth nature connection. We rely on outside sources to tell us what time it is, what month it is, we simply have no idea where we are, as we have only been told where we are, and who we are. We have not known the truth. So we do not move from the truth of our being, but are moved by other drivers.

We must bloom from within... there's a beautiful world inside us waiting for us to birth it into the world. We must go in, to come out meaningfully.

Meganne Forbes - Bloom from Within

Day 3 of the wave was Red Electric Moon, the electric energy is activating, and bonding, in service. Receptivity is the gateway to doing from the heart. When we are moved, feeling emotions, in our bodies, connecting to the feeling realm of the divine feminine flow, we move out of our heads, and the programs inserted there to take us off center and into confusion, and move into our true nature. This opening, is the gateway to the heart. Red Electric Moon is the yin that is so missing in our decision making process. We are not opening to feel into the fullness of what we want to do, or are told to do, or think to do, we just have an insatiable appetite to do things, be productive, to evidence our existence and validate it, we think we are what we do and so to just stop doing is incredibly hard for us. When I was ill for a while and had to learn how to do even less than less, I faced that fear of not being productive, and how my self esteem was tied to it. It is good to unlock from that and remember that we are human beings, not doings, that our beingness is first, and what we do with that comes after. If we are moving into doing, without accessing our being, what is it that we are actually doing that could be of any use to ourselves or anyone else?

We did not come here to work 9-5 for 40 years or more and then slowly die, without connecting to our true purpose of being. And as all things are connected, our gift to existence is lost and many other threads of the tapestry of life will not form. There is a meaning to us, there is only one of us for all of time, even if you believe in reincarnation, you will be back as someone or something else, never will this being that is you, be here again. That is how amazingly profound life is. And yet we are letting it slip us by. Distracted and doing things that are not what we came to do, and all of this unaligned busyness is creating dis-ease and dysfunction. It is better that we don’t do anything, than we do harm.

The 5th day of the wave, tomorrow is the core purpose of the Blue Hand wave, and it will be Blue Overtone Monkey. We are tuning into what it is we came to do, reconnecting to our inner child, our essence self holds the key. As we are guided today to tune into our heart, and reconnect to our soul, we remember our essence self and the dream of our soul, what it was that we came to do before we were taught to do this or that, and guided towards the doings of the world. We came from Source, and we are encoded with the divine plan, we made agreements and we had a desire to experience a certain reality, and to serve the evolution of this planet and humanity. We each have that purpose, in our own unique way, and the ultimate success of our life is to remember that, and do that. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Waiting to remember our magical beautiful unlimited creative beingness, so we can bring that into this material reality.

Together to get there.

ONLY love lights the way.

In L’akesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

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