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Attuning to the Vibration of LOVE to Sow the Seeds of our Future

We are traveling fast through this portal filled wave of Yellow Seed, and in a blink of an eye we are on day 8 of the wave. As I tune into the energies and allow the messages to come through I never know exactly what day I will write about the wave; I think it will be on a certain day, and receive wonderful information, and then the day passes and I have not yet written, and so I watch and allow, my own re-attunement to what is the key point of the wave at this time, not my own prior understanding of the archetypes and their waves, but what is the divine plan wanting us to focus on right now.

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And so here we am on day 8, the integration point of the wave, and for the Yellow Seed wave that began gloriously a week ago on July 1st, the eight day is Blue Galactic Monkey. Blue Monkey represents our essence self, our inner child, within whom lies the secret of our essence, buried beneath the conditioning and false adaptations of our childhood journey. Blue Monkey is both the wounded child and the wondrous child, we have to heal the wounds to reveal the wonder, and be the magical beings we came to be. Blue Monkey holds the dream of our soul, and so of course it makes sense that in order to Seed the Future of Our Dreams, we need to integrate the inner child and receive our true selves. The seeds that we are in the fabric of reality have seeds to sow into the tapestry of life. We didn’t land here, incarnating from non physical light to just wing it, though it might seem that way. We do have a mission, a purpose, and some NEW aspect of creation to sow into the field of consciousness and the material realm.

How do we remember the dream of our souls? And can we afford not to remember? There is only one you for all time, just like every fingerprint is unique, can that be meaningless? No, there is a complex arrangement of energies that you are, with a trajectory through time and space, contracted to do certain things that will alter the reality of the future. We are perhaps unaware of the impact we have, but every thought, every action, every feeling, is rippling out into existence, creating reactions and responses that continue through the field. As such we are creators, so why would we have free will and this power to influence and alter reality if we didn’t have some plan, some mission that we were on, collectively, that each of us individually had a vital part to play.

Within the Dreamspell 13 Moon calendar there are 20 waves for each of the 20 archetypes in the creation story of the Maya. 20 waves of 13 days, moving through the CREATION PROCESS color spectrum of RED - intiating and activating, to WHITE - clarifying and refining, to BLUE - fluid and transforming and culminating in YELLOW - maturing and flowering. This Yellow Seed wave is the maturation of these past few weeks that began with the RED SERPENT wave on 23rd of May 2018. This particular ‘harmonic’ wave series is super powerful and forms the center of the calendar of 260 days. Red Serpent and Yellow Seed are the only two waves in the calendar that have 10 days of back to back galactic activation portals. Forming the ‘backbone’ of the DNA spiral that is encoded into the Tzolkin calendar of the Moon. As such this is the backbone of our CREATION story.

With our LIFE FORCE - RED Serpent - kundalini we initiate and activate the YELLOW Seeds that we are sowing into the EARTH Matrix. The next wave begins on the 14th July will be RED EARTH and it will also hold the Mayan New Year on 26th July and bring us into our RED COSMIC MOON year, the grand finale year in our 13 year journey in Red Moon that began in 2006. So you can see that we are seeding a new reality right now, seeding the NEW EARTH of our dreams, that will be watered by the UNIVERSAL waters of the Divine Feminine.

We travel through these cycles like portals, cycles within cycles each with special alignments that create other portals, expanding the story of existence in all dimensions. There are times when there are so many alignments that everyone will be getting shifted together, and this is one of those times. A time of a great shift in consciousness and a readjustment that will forever change our reality.

The wave before Yellow Seed was Blue Monkey, and in that wave we were called to remember the dream of our souls within the dream of the Divine Mother. We are all children of the Earth, and of Divine Mother Creator, but we are also Daughter Gaia’s Guardians, we have a responsibility to co create and manifest the vision of heaven on earth. The wounded child, the dark side of Blue Monkey, through fear of power has avoided taking responsibility, and that is what we need to do. Without owning our power as Creators, we forever suppress the dream of our souls. This power of creation lies in our connection to Divine Mother, and so we are all called to heal that dynamic on all levels of reality, when we can step into that Divine Mother Archetypal energy we can re parent ourselves, heal the wounds and release the wonder of the inner child.

What did you come to see manifest in this reality?

The journey of the Yellow Seed wave is to seed something beautiful for Humanity’s awakening & empowerment, to seed the mission of our souls. The challenge point of the wave, day 2 is Red Lunar Serpent, how are we going to choose to direct our LIFE FORCE… if we are in fear, we drop down to the first chakra and are in survival mode, seeding from that level of consciousness. We could say that most of humanity is living and seeding from this level of awareness by necessity, but if we were to understand our energy bodies, and move our awareness up to the Heart Chakra, and see with the EYE OF OUR HEART, the 3rd eye of the Soul, Gods Eye, we might choose differently, and sow from our imagination of our true selves, not the fearful adapted human ego.

The next step on the journey of Yellow Seed, is surrender to the bigger plan. White Electric Worldbrigder, representing death and rebirth, is the activation point of Yellow Seed wave, what are our seeds in service to? The bigger picture, the multidimensional reality of existence. As above so below. What we sow here, is affecting other timelines and dimensions, and so, there is a biofeedback loop of intention and direction that we need to allow for when we are sowing our seeds. We may think it is our idea, our concept, our baby or whatever the ’seed’ is but, all comes from the same source and we are merely conduits of that creation seeking to be sown into reality by us. Once we have allowed the bigger picture to impress upon us, we move into the Blue Self Existing Hand, the knowing of what to do, literally, when to plant this idea into the field of whatever level of reality we are working on, and how to allow that creation to be infused with the love that flows from our hearts into our hands, so we are the hands of god on earth.

Then we are part of the beautiful plan, Yellow Overtone Star, the finger print of god, the arts, beauty, the sacred geometry of life, the perfect pattern of All That Is… This planet is the apple of god’s eye, it is the garden of eden, and we are all a part of that, and we all have something to sow into the garden, some aspect of our divinity, that wishes to become materialized and experienced. That is the beautiful plan, and that will be our deep soul yearning. To make the world a better place, to make the world a better reflection of the divine truth of love, this knowing lies deep within our soul, and only we can remember it for ourselves.

The balance point of the wave, and within us in this process, is Red Rhythmic Moon, attuning to the universal waters of life, we plant our seeds accordingly. On one level of reality this is biodynamic farming, understanding the universal laws that affect the creation process. Red Moon is sensitive and in phase, we have to attune to what the moment is calling for, and call in the creative power of water - that holds life. Being open and receptive, we can go deeper into ourselves, into the heart of the moment, and into our hearts truth. Then we are attuning to the LOVE that we are, that is the source of all that is, and attuning our seeds to reflect that. So much of what we are seeding into reality is not in alignment with love, and so we have created unloving and disharmonious realities on our precious planet, taking us away from the dream of our soul. The journey back to recover this is purification, clearing out the emotional field of all the toxic energies that come from fear and lead us away from truth and love.

The waters of Gaia are polluted, reflecting that our own vital life waters within our body are also polluted, polluted with stuck emotional energy that is forming patterns into the fabric of life that we do not want to continue. We cannot go on as we have been, we are at a tipping point. And, the tide is coming to change us, Red Cosmic Moon is going to clear the way, one way or another. We either have to allow the river to carry us to a new destination or we will suffer the consequences of attempting to swim upstream or get out before we are meant to, and find ourselves somewhere we have no business being. Hence this is a co creative process. There is a plan, there is a map, but we are stewards of our own ships, we can steer off course, crash and burn, or, find the route of least resistance and allow the magic to flow. Our Blue Monkey came with a mission but was open to discovery and innovation, being in the moment responding. We need to unlearn what we have learnt in order to be what we came to be.

With all these steps in the process complete we move into, tomorrow, Yellow Solar Human, guided by Star, we have the beautiful map of the divine plan, we are directional and intentional, we know why we are here, and what we came to do, and how and when to do it. This allows us, on the 10th July, we move into Red Planetary Skywalker, the manifestation of the Temple of Heaven on Earth. That is the purpose of all our individual unique ‘seeds’ of creation, to come together and create heaven on earth, the divine plan. Doing that, will allow us to step into self mastery, and liberate the magical self as represented by White Spectral Wizard. When we get out of our own way, and we collaborate with the divine plan, with the cosmic energies, the earthly energies and each other, we can move mountains and make miracles happen, effortlessly, because they were already destined.

“When nothing is done,

nothing is left undone.”

― Lao Tzu

This aspect of the story is very important right now. To fully step into our power we have to realize the paradox that in fact we do nothing, it is existence that does it all, and in fact the less we do, the better the results. That is because we are not attuned to the flow of life, love and truth, the divine plan, and so we are the undoing of ourselves and our own dreams. Less is more. White Wizard is not about using power and knowledge to manipulate reality for one person or a group of persons advantage over others, which has been the case in this reality. We are moving into the age of the New Shamans, and all will be called to embody their inner magician, their inner shaman, and do their magic to make the dream come true. The collective dream of our souls, not the individual dreams of our fearful mal adapted inner child, that has become a defensive and aggressive power hungry adult, relentlessly seeking outside what needs to be resourced inside.

Then we will be on day 12 of the wave, Blue Crystal Eagle, cooperating with the vision, the vision of the future, the imagination of our soul’s to crystallize love into form, so we could experience it. The whole of this reality is an expression of love attempting to know itself. When we see that, and see how far we have come, where we have come from and where we could be heading, the birds eye view of the Blue Eagle, also representing the 3rd eye, the All Seeing Eye of our Soul, we can step into our mission more fully and be Yellow Cosmic Warriors, as we all are, if we only remembered our divine truth.

And so we land at the feet of the next wave, Red Earth. We cannot create the New Earth without the journey of aligning our life force, Red Serpent wave, with the Truth of Spirit and LOVE, White Mirror wave, that lead us to the dream of our Soul, Blue Monkey wave and to today, Blue Galactic Monkey. It is all within us. The seeds of the future are ours to remember and to fearlessly, and faithfully, bring into reality for ourselves and for all.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

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