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Aligning with True Nature Grounds us in Truth : Reorganising Reality & the Redirection of New Ea

We are now in the final wave of this Mayan 13 Moon Dreamspell year, yesterday we entered the Red Magnetic Earth wave, which culminates on the 26th of July with the New Mayan Year of Red Cosmic Moon. The beginning of the end of a cycle that began in 2006 in Red Moon.

Autumn Skye Morrison : Remembering Eternity

Red represents initiation and activation. We have been in a 12 year process of initiation, activating the restoration of the YIN, the divine feminine, the flow, the receptivity to the bigger picture, receptivity to the divine truth, that will allow us to move out of this altered reality based on lies.

Today is White Lunar Mirror, the challenge point of the wave, the challenge of this process is alignment to truth. This wave we are now in for 13 days is actually the theme of the year ahead as we are going to be processing these final stages of our initiation. I have referred to it as the spin cycle of the purification heavy duty wash we have had to go through, and there is more. Much more. If you have been doing the work over these past 12 years then, these will be fine attunements and adjustments, but if you are behind in your work, then, Cosmic years are always wild and dramatic. I know, I was born under the Cosmic frequency, the mantra is enduring presence… because when we are in the midst of the divine plan moving and adjusting our reality, we have to stand back, endure and watch and learn. There is nothing to do, only to have reverence for a higher power and intelligence.

This wave, and the theme of the Mayan year ahead, is all about the New Earth, the rebirth of the Divine Mother consciousness, that is necessary for our survival, our life force to be redirected towards feminine flow, from which life evolves. We need to cleanse and purify the body temple, so we can receive our true selves, and walk this earth in alignment with Higher Truth. It is without a doubt that there has been a shift in awareness on the planet regarding all that Red Moon represents; cleanses and fasting, purifying the body, emotional intelligence, purifying the mind, environmental & sustainability awareness, particularly of the water, even coming to the recent mantra - water is life.

Yes, water is life. All is energy, and water represents the yin force. Fire represents the yang force. We have to restore balance in order to survive. When these forces are in equilibrium there is life, alchemized. It is the process of creation, within and without. We have been out of balance for too long, but, it is all part of the process of evolution, and so, there is a wave of restoration that began in 2006 and will complete next year 2019. We can focus on the outer circumstances and get lost in fear and confusion, as it is quite a mess out there, or we can go in, and reconnect to truth, and higher truth, that leads to love and trust, trust in the higher intelligence that is driving creation, the creation we are a part of. We simply need to allow these truths to enter into our being, so we can fully receive all that we are, all that is, and begin to co create with the divine plan, the divine mission of heaven on earth.

One truth we can all connect with regardless of our religious convictions, race, gender, age etc is that the moon is either full or new, or somewhere in between, which is a very precise close cosmic object that could re-align us with cosmic and natural law. Our current global calendar, the business calendar that controls the world, is not based on Nature, not based on the moon, but is an artifice of control that takes Earth, and all her beings, including humanity, into a false timeline matrix. The harmonic of this false time is all about time is money, power and control, war and death. And so we live in a world of war, death, fear and control, greed and ever increasingly devoid of humanity. We are destroying nature, our fellow earth beings, each other, and ultimately ourselves. This is possible because we are unconsciously agreeing to live by the reality that is created by those who understand natural law and cosmic law but have used it against the many, for their own agenda. Adjusting to natural time will allow us to reconnect to the earth intelligence grid, and the cosmic intelligence, that will awaken our inner intelligence and allow us to heal, create and innovate, relate and live in peace and harmony within and without.

If we ‘think’ about it, then we cannot know, we have so much information that it is confusing, we are constantly seeking outside, instead of feeling inside. Red Moon is all about feeling, and the restoration of our ability to feel truth. It could be argued that it is virtually impossible to know the truth in your mind, but there is a definite inexplicable knowing of truth we can have within our bodies, our physical, our emotional, our energy bodies, when we are truly present in the moment, and not backlogged with physical, emotional and energetic baggage that has not been processed, integrated and released. Like the rivers and oceans, they need movement, and to fully express all ways of being, stillness, depth, torrents, just think about all the ways water moves to stay alive. And conversely think about stagnant, putrid water that is full of toxins. As above so below, as within without. Earth is merely reflecting our inner water state, and when we align to reconnect, to feel and heal, we will also be healing and then feeling the earth.

This Red Earth wave’s core purpose is the Red Dragon, the divine mother, the creator, that births into form, nurtures and creates life… we are all born of the mother, and therefore we are all aspects of the mother. However the mother archetype has been removed from our consciousness and subverted, the feminine principle has been maligned and denigrated. But if life comes from the feminine, and from the divine mother, what are we doing? This cannot go on and it will not go on, as the time has come for the Return of the Divine Mother, the return of the life force, the flow of life that connects us with all that is.

Autumn Skye Morrison : Pieta

The beginning of this realignment is our connection to Mother Earth, the truth of her energy body, her seasons and cycles. We are children of Mother Earth but we are also the parents of Daughter Gaia, we have free will and are cocreators with reality thereby having a cause and effect dynamic that is responsible for what happens here. We have to heal our inner child in order to reconnect to the mother archetype within us, male or female, actually it is even more important that the men on the planet receive the mother back into their hearts, minds and souls, but the process of that happening is held in the hearts of the women on the planet, who are by nature closer to the Mother Principle. When we are able to own that creator energy, and take full responsibility for what we have created in our ignorance, not be dissuaded or overwhelmed but be reinvigorated and determined to be the change we came to be, then we will start to co create the New Earth of our dreams. It is the dream of the Mother, that lies encoded within our cellular memory.

White Lunar Mirror this day, will ask us, where are you aligned? Which New Earth are you rooting for? Are you on an escape spiritual bypass path, or are you doing the deep emotional cleansing work that this wave of 12 years has initiated for us to do?

You cannot add more tea to a full cup.

We have to clear away the lies, the toxicity, the pain, the confusion, the illusions, the addictions, the disconnection from the body, from our soul, we have to do the work of OPENING UP, so we can receive. Receive what is ours, what has been waiting for us, what we have been waiting for.

I have seen many taking supposedly ‘mothers’ medicine’ and taking and taking and taking, and never actually receiving anything. There is a process of evolution, and yet we are stuck in the take take take, intensity driven yang orientated approach, or the utter disassociation of the body, and connecting off planet to who knows what. Without returning to the Mother -our body, and activating the full intelligence of it, and it’s life force connection to truth, we cannot know what we are perceiving or know truth, we are ungrounded, not connected to Mother, Mother Earth, therefore not connected to ourselves, and therefore not effective, not doing what we came to do.

The 9th day of the wave, is Red Serpent, the intention of the life force, the kundalini, our survival instinct and also our sexual energy, the energy that flows through our body, the energy of our creative power. Without true alignment to nature, to the natural laws, we have also lost connection with our life force, and have a totally dysfunctional sexuality on the planet. As creation is all sexual, two energies merging to create, then all acts of sex are acts of creation. I cannot fathom the number of unconscious acts of sex that have occurred since I began to write this blog entry. The Mother will want us to purify our sexuality, to come back to nature and respect this body temple, for without our true sexual nature we cannot heal our bodies and awaken and integrate our higher light body consciousness into our bodies. It is in the realm of the diseased sexuality on the planet that most of the trauma and suffering is hinged, and also most of the fragmentation and disconnection. And so it serves the powers that be, as they know the power of sexual energy, to keep the masses ill informed and programmed with diseased sexuality.

It is an essential component of The Age of the New Shamans that we will enter in July 2019 - 2032 that we come to self mastery around our sexual energy - as this is a key to our creative power, and therefore our ability to co create the divine plan, to subvert the People of the Lie, by reclaiming our power, our energy, our truth and alignment with Truth. As we can see in the collective, there is a dawning of awareness that our sexuality is highly dysfunctional and needs to be changed, needs to be healed, and in the case of the children, needs to be protected and given space to naturally evolve without conditioning that would subvert it. The children are not being given the information they need to know themselves, to be true to themselves, and so they are being led astray, and will suffer if we do not stop the madness. We are all responsible. We all have a part to play.

Autumn Skye Morrison

Red Moon is also about super sensitivity. We are, by nature, super sensitive beings, but life as it is now, is a traumatic and insensitive process that shuts us down and numbs us out. Disconnecting us from the joy of our life force within and attaching us to external sources of identification and intelligence - or things masquerading as intelligence. The truth is, we are energy beings, and we are making contact energetically way before we make physical contact, but if we make physical contact before we are energetically ready, then we go into shock, trauma and shut down and numb out. Overload. That is why we are all high intensity junkies seeking something to jar us out of our numbness. Red Moon has been about softening and yielding to our true sensitive selves, so we can be more aware in the moment of all that is really happening, and therefore be able to navigate our cocreative choices.

Red Moon is the prelude to White Dog which represents LOVE. Without receptivity there is no love. We have to open to ourselves, and as we do, we open to the divine. Only then can we move into the space of love, into our heart, into heart consciousness and co create from there. This has been a remarkable era in our human history and we are in the quickening of this rebirthing process, the waters are about to break. Red Cosmic Moon. The Divine Mother, activating the volcanoes Pele and Agung, rivers of fire, to reorganize reality in alignment with the original intention, of love.

Stay grounded, get out into nature, connect to the truth that is all around us in nature, get the 13 Moon calendar and connect to Natural time, connect to your archetypal story that this sacred calendar holds, embody your soul purpose, feel and heal the back log of emotional toxicity, come alive now in your body, and know truth, unmistakably. Purify the body, think about the water, and how it carries messages, how can you receive your divine messages if you are polluted? Find the flow, the wu wei, let go and see where the river of the divine will take you, without resistance, trust that it knows best, better than you, and as you do, you will return to the knowing that all is love, that you are love, and loved, and that we are embarking on a wonderful journey to create a world from love & truth, that we are close to seeing the paradigm shift, and that each inner commitment to the work is an exponential shift in the outer world.

We are the ones and the time has most definitely come, this baby of New Earth is coming now. We are the dulahs, we must be aligned with love, trust, and visualize the beautiful reality that we know in our heart.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

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