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Day Out of Time : Opening to Receive the Sacred Blueprints of Life

We are on the day before the Mayan Lunar New Year, the day before Sirius, the Dog Star, rises and marks the evolutionary point of our journey. Today is Yellow Crystal Star. This time last year we went into Blue Spectral Night for our contemplations. We let go into the unknown, in order to Yellow Crystal Seed a new consciousness for our survival. And now we are called to see the perfect pattern of existence, and cooperate with it, in order to allow it to flow into our reality, as it will, as it must.

Yellow represents the maturation point of a harmonic creation sequence. Red begins, the fire initiates, the birth of life force, the activation. White refines, the air is the communication of Spirit. Then the Blue, transforms, the water gives body and movement. And finally the Yellow is the emergence, the flowering, the fruit of our fire, air, water creation process.

Crystal tone represents the 12th frequency in the cosmology of the 13 Moon Calendar, the Sacred Calendar for Humanity’s Evolution. We begin with the Magnetic tone, 1, which represents focus, magnetic pull, purpose. Imagine a white page, and then put one black dot on it. What happens? Your eye will be pulled to that point of focus, irresistibly. Then add the second dot. See what happens. The energy now bounces restlessly back and forth between the two points. This is the Lunar, polarized, relational energy. Now add a 3rd dot. See what happens. The energy begins to dance, you can no longer identify which was the first dot, second dot, 3rd dot. This is the Electric, dynamic and bonding, in service energy. Then add the 4th dot. See what happens. It all grounds. This is Self Existing, the frequency of form, 4 being the number of the cube. And so on we move through all the frequency tones, which denote a process of energy moving from one dynamic state to another. We are all doing this, in our personal and collective lives. The 12th tone is a second level of manifestation, it incorporates the two lines that are Overtone 5th frequency doubled, to make Planetary 10th frequency, and the Lunar 2 frequency. Planetary the 10th tone represents manifestation, the production point of the wave, and so this Crystal frequency represents us cooperating, relating with, the manifestation of the wave.

So today, in this special moment which they called the Day Out of Time, we are called to stop all our doing and open to the Signal kin, my family, of Red Skywalker, White Mirror, Blue Night and Yellow Star.

Yellow Star represents art and beauty, and is in this cosmology seen as the ultimate expression and evolution of humanity. The last creation wave of the Tzolkin which moves through all 20 archetypes from Red Dragon, the birth of creation, to the last wave being Yellow Star and ending on Yellow Cosmic Sun, being fully awakened to the truth of reality, we would come to know ourselves as Artists of Life, creators of our worlds, inside and out, and to realize that, to honor that, we need to make an art of it, we need to reflect the beauty of reality, by co creating with the perfect pattern of life.

Yellow Star is the finger print of God/Source consciousness. At the micro and macro levels we can see that there is a sacred geometry to life. Everything is a holographic fractal of the One. And, within that, we are given the ability to be creator gods, and dance in the field of creative energies, projecting our consciousness into form, and experiencing it all. But we have lost our way and the time has come to come home to some patterns that are more reflective of the original design. We were supposed to be in a constant biofeedback loop with creation, and co creating heaven on earth, so we could experience ourselves as the love that we are. Perhaps it is part of our evolutionary process to have gone the other way, to the far extreme, to know the dark so we could come back to the light. How do we find our way home when we are lost?

We must stop and center. Stop trying, and doing the same things over and over, especially expecting different results. We must open to another level of intelligence. We must open to receive.

The Yellow Crystal Star of this Day Out of Time is saying connect to the ‘timeless truth of beauty’ and the perfect pattern / fingerprint of God that runs through everything. Because we will need to hold onto that awareness as we get thrown into the spin cycle, waters breaking, birthing process of this white water rafting journey that Red Cosmic Moon year will be for us all. Cosmic Years are wild cards, it’s really the Divine Plan reorganizing everything that needs to be reorganized so that the evolutionary cycles can proceed as intended and required. Everything we were supposed to get in these years since 2006, will be tested and finalized. It’s graduation time. Can we embrace the divine feminine, the divine mother, can we feel to be real, and thereby allow the emotional clearing that will clear the way to receive. Red Moon is about receptivity, opening to the divine. To receive we have to clear something out, and it is in the realm of our emotional body, the waters of the body, that we need to clear, in order to feel again, in the present moment, no longer stuck in the past.

It is an interesting coincidence that the day after the Mayan New Year of Red Cosmic Moon, we will have a Blood Red Lunar Eclipse that is the biggest, closest and longest eclipse in over a hundred years. This eclipse is in Aquarius, perhaps this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the age of the future, the restoration of the divine feminine flow that will allow us to enter the space of love within and without.

At the end of the day, it is always about love. Red Moon is the archetype before White Dog, meaning that being receptive is a prior essential to love. We have to receive ourselves to love ourselves, we have to receive another to love them. But this quality of receptivity, sensitivity has been lost, and we are called now to reconnect with it. Couple this with the movement of Uranus into Taurus this year and we have a revolution of our senses, we will become more sensitive, and it is through that new intelligence, we will be able to navigate the maze of madness back to the heart of Source.

Let LOVE light the way

RECIEVE the light that you are, so you can shine that light for the greater good of all.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

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