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Today, 9th Aug 2018 we enter the DreamTime wave of Blue Night. A very important time to dream ourselves a new reality. Blue Night precedes Yellow Seed, it is in the dark, still, infinite void of the unknown that we germinate the dream seeds we will be manifesting in our waking life. We need to have imagination, one that goes beyond the known, deep into the pure potentiality of the unknown, the wu-wei, the yin, the nothingness from which everything comes.

Egyptian Sky Goddess 'Nut' by Frances Hart

Egyptian Goddess Nut (Nuit) is akin to the Blue Night. In that mythology she gave birth to gods.

We were just in the White Dog wave of LOVE, I had fully expected to write in that wave, but, it was a very intense time dealing with lack of love that this world is suffering from. The waves all bring us messages, our natal glyph and the wave glyph reveal the relationship we have with that wave, which adds depth and dimension to interacting with a dimension of time, the wave. The calendar is cyclical, as most things in nature. We go through waves once every 260 day, one wave per archetype, on a relay race through time. In each wave we are invited to pick up the clues, and graduate in that energy, as it relates to us, so we can go forward into the next wave, better equipped and prepared for that part, over and over, until we complete the mission and reach a state of enlightenment, until we remember our true selves. The Dreamspell calendar demonstrates this Human story of evolving consciousness. We are approaching that time, in a few weeks, and these are the preparatory steps to get there, and go through that initiation in a higher vibrational way. In a better way.

The White Dog wave took us on a journey to Great Spirit, so we might carry the light of truth in our hearts, and now ourselves as Creators, and magicians in this creation story. We could then, go back into the dark womb of beginnings and dream again what we want to wake up to in this dimension of reality.

This is a time to dream, and become aware of our dreams, waking and sleeping. To go into the dark, on a vision quest for truth. To close our eyes from this illusory world of distraction and open our 3rd eye of inner seeing, to reconnect to the vision that is encoded in our cellular memory waiting to be ‘seen’ and touched with the light of our conscious awareness, so it may drop out of the quantum field of waveforms, into form, into our material reality so we can experience it.

This is happening anyway, it’s just that the results are not what we know deep in our hearts is what we wanted to experience. And that is where we are now, we are at the gateway of entering a whole new generation of new shamans, the White Wizard wave of 2019-2032. The collective consciousness is pushing at the edges of awareness that we are creators of reality, but now we are going to take a leap forward and actually master how we are doing this, making it conscious, more and more, so we are more deliberate, and therefore getting over the whole paradigm of illusion that we are victims of reality. It’s a bridge we have to cross in order to get over the deep fear of taking responsibility for the reality we are seeing.

We have to see that it is in our subconscious, unknown parts, that we are carrying a lot of emotional energy that is projecting out into our reality, creating subconsciously. The journey of becoming conscious co creator absolutely requires a deep journey into the Shadow, into our Dreams, so we can unlock the illusion matrix that is embedded there. It is said that 90% of our creative influence on reality emanates from the subconscious, most of what we do, our behaviors etc is subconscious driven.

The Blue Night wave is this invitation, it can be known as the Dark Night of the Soul, as it will bring us into contact with some aspect buried in the dark resisted denied creations we are hiding from the light of our own consciousness. The hidden power to emerge from this is White Mirror, the light of truth, the piercing clarity of truth, order and the structure of reality. So it is we must go in to come out, go down to come up. We must dig deep into the shadows, the darkness within, the fear, and all that we are hiding from, within and without, so we can free ourselves. In freeing ourselves, we will reclaim that energy. Vast amounts of energy is wasted in RESISTANCE… and we all know, resistance is futile… consciousness is on an evolutionary path, this is unstoppable, so the energetic story is that whatever we resist persists, and actually that resistance creates more energy, such that the thing resisted will magnify out of the subconscious into the conscious experience, just so we can make contact with it, and in doing so, retrieve lost parts, and integrate them, letting go of the lies, illusion, confusion, that held the pattern in fear in the dark recesses of our consciousness in the first place.

Astrologically this time we are approaching a second eclipse, this time a solar eclipse in Leo. Leo represents the Sun, consciousness, everything rising to it’s fullness, the moon is coming out from it’s opposition in Aquarius that we had the Lunar Eclipse in recently and now is also in Leo, the opposite sign. Shining the light of the sun on the dark side of our moon, gives us an opportunity to make the unconscious conscious.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

We are not using our imaginations correctly, and we have incredible imaginations. Because we have so much buried in the dark, we are weighed down, and less vital in our ability to create. The fear of the unknown, shuts down our creative imagination. And without imagination as a conscious skill, imagination gets coopted by the subconscious. We are probably far more able to imagine the worst case scenario than we are the best case scenario, because we have not cultivated the ability to go beyond our imagination. What does that mean, I can hear you all wondering, how can I go beyond my imagination? It is a paradox in a way, just like an athlete can train himself to go beyond his previous abilities, we can train our imagination to go beyond the limitations of our seeing. Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. So how do we believe in something so totally new, that we can’t even see it? This is where the DREAMTIME comes in, no doubt in our creation of this human experience we gave ourselves the ability to dream, so we might connect the dots, that it is all a dream, and in the dream space of our sleeping dreams, anything is possible, the astral realms are not limited by the rules of this reality, but we can become LUCID in our dreams, and influence that reality, and so it is in this reality. We have to become LUCID in the DREAM… to take ownership of our response-able power to create.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

― Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

― Albert Einstein

We have to have a dream to make a dream come true, but many of us are not even remembering our dreams, let alone lucid in them, and if we cannot be lucid in our sleeping dreamscape, we cannot be lucid, aware and awake in this waking dreamspace. In this practice of dreaming ourselves awake we begin to realise the amazing capacity of our imagination. And once we have dealt with all the demons in the darkness, most of which are us, fragmented parts we have hidden away and projected into monsters out to get us, once we are welcoming the journey into the void within, we will be activating the imagination, freed up from fear, unlimited. The only way to do that is first to come to a deep place of self love. Hence why the previous wave was all about LOVE, and self love is the fundamental level of love without which there is no real love present. With love guiding our imaginations, imagine what we will wake up to in our reality.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

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