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Stepping into Power & Purpose : Yellow Warrior Wave

We are on day 8 of the Yellow Warrior wave that began on 22nd August 2018. Day 8 of the wave - a cycle of 13 days in the 13 Moon Mayan Sacred Calendar for Humanity - is always about integration. Today is Blue Galactic Night. Blue Night is the supporting energy of Yellow Warrior.

"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it" — Gautama Buddha

It never fails to amaze me the intricate and yet simple message that is implied by each day of the wave. Each wave theme is in an archetypal energy, and each archetype has a set of archetypal energies affecting it, a guiding energy, a supporting energy, a challenging energy and some resultant energy that the process of being is seeking to experience. In every wave, the 8th day integration point is offering the supporting energy of that archetype. It’s almost as if to say that if we can receive, and integrate, we will have the support we need.

Yellow Warrior the archetype that represents intelligence, fearlessness, bravery, courage - literally heart centered boldness to be, and do, what we are and what we need to do. Yellow Warrior is all about our mission and purpose, our unique offering to the tapestry of life. The 16th archetype in the creation story that forms the Tzolkin 13 Moon Calendar, Yellow Warrior is the fruition of the 51st Harmonic. A harmonic is another micro level creation sequence, incorporating the color spectrum representing the elements. RED WHITE BLUE YELLOW, red being fire and initiation, the beginning of the creation, white being air, spirit and refinement of the creation, blue being water and transformation, and yellow being flowering, fruition, representing earth. We each have one archetype of each color in our archetypal family make- up, and transition through these colors year by year, and grand cycle (13 yrs) by grand cycle. If we are in a RED grand cycle, we are in a powerful initiation process, where each year for 13 years the theme of our year is in a RED wave.

Yellow Warrior completes the creation harmonic from Red Skywalker, White Wizard, Blue Eagle and Yellow Warrior. Lets decode that message. Red Skywalker, my own archetype, is the cosmic connector. The previous archetype was Yellow Human, once we embody our fullest expression of Humanity, we reach towards our cosmic truth. We awaken to their being a higher intelligence of which we are a part of, as we notice we are in a field of influence, the planet’s times and seasons and the planetary bodies of our solar system, and beyond, times and seasons. We wake up to ‘no man is an island’ and seek to understand the ‘orchestration’ of life, through astrology and astronomy and other divination systems that reveal the pattern and working of the divine plan. Armed with this knowledge, and knowledge is POWER, we move towards stepping into self mastery and awakening our White Wizard, a super human that has reached beyond the mundane world, sees that all is energy, and has an understanding how to master energy, and therefore seem to create magical results. With this knowledge and greater understanding of the multidimensional nature of reality, the natural laws that affect the material world, the energy systems of the body, the earth, thoughts and movement, White Wizard can expand his imagination and vision, becoming Blue Eagle, the visionary, representing the 3rd Eye, the all seeing eye of the soul, whereby he can see high above all situations, see the causative and the probable outcomes based on the trajectory of energy, and thereby see what where and how he can make an influence on the future now. Armed with divine guidance, self master and vision, the Yellow Warrior emerges. He has the intelligence from all these aspects, to be able to forge a way forward fearlessly.

"To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation." — Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

I am here, as Red Cosmic Skywalker to connect people to their divine purpose, and empower them on their path to self fulfillment. We are all Warriors, even if that is not our personal glyph, every human has a purpose and mission, there is only one of us for all time, we are unique incredible creations within an incredible creation, and we have something to do, that no one else can do. If we don’t do what we came to do, then it is lost from the fabric of time, reverberating through existence. This loss weighs heavy on our soul. We know we have meaning and purpose, but we have not found it in our world that is full of lies and confusion, that has taken most of us away from inner knowing and connecting to the fuller spectrum of our intelligence, both inside our body, and our energy body, and by connecting to the intelligence of the planet and the cosmos. We are relatively stupid, we have been trained to be very smart at x y z but in doing so we lost the most valuable intelligence system within us.

We are all needed. Together to get there.

The Warrior wave itself takes us on a journey, the first question & challenge is, is our mission good or bad for the earth? Day 2 of the Yellow Warrior wave is Red Lunar Earth. We are all earth warriors, here in some way to serve creation, Mother Earth by adding to this reality, adjusting it, enhancing it, improving it, healing it. This gorgeous blue planet is heaven, and we are here to make that experience of heaven on earth. We have free will, but we have divine will too, it’s encoded in our cellular memory and the field that is who we are. Bruce Lipton in the Biology of Belief demonstrates that the nucleus of a cell is not the brain, that there are receptors on the cell that receive… We are receiving ourselves from the field from which we emanated. The art of receiving is very important if we are to step into power and purpose, we have to receive ourselves, our mission, our gifts, our supports, our lessons, and on and on, receiving all we need to move forward with the resources that are all there for us. The mission was not set up to fail, it is not a cosmic joke, much as we might think it is, it’s just we are not OPEN TO RECEIVE, and that has inhibited us from knowing, feeling and being who we really are.

"Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside." — Cassandra Clare

Much of what we are doing on the planet is not in harmony with life, the planet or humanity. We have failed off the bat because we are not on a mission from the divine plan but on an ego or programmed mission from the crazy world we have created from our disconnection from TRUTH. The activation point of the Yellow Warrior wave, day 3, is White Electric Mirror. The truth is the activation point of our service. So a journey into truth is essential for all Warriors. Who wants to risk going on a mission based on lies? But we do it every day. Because we lack knowledge, we give away our power. Day 4 of the wave is Blue Self Existing Storm. Day 4 is the practice point of the wave, what Yellow Warriors have to do daily to complete their mission. Blue Storm is all about energy, being a change catalyst, moving energy so a change can happen, to regenerate the life force we have to keep moving. The only constant is change. Armed with divine wisdom from Skywalker, self mastery of the Wizard, the vision of Eagle, Warrior must practice and move energy daily. We have to struggle to get anywhere, we have to put the work in, intelligently, knowing our limitations and abilities, knowing the current climate for the action and choosing our time and effort accordingly, a mission is a step by step plan, intelligently laid out. This brings us to the 5th day of the wave and the empowerment point, Yellow Overtone Sun, consciousness. Warrior has to be super conscious, awake and aware, of exactly how and why he is here, and what he is called to do. Mainly because he has faced his fears and darkness, and nothing is unconscious to him. Do we know who we are and what we do? Or do we live in a largely unconscious world, doing unconscious things daily, on the micro and macro scale. Yes, we are largely driven by our unconscious mind and emotions, and there is much manipulation to keep us unconscious, unaware, and therefore doing things we should not do, and never connecting to our true purpose.

The balance point of the wave of Yellow Warrior is day 6 Red Rhythmic Dragon, each step of the way of the warrior path, is keeping the warrior aligned. All too often we know that we can set ourselves a goal and then blindly go towards it, get there and realize we missed the mark. Missing the mark is the actual translation of the word ‘sin’. If we follow the guidance in the wave for all our projects and missions, we will have a way to stay on track. Red Dragon is Creator, Divine Mother, that births and nurtures life… if our missions are not balanced within Creator, then we have an issue. We are creating against life itself. And that is what has been happening for a very long time on this planet precisely because we have disconnected from Divine Mother, and this archetype within ourselves and existence. We forget therefore that we are born from her, we are part of creation, and then we also forget that we are affecting creation with the power of our free will, and with our lack of knowledge we are powerless and ineffective, not expressing this part of our true nature; that we are creators co creating with creation.

We are at this stage in our human evolution now, the Red Moon grand cycle that began in 2006 is in it’s final year now, and it’s all about receiving, clearing and restoring the divine feminine, the ability to receive, and express our true nature as it’s held in the archetype of Divine Mother, Creator. We have gone as far as we can in this yang patriarchal driven expression, and we need to recenter to come back to truth. To reclaim our power we have to understand that this material reality is creation in action, the dance of yin yang masculine feminine electro magnetic energies, it’s all energy, which we use to power our lives, but our power lies in knowledge, knowledge of energy and how it behaves and why, and how to master it. Energy follows thought, and we are consciousness, we are creating reality from our subconsciousness, on a mission to wake up and direct our consciousness, from an expanding intelligence, an intelligence of the heart as we have fed into the field of information from eons of time, what is love, and to choose to create from love, and experience heaven on earth as intended.

Day 7 of the wave of Yellow Warrior is White Resonant Wind, attuning to Great Spirit, and receiving the communication of spirit. As we breathe deeply we center in the space of spirit. On all our missions it is absolutely necessary to stop, breathe and center, and vibrate in alignment with spirit. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, the Yellow Warrior is the challenge of bring spirit into action in the human world.

With the attunement of spirit, Yellow Warrior can take a leap into the unknown, and fearlessly face the darkness, and integrate the unlimited potential that lies within it. Blue Galactic Night day 8 of the wave, today’s reading, is the way the Warrior gets it done, he has to pioneer - go where no man or woman has been before, he’s moving creation forward, from the deep spiritual connection to truth within, then and only then can we be fearless in the dark. We have conquered our fears, we have opened to receive divine wisdom and learnt how to be wizards, manage energy, and we have the vision of what needs to happen. Moving in the dark night space of dreams, the intuition becomes the guiding force, no longer relying on external intelligence from the illusory world, or being limited by them, the Warrior is able to dream the dream of the soul and move it into action.

“The hunter knows how to live in the jungle, the warrior knows how to live on the battlefield, and the sage knows how to live in life. The fiercest ruler is a warrior, the most beloved leader is a saint, and the greatest soveriegn is a sage.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Integrating the dream, the subconscious, we reclaim our purpose and power, and we become Warriors, able to Seed a new reality. These are the steps, and we each have a particular mission, by combining your natal glyph with the Warrior, we can see what your particular mission is, my own glyph plus Warrior is Red Moon, so my mission is as described by the Red Moon Wave, which includes self realisation as a mystic, a guide, an oracle as Red Skywalker. Reach out for a reading to discover your mission, and the road map to recovering your power to be able to fulfill your purpose.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

& Mentoring

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