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The Key to the Liberation of Humanity : A Spiritual Intelligence Revolution

The Key to the Liberation of Humanity, receiving Great Spirit in our hearts; the wave of White Wind.


We are on day 11 of the 13 day wave of White Wind - Great Spirit. Today is Yellow Spectral Human. The antipode, or challenge of White Wind, and therefore the liberation point of the wave. The message in this wave of Spiritual Truth & Intelligence, is that when we as a humanity awaken to the fact, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and bring more and more of that spiritual intelligence into being, into this material reality, then we will be free of these self inflicted limitations and sufferings that have plagued our history and continue to this day. The integration of this spiritual intelligence will awaken our inner self mastery and White Wizard, that is the goal of this wave’s journey, the goal of our life journey, and the coming Grand Cycle of 13 years that we will enter in July 2019 - The Age of the New Shamans - White Wizard wave 2019-2032.

We have had the age of IQ when we strove for mental intelligence, Science and mastery over our material reality through computation of assumed facts. Then we went into the age of EQ where we are still, embracing the intelligence of emotions. And as we exist in an evolutionary reality, one that moves through stages of intelligence and awakening to greater understanding, adaptation to that new perception we will inevitably enter the next stage, SQ - spiritual intelligence. What is spiritual intelligence? It is the stage beyond our mundane human reality, one in which we realize and accept, that we are more than our physical forms, that this reality is more than it seems, there are multidimensional layers to this reality, multiple timelines and also, some greater design, some higher intelligence that we are all a part of, all aspects of that intelligence, with a distinct role to play, for a particular reason, woven into the tapestry of existence, all intricately connected and creative. When we entertain that as a fact, which it is, then we begin to question the laws that govern that expanded view of reality, what is the fabric of our spiritual reality, and why did we manifest into form, as a humanity on an earth, to play out this game? What could possibly be the meaning of such an experiment?

Of course philosophers have long since argued and extrapolated on this, and often to reach no particular agreement. But the ancient text, the bible, the indigenous stories all carry the same overall archetypal story of existence. And so it is with this 13 Moon calendar of the Mayan Dreamspell. Why should we connect to this calendar? Because it is the beginning of attaining spiritual intelligence. As a humanity and a planet, we are lost in time and space. We have created an artificial timeline, one with artificial man made time, time that bears no relation to the movement of the planet, or the cosmos within which this planet is moving and relating to other bodies within it’s solar system. The months are named after Roman Emperors, and the number of days in a month was used as some political power game. Month means moon, and connects to mouth and mother. We are not connected to the movement of our closest celestial body, and that has a great effect on us. No one can argue that the Moon affects our planet, the ebb and flow of our tides are an obvious indicator. If we exist in an artificial time frame, created for power and control, we are disconnected from natural and cosmic laws. Our bodies are largely water, and science has shown how water is life, and water holds memory. Being disconnected will affect our ability to remember who we are, why we came, how to live in accordance with natural law, and awaken our fullest potential and live in abundance and health.

Nature is a manifestation of spirit, watching her, rather than attempting to control her and subvert her energies for our greed and control, we can learn how to live in harmony with our truth. Our bodies are the front line of our awakening to spiritual intelligence. This is the technology we have to wake up and realize how to use if we are to survive and thrive, and keep the planet alive. We have lost touch with our bodies, the vehicle our soul created to be incarnated into this reality. We are not our bodies but they are the interface between our spiritual truth and our physical experience. Checking out might be fun for a while, but it changes nothing in this reality, and is a waste our time here. Focusing on the body only, and material reality is also a waste of time, as this neglects our soul’s truth, our reason for incarnation. We have to find the balance between the two, the way of the Tao, to be in the world but not of it, to stop doing and start flowing with the tide of a higher intelligence that is the Creator of all that is.

Preceding this wave of White Wind was the wave of Red Moon, a significant wave as we are currently as a planet in the 13th year of a Red Moon Grand Cycle. Red Moon represents Universal water, the divine feminine, the flow, the wu wei, the yin principle of reality, and invited us to open, to receive, to let go and make more room for receiving what we truly need, so we can embody who we really are. Without this receptivity to higher truth, we cannot move forward. Without letting go, into the flow of higher intelligence, we cannot align with the divine plan, and move the paradigm of this human experiment into it’s awaiting next phase, co creation through joy and love, being awake and aware, cosmic beings in human form, free of delusion and confusion, together as one, co creating heaven on earth.

The Red Moon wave culminated in Red Cosmic Dragon, the Divine Mother archetype, the mother of form, the birth of the material world. We have been estranged from this archetype after years of patriarchy and religious interference whereby the feminine and the Divine Mother has been defiled and denigrated such that we have lost our power to create, consciously, feeling powerless specs of dust in a harsh vast reality. Since 2006 we have been revising this wave, to bring us closer to the power of the yin, and it’s role in our ability to connect to ourselves, each other and higher truth. Largely this time has been one where we have been doing cleanses of our body, putting our attention on the water of the planet, and emotional intelligence. How to free up the water from the memories that keep it stuck and stagnant in dysfunction and disease. All this has been to open us up to something new, something old in fact, a remembrance of our true nature, Great Spirit.

Luis Tamani

White Wind is the wave of Great Spirit, the key parts of the 13 day journey are, White Worldbridger, the core purpose, White Dog, the intention point, and White Wizard, the goal of the process. When we connect to our Spiritual Truth, we die to the illusion that we are just material forms that will die and decay and disappear from existence. White Worldbridger represents death and rebirth, transformation, bridging worlds - multidimensional reality. If we are not these bodies alone, where did we emanate from? How do we cultivate a greater connection to our higher selves in order to remember what we forgot in the process of incarnation to this somewhat confused separated reality? When we expand into these ideas of our expanded reality, inevitably we will experience the truth of existence, which is LOVE. When we die to the supposed separation of this physical realm, and enter into the oneness and interconnection of our spiritual realms, we can connect to the Source of our being, and feel the LOVE that is All That Is. When we realize that this reality is born of love, we can intend to align with LOVE and co create with existence in a whole new way, stepping into self mastery as White Wizards, shamans who see beyond the illusion, who understand the natural laws of the planet, the cosmos and spiritual reality, and thereby can choose to not interfere and simply act in support of the Divine Plan.

This is where we are now, on the precipice of this awakening to the Age of the New Shamans. 2019-2032 is the wave of White Wizard and we are all called to discover, remember and reactivate our magical powers, so we can influence reality back into balance, back into flow, return to the original timeline, and transcend this paradigm of fear, death, control, war, greed and lies. My generation 1967-1980 were all born in the Wave of White Wizard, and it is particularly our time to shine. So many of us have dived into the ancient teachings, and practices and melded them from many different traditions, into a synthesis of our own work, applying our own intelligence to the equation, as this is the only way we can evolve. The White Wizard Wave 2019-2032 is also The Great Battle - which is a battle on the spiritual intelligence of humanity. We have to wake up and reclaim our spiritual intelligence as within this lies our true power to transform reality. Right now we are victims of a reality paradigm created by those who have knowledge of spiritual laws of creation, but use it without an alignment to truth and therefore ultimately love, thereby creating this world of trauma, abuse and suffering, as this keeps them in the seat of power, whilst most of humanity continues on the wheel of karma, blindly offending the natural laws and in so doing, fragmenting their soul’s light, and therefore their soul’s connection to Source. We have to stop this destructive pattern, and see how we are instrumental in our own suffering, and how our own power is used against us. We have to wake up to the multidimensional truth of reality, and how to navigate that truth to restore the original Divine Plan for this Creation. We came to experience our true nature, LOVE, and so, we have explored the outer edges of what is NOT LOVE, but we have got very lost there, and those who are very identified with keeping the status quo of ignorance to leverage for their own position wish to keep us lost.

So you see this but you wonder how?

White Wind also represents BREATH, the breath of life, Prana, the communication of spirit. Reality is complex and yet paradoxically simple at the same time. The multidimensional truth is probably beyond our current comprehension, but, the key to our awakening is very very very approachable, it lies in our breath. The truth of reality is there, in the in and out, yin yang balanced flow of our breath. We can breathe ourselves awake. Imagine that! But it’s true… The problem is that most of us are not breathing correctly. It is a well known fact that when we are shocked and in trauma, we can’t breathe. Most of humanity is not at ease in their body vehicle, traumatized to be in this human story of pain and suffering, of lovelessness. So we barely breathe ourselves into our body. In dynamic breathwork practices that I use with my clients to reconnect them with their true essence, we breathe in a rhythm which restores the life force to the body, and in doing so, throws out of all that is in the way of full being embodied. As we breathe, we pull in the prana life force of the universe, of which we are a part, and as we breathe dynamically we are saying yes to life with our body, and no to all that we are carrying in our space - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically - that is holding us apart from our own light, our life force and the life force of our Mother Earth and the Cosmos, of existence.

Just breathing will connect you to Great Spirit. When we breathe consciously, we still the incessant mind chatter that is programmed to distract us by keeping us in fear and illusion, confusion and separation, and drop deeply into our cellular memories, our heart and our soul. When our energy is freely flowing through all our chakras, inside the body and in our energy bodies, we feel the bliss of being, the feeling of love that brought us into existence in the first place. We realize what a gift it is to be, and to feel. Yes, getting to that place means working through all the resistance to feeling, that is due to all the fear of feeling, because we have lacked the Emotional Intelligence to deal with our emotions, heal them and befriend them, understand their language and connect to their messages from our Soul. We have sought to shut that off, taking medications and having other addictions that numb us out, and that has stifled our capacity to awaken our self mastery. If you cannot feel, you cannot be master of your vehicle, your body. If you cannot be embodied then who is running you? The mind? The mind that has been programmed and controlled away from truth and love? There is no ascension without descension, we have to embody in order to transcend the illusory limitations of being human, we have to embody to liberate humanity, and the planet. As we embody we align with higher truth, dispelling all that has emanated from our fragmentation. Feel to be real, feel to heal. Feel to know, feel to grow.

Isabel Bryna

This body, our temple, the temple to our soul, is a magnificent piece of technology that we have yet to fully embody, and that is the frontier of our coming evolution as we enter the Age of the New Shamans, we have been clearing the way, unlearning what we have learnt, so we can receive the truth of who we are and what we came to do. And this is the exciting times we are here for now, the transition from ignorance to intelligence, from fear to love, from control to surrendering to a higher intelligence, recognizing that we are that higher intelligence, and that our journey of self knowledge is to recover that higher intelligence and bring it into existence to make the change we wish to see, and experience now.


In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

& Mentoring

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. Online Mentoring Programs and Personalized Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, USA, incorporating transformational breathwork to bring this knowing into the body, initiating your journey. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

It’s my soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of the calendar, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records that knows the magical gifts you came to bring and embody.

Now is the time.

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