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Activating Soul Purpose : Preparing for the Age of the New Shamans

We are on day 4 of this White Wizard wave that is a prelude to the Shift of the Ages that is coming in 2019.

Unknown Artist

Strong energies are coming through for us now, many upgrades and downloads and collapsing timelines. These 13 days of White Wizard that began on Thursday 8th November are really opening up new potentials for where we are headed. These 13 days are a window into the 13 years that we will begin in July 2019 until July 2032. I have been writing about this time for years it seems, and it’s getting closer by the minute, and more information is becoming available every moment, by each shift within, and shift in the collective, there is a shift in the universal field, and so on rippling out and back to us.

As I tune into these days, receiving the wisdoms, they deepen and expand in their significance. This really is a most exciting, crucial and important time to do our work, to get clear, to align and open to receive so we can shift to a new level of the game of life. The Wizard Level.

What will it take to make us Humans into Wizards? The bridge is Skywalker, cosmic connection, entering the Temple of Heaven by receiving it on Earth. In the Mayan Cosmology that the Tzolkin 13 Moon calendar portrays, there is a 20 archetype Creation story detailing the ‘experiment’ of life, of humanity, of earth. Consciousness creating spirit into form, evolving awareness to remember, and create more and more from that awakened consciousness, thereby experiencing heaven on earth, as intended.

We are moving from one harmonic creation sequence to another, and that is a huge shift in consciousness. There is universal life force intelligence support for this, it is happening, we are either able to align to it, receive it, adapt to it, utilize it as intended or we are not, we are the free willed beings that get to choose. And now is the time for that choice.

On July 26th 2018 this year, which marked the rising of Sirius and the Mayan New Year, we entered the final year of a 13 year cycle in Red Moon which we have travelled collectively, and planetarially. Red begins a creation harmonic, fire, initiation, activation. RED MOON represents Universal Water, Divine Feminine, Flow, intrinsically linked with RED SERPENT - life force, RED DRAGON - Divine Mother, RED SKYWALKER -Cosmic Connection, and RED EARTH - our earthship, Mother Earth, Nature, spirit in form. This year we are in Red Cosmic Moon, graduating in the process that began in 2006. What is that process? It is the process of returning to yin, to the universal waters of life, to the flow of the divine plan, to the cosmic connection, to the Divine Mother and Mother Earth, to our true nature, as reflected in nature, to our spiritual truth, and therefore our spiritual power which will allow us to step into our magical powers.

Today is Red Self Existing Earth, the practice point of the wave of White Wizard. We need to learn the ancient arts of Nature, ground into the wisdoms of the earth sciences, qi gong, The Tao, I Ching. We are part of Gaia, she is our power source, our resource. We are made of the earth and the stars, and as we purify our body temples, we can receive the nutrients of earth, and the cosmos, to inform our intelligence, to awaken our cellular memory, our divine blueprints, our soul purpose and contracts to complete.

Yesterday as I was out hiking here in spectacular Red Rock country in Sedona, Arizona, where I was cosmically guided to live at this particular time, I received the message on Yellow Electric Warrior day, the 3rd day of the White Wizard wave, that we are about to receive our ‘orders’. In this shift into the Age of the New Shamans, we will have our soul purpose activated. The 3rd day of the wave, or the 3rd year of a grand wave, is all about the activation of service. Yellow Warrior is all about the mission, pioneering the way of intelligence, heartful and fearless, into the unknown guided by Great Spirit. There is a time for everything, and though I have been receiving messages about the future for years, I can feel that parts of me were not ready, or it was not the right time to share some information, because there is a higher intelligence in timing when we are in the flow of the divine.

We can assist this process by being present with what the time is calling for now, as the more we are aligned with the natural flow, the cosmic flow, the easier it is to shift the paradigm, personally and collectively. Right now, we are to cleanse on every level of our being so we can open to receive, Red Cosmic Moon is pure receptivity. Red Earth is the theme of the wave of this year, we are called to cleanse and reconnect to nature, Mother Nature, to be reset, reattuned to where our true powers lie.


Red Moon also relates to emotions, as these are the waters of our inner temple, we need to cleanse our emotional field, mental field, physical bodies and as we do this, we will become more sensitive, another quality of Red Moon, sensitivity, sensitive to our energy bodies, the energies around us, in others, in events, in what we say, in our food, our water, in the moment. We need this re-sensitizing as it is the foundation of our super powers, which are being called forth by the coming Age of the New Shamans. We are in the 7 year age of Uranus in Taurus, a revolution of our senses, our bodies, that precedes Uranus in Gemini, which will be a revolution of our minds. This body temple is crucial for us to awaken our magical powers, but the journey back into our bodies, to fully embody them is deeply emotional, it cannot happen on the meditation mat. It is a visceral experience, of meeting our emotions, from our own life, and from the cellular memory of our ancestors in our DNA and the collective for eons of time. We have been on a wild ride as spiritual pioneers into the material world, along the way we have lost contact with our souls’ light, power, truth, and now we have to heal that separation and reconnect with our true self, our true light, our true power and our soul’s true path. The emotional field is a huge resource of energy that we can no longer afford to ignore. Science already shows us that all disease, physical, mental, is at it’s core, emotional. Ultimately we will come to know that all disease is actually spiritual separation, as when we are reconnected to our higher self, and our spiritual truth, we cannot be ill, lost or confused. Emotional Intelligence will be the stepping stone to Spiritual Intelligence. Red Cosmic Moon will lead us to the Age of the New Shamans, this White Wizard era 2019-2032, which requires us to understand the hyper dimensional nature of reality, the spiritual energetic Natural Laws of Creation of which we are a part, and of which we are now being called to take responsibility for, by remembering our magic and putting it to use to transform our material reality to reflect higher truth of our unity, harmony and intelligence.

The Age of the New Shamans is the coming of age of those born 1967 to 1980, it is our time to step up and move our magical abilities forward. We each have a magical ability, encoded in our blueprints, we are invited to seek to remember, as self knowledge is power. We are not insignificant, powerless and meaningless, we each have a role to play, at this crucial time, to energetically cleanse ourselves, our lineages, our timelines, our creations made from confusion, and bring all our energy into focus of realizing the original timeline. Returning to the ancient wisdoms and reinterpreting them through this body temple of incredible God- Technology, opening to the vision of the future that is unbounded by our limited conditioning, as we are no longer seeing with our programmed eyes, but with the eye of our soul, the All Seeing Eye of God. Blue Lunar Eagle is day two of the wave of White Wizard, and will be the underlying theme of 2020. No accident there, 20-20 has long been known as perfect vision, future sight. We will be challenged to see, see what we are creating, see what wants to be created. To see beyond, magical seeing, shamanic visioning.

Within each eave, which is color defined, there are 4 key points, the start of the wave is the Magnetic point of focus, the 5th day is the Overtone - Core Purpose point of the wave, the 9th is the Solar, Intention point of the wave and the 13th is the goal of the wave. There are 5 archetypes within each color, so within each wave there is a missing, hidden archetype that is the underlying goal implied by the process that the wave defines. White Wizard wave moves through day 5 White Mirror, truth, natural law, alignment to day 9 White Wind, Great Spirit, and ends on day 13 White Worldbridger, death, multidimensional reality, rebirth. The missing, hidden and implied goal is White Dog, heart, love, community, oneness.

We live in a reality that has been coopted by Dark Wizards, those who have the knowledge of Mother Earth’s resources, energies and power, and the Cosmic energies and timings. The many secret societies have long known of the alchemical process of creation, emotional energy, psychic energy, the human potential, and how to tap into it, how to halt it, dumb it down, shut it off, derail it and manipulate it for their own agenda, that is not aligned with the hidden goal of this knowledge, White Dog, love. There is no love present in the power hungry, control centered, greed driven madness of the Dark Wizard and their creations.

But it is love that will set us free from their creations. Self love is the essential requirement for us all, the starting block to awakening our magical powers and being the change agents of this amazing opportunity.

With Self Love we will seek to know ourselves in truth, to remember and reactivate our soul’s truth, soul purpose and then be able to hone our innate, god given gifts, and play our part in the shift of the ages, getting the paradigm ready for the Blue Storm era of 2032- 2045, a whole new energetic reality, that will lead to seeding in the Yellow Seed era of 2045-2058. That would complete the harmonic creation cycle that began in 2006. Yellow Seed is the challenge of White Wizard, we have to be careful what we use our power to create, as in the tale of Frankenstein and in our real world corporation of Monsanto. We might have some intelligence, and therefore power, but if we are not aligned with love, if we are driven by other Dark Wizard values, power over, control, greed, then all of those creations will lead to further degradation of life, rather than the enhancement of our life force, and therefore our reality.

The shift is within, we are invited into the space of love, to heal the separation that keeps us from our truth, and therefore keeps us in this illusionary reality game, timeline, divorced from natural time, nature, cosmic truth, and our true power.

I have been called to create the space for you to remember your magical gifts, true self and part in the creation of a whole new reality born of love. In my soul readings I reconnect you to your blueprints, in my shamanic breathwork activations, I facilitate your reconnection to your light body, your energy body, which brings you back into remembrance of your true self in a deep embodied way. These are just the beginning steps, from which you can then move forward studying the areas of your soul purpose, and gifts, to be the new shamans we have been waiting for, that will lead the way, heal the way, open the way to a whole new reality. More and more, I feel the call to create a physical place for this process of awakening the wizard in you, land in Sedona and in Costa Rica has ‘come to me’ but not as yet acquired, I am a way shower, an oracle and guide, facilitating the remembrance, I have the blueprints, I need the team and the resources will flow. Universal life force is driving the way, we just have to make the space to receive it, in our bodies, and then each step of the way will be illuminated for us. I am continuing to receive the book The Age of the New Shamans : 2019-2032 The Great Battle, and call upon those who are ready, to connect and begin the process of remembering and assisting what needs to happen for the greater good of all.

Let love light the way

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

& Mentoring

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. Online Mentoring Programs and Personalized Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, USA, incorporating transformational shamanic breathwork to bring this knowing into the body, initiating your journey. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

It’s my soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of the calendar, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records that knows the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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