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Revealing the Heart of Source : Why We Are Here

We are almost at the close of this penultimate wave of the year 2018, today is White Spectral Dog, the 11th day of the Yellow Sun wave.

Unknown Artist

I have been following the 13 Moon calendar for more than 15 years, and each year I take a different journey with it. At first when I began to write I was tuning into each day, then I was tuning into the waves, then I was more aware of the day in relation to the wave, and so on, revealing the hidden messages layer by layer as I adjusted my perception, my viewpoint on the calendar. This year I have been in an intuitive space, waiting for the wave to tell me what is the key day right now, what is the message of this particular wave in time. It has not always been easy. As an astrologer, there’s an expectation to communicate at regular intervals at particular points that are arbitrary, rather than intuitive. But if we follow arbitrary rules, defined by external agendas, we are not available to be present to the moment, and the messages of the moment. Just because White Spectral Dog in the wave of Yellow Sun will occur in 260 days again, it will not be the same wave, or the same energy for that day, because we are moving through time. The theme of the year, terrestrial and 13 Moon calendar will be different, there will be planetarial influences that are different too. So if we are to reclaim our higher intelligence, a more expanded multidimensional awareness, then we are going to have to exercise our ‘letting go’ muscles. We have to let go of what we think we should do, what we have always done, the way we have always done it, the way people expect it, and drop right into not knowing, through the comfort zone into the discomfort and right out the other side into the glorious, abundant, magical, interconnected present of the presence moment.

Imagine if you will, the wave begins, and I feel the call to share with you what this time is about, but I am also tuning into another layer at this time, waiting to feel the call of a particular message, a certain day in the wave that carries the most important message for this time. Days go by, when the practical part of me, and the information I have extracted from the calendar in the past comes up - this is the core purpose day, this is the intention of the wave day and so on, and still, I am able to discern that this is not the message of the wave right now. Not until today, the 11th day of the wave did the clarity come. So we have to learn how to wait, listening, and defeating our demons along the way, those of fear and anxiety, those of needing to be productive, needing to communicate, etc etc and stay present to a greater communication beyond what we know, that is attempting to make contact with us if we weren’t so busy doing something else.

It might be pertinent to the fact that I myself will be going into the 11th year of a cycle in my life, that today is the landing point for the download. And this is relevant to us all, wherever we are on our journey. There are messages all around us, all the time. We have to break the patterns that keep us distracted from seeing and receiving them, so we can wake up to a new reality. Be conscious.

This brings me back to the wave, Yellow Sun is the 20th archetype in the Creation Story, representing Consciousness, the spark and illumination of Mind, but also Source, Universal Fire and therefore the Divine Masculine. Yellow Sun is the end, but also, the invisible beginning. After Yellow Sun we begin the archetypal journey again with Red Dragon, Creation, Divine Mother, birthing into form. These are the Alpha and the Omega, but like the chicken and egg, which comes first? First there is the spark of Consciousness, that leads to the birth of Form. The journey of Form is to inform Consciousness, and so the loop is enclosed, the ouroboros serpent eats it’s tail. All things return to the beginning and begin again.

This Yellow Sun wave completes a harmonic of waves, a creation set if you will that serves as the beginning of the Tzolkin, and a microcosm of the whole story of creation. On November 7th we began a new Creation Cycle with the Red Dragon wave, which we followed with the very important White Wizard wave, and then the Blue Hand wave that led us to this Yellow Sun wave. Red initiates, White refines, Blue transforms and Yellow matures, and is the fruition of the harmonic.

We ended the previous Tzolkin on Yellow Cosmic Sun, which birthed a new reality in Red Magnetic Dragon, that now we are seeing the fruits of, that will play out over these next months until July 2019, which also coincides with the shift of the ages into the White Wizard wave 2019-2032. If we could condense the message of this harmonic, it would be, Source Consciousness, birthed, magical beings to have free will to do what they will and awaken consciousness of Humanity.

We are consciousness (Yellow Sun) in form (Red Dragon), but we have forgotten that we are magical beings (White Wizards), so that interferes with our Blue Hand (Doing/Healing) and has kept us from growing in consciousness, stuck at lower levels of seeing and being. How do we get back on track? Since 2006 we have been in the Red Moon wave, and this year we are in the final graduation year of that process, an initiation in receptivity. A return to the Divine Feminine and most crucially the Divine Mother, our Red Dragon archetypal energy. We have to reclaim our bodies, and our emotional coherence first and foremost, and then we are aligned to receive our magical powers, that are not magical really, just our higher intelligence that we were born to express and create through, only we have been disconnected from with the war on consciousness.

We are in a dream. And we don’t realize we are dreaming or that we are authors of our dreams. In the dream there are clues all over the place, waiting for us to see them as glitches in the fabric of our illusion, causing us to wake up to who we are, and why we are here… to create! To be conscious is to be awake. But we mostly are not awake, we are controlled by our beliefs, thoughts and agreements, mostly all unconscious. Psychologists have said that we are functioning over 90% from our subconscious. And yet we have barely navigated that space. What is hidden in there that controls us, keeps us from being awake here and now, seeing all the clues and finding our way out of the maze?

Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. We cannot see beyond our beliefs, because our beliefs create a filter on reality through which we experience, what we believe. We are mostly not conscious, and experiencing through these filters, that are not clear, not open to receive new information, shut off from our power to respond. Yellow Sun wave ends with Yellow Cosmic Human, the pinnacle of human expression is to awaken as Source Consciousness, that we are creating reality, and then assume the responsibility to create consciously.

The practice point of the wave of Yellow Sun is Blue Night, the unknown, the void, the subconscious, the deep dark abyss, the dream field, the primal waters, the 99% dark matter undefined sea of pure potentiality. What science has shown us, is that awareness collapses pure potentiality into form. In the quantum science double split experiments, the observers’ bias created the results. We see what we want to see. Can we own that? Could we fall into the deep dark blue sea of nothingness, without projecting our fears and wants to be screened back to us, but surrender into our heart consciousness, reconnect with the heart of Source Consciousness, and begin to unravel the dream we created, and see the dream of our souls?

Why are we here? We are here to remember the dream of our souls, the source of consciousness, the spark of light, that star beam we came in on, and sought to express into form, to experience love. To create heaven on earth, to have the self mastery of this physical reality that is created from our source consciousness, so we can create a reality that is more aligned with truth and love. In the fall into form, the descension of higher vibrational light into denser and denser material reality, we got lost and fragmented our light. Instead of staying open, and awake, flowing with the creation, we became collapsed and defined and identified as x y z and projected the rest out into the dream field to be played back to us, waiting for us to reclaim our fragmented parts. What stops us from this reintegration?


Consciousness is neutral, in the Source Field all is love, and love is all there is. And yet, in the embodied reality, all that we can conceive of is definitely not all love, and this is what we are learning. We came to learn this, to have the free will to conceive of anything, experience it, catalogue the reality of that experience into the Emotional Intelligence field. In our known and unknown history of humanity we have catalogued a lot of not love reality and we are reaching a threshold. White Spectral Dog is the liberation point of the wave of Yellow Sun, the awakening is a luvolution. Love will set us free.

When we turn to face the darkness, within us, and outside us, if we have LOVE in our hearts we see through the illusion of the dark, as that that is lost from love. Our journey of awakening begins with the journey of self love. When we love ourselves we are able to face our demons and transmute them, in fact when we are ready, we discover they aren’t really demons at all. Know thyself is the greatest of all wisdoms, it is only through knowing ourselves that we will awaken our true potential, our inner magic. The awakening we have been seeking is the remembrance of who we are, and why we are here, so we can all be Yellow Cosmic Humans. Cognizant that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, developing self mastery of this human physical body that is a supreme technology we have yet to realize in our self realization process.

The next step after we fully embody our human technology, is opening to the divine plan, and the initiation process of the wave we will go into next, Red Skywalker. To travel beyond the know, safely grounded in our bodies, and the earth, unafflicited by delusions and confusions that create distortions in our field, able to reconnect with the Divine Plan directive to participate in the creation of Heaven on Earth.

We are here as love consciousness, to expand the creation from love. We have work to do, to clear the field, within as without, to allow LOVE to flow and light the way.



In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation Readings

& Mentoring

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. Online Mentoring Programs and Personalized Retreats in Sedona, Arizona, USA, incorporating transformational shamanic breathwork to bring this knowing into the body, initiating your journey. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

It’s my soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of the calendar, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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