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2019 : Death & Rebirth to Activate the Beautiful New Reality

Well we made it, ok, perhaps just about for some of us. What a wild ride it was Blue Lunar Night, the most challenging year of this Earth Era of Truth that began in 2017, we are now closing the wave of Red Skywalker and as the sun has set as I write this, we are beginning the new wave, White Worldbridger, that will encompass the New Gregorian Year of Yellow Electric Star on Jan 1st 2019.

Krystal Eyez

First the good news, the worst is over really, though it will still be intense, the energy is shifting, and we are on the brink of THE shift of the ages, in July 2019, moving into White Wizard for 13 years. Lets look back at what I said 2018 was all about, pushing us all into the unknown, and training us to get comfortable there. It was a polarizing year, but we were supposed to rise above that, and recognize that actually there is so much we do not know, so how can we possibly argue let alone fight about it. We were, and are challenged to remember what the dream was, the dream of our soul, and face the hard fact that life was and is not resembling that dream, even if we ourselves have a great life, the world and many of it’s humans, let alone other beautiful creatures, are not fairing well enough. We can do better. 2019 will be the year of beginning to do better.

We are about to begin the 3rd Electric tone year in a cycle, which is always a relief from the restless, stuckness of the 2nd Lunar tone year. The 3rd tone brings in new energy that gets things MOVING again. This year had a whole bunch of retrogrades that had us feeling stuck, and challenged, things took forever and fell apart, and then got there in the end, perhaps. Now, something new is going to enter the picture, and we will feel alive again, dynamic and ready to go for it, whereas 2018 might have had us weary and tired of it all, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 2019 will be the crack in the door through which new horizons will be glimpsed, a beautiful new map for us to follow towards the realisation of our true hearts dream.

Yellow Star represents beauty and the arts, creativity, and I often described it as the finger print of god. It’s the sacred geometry of life, visible at the micro level in our cells, and macro level in the cosmos and the movement of the planets. The perfect pattern of life, that reminds us, that we are part of a beautiful unfolding process, that there is an intelligent design, and we, and our lives, are very much a part of it. Yellow Star the highest expression of humanity, being artists of life, we are here with divine free will to create, co create reality. The original intent was that we created heaven on earth, but we lost our way, and now we are awakening to that, and going to move towards realigning our creative power with our soul’s intent. My will is thy will.

That’s the good stuff.

But, as I said, the intensity will continue, we are after all in this epically transformative era on earth, beginning with Jan 1 2017 when we entered a 13 year journey of TRUTH & REORGANISATION to bring reality out of delusion and illusion, all that confusion, into clarity, Natural Law and LOVE. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free but it might ‘annoy’ you a little bit first!! I know that there are many who have felt since 2017 that the world was going to hell, but actually, even they will begin to see the light of truth that actually things are being reorganized in a way that will allow us to create a better world. In the White Mirror wave that is the grand cycle we are in 2017-2030, this coming year is Yellow Electric Sun, activating the seeding of a new consciousness.

With the Mayan 13 Moon calendar we have several overlapping, intersecting cycles that are running. Just as within our own person reading, which gives depth and dimension to the reading. As we are living in a Gregorian man made artificial time construct we have that to contend with too, the Mayan Dreamspell New Year is in July, following the rising of Sirius, potentially our binary Sun. That would be our Natural Time cycle, that connects us to Cosmic Time. I feel that this year there will be more awareness of Natural Time and more harmoniously designed systems for running our personal, collective and planetary lives.

So we are in the 3rd year of a 13 year earth cycle that is White Mirror, going into the Yellow Electric Sun year of that cycle, and the New Year 2019 lands in the wave of White Worldbridger and on Yellow Electric Star. Let's talk more about White Worldbridger, that brings the energy of DEATH & REBIRTH. This is the intensity factor that will keep 2019 in the rollercoaster spectrum of change. How we deal with this energy will depend on how well we have adapted to being in the unknown and surrendering. Worldbridger is the antithesis of it’s kin archetype of Yellow Warrior, which is all about the mission and being fearless and directional. Worldbridger is let go, and see the bigger picture. Worldbridger is all about the multidimensional truth of reality, that there is a bigger picture, always bigger and bigger, and that the truth at one level of reality is not necessarily the truth at another level of reality. My prediction for 2019 is that with this combination of White Mirror era and this White Worldbridger theme year, there will be some disclosure about Extra Terrestrial existence, on or off the planet or both. Given that we are in the early stages of this awakening to truth, I suspect that there will be both a true and a false story about ET life, and it will be a test to our own self work, which one we will choose to believe. Notice I say choose to believe. Because we have free will, and we are cocreating reality with our beliefs. If 2018 taught us anything it was to be careful what you believe, and on whom you base your belief systems on. What I foresee is that there will be two realities on offer, one that there is a malevolent ET presence and as all the Hollywood movies have entrained us to believe, it will be a catastrophe, end of the world scenario. And the other one will be benevolent beings, that have superior technology to share to assist us to restore the planet and our health, and move towards creating a harmonious planet of peace and abundance for all.

Now be honest. Which one are you more inclined to believe as of right now?

Contemplate that answer.

Realise that you, you have the power to create the future by the power of your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, create a field of energy and influences the energy around it, and so, you are the creator of your reality.

Now if you can grasp that, and feel the truth of that, then you are at the beginning of the process that we are all entering higher levels of as we enter the shift of the ages in July, going into the Age of the New Shamans, White Wizard wave 2019-2032, also called The Great Battle. The White Wizard is all about self mastery, it is the evolution of Yellow Human that has sought to understand it’s Cosmic Significance and Truth in Red Skywalker, and come back down to earth and into solid practice of self mastery, so it can be a super human magical creator.

Artist Unknown

We can’t play it small anymore, it’s time to discover the truth of who we are and what we are capable of. We each have a role to play, and a magical power to activate and hone our skills in. We have been asleep at the wheel but this White Mirror wave is the WAKE UP CALL we all need. Now 2019 is do or die in a way, but there is a golden thread there, hinting at the Golden Age we are approaching, the Yellow Electric Star - can we catch a glimpse of a beautiful New Earth reality, and in seeing it, can we keep our eyes set on the goal, not get distracted by the circus, let go of all that no longer serves us, and activate our abilities so we can come together and co create our vision?

Talking of vision, Blue Planetary Eagle is the manifestation point of 2019, we are to die to the old paradigm and see the future, so we can step into our right roles and places for this very important transit in our humanity’s evolution. Blue Eagle is vision, flying high above the mundane world, seeing the past and how we got to where we are, and the future timelines that could be created in the present moment, and where they will take us. Blue Eagle is our imagination. And imagination is everything.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Albert Einstein

The end goal of 2019 is a massive awakening in Universal Truth, with White Cosmic Mirror, hence why I feel that there will be a lot of disclosures that will continue to rock our worlds, as we are disavowed of our conditioning that has not served us. The intention point of the wave is White Wizard, that we all wake up to how magical an influence we have on reality, and begin to take that seriously enough, that we realize it is up to us!! We are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the NEW SHAMANS and we have to awaken this superior technology that is our human bodies, our consciousness, our emotional intelligence and our energetic potential.

The core purpose of the year will be to bring us more and more into our hearts. It must surely be death to thinking all the time, where we have seen how divided we can be, how easily manipulated in our thinking we are, and how tricky our minds can be, how we deceive ourselves. But when we drop down into the heart space, we know truth, we feel it, it is beyond words, and therefore that much more simple. We are somewhat overcomplicated, and life is simple. Yellow Star also represents efficiency, the simplicity of efficiency is a beauty unto itself. In nature we can see that clearly.

In this Death and Rebirth process of 2019, we will be challenged with Blue Lunar Hand, what to do, and how to heal what we have done. Essentially how to restore our true selves, the Blue Monkey, the essence self and the keeper of our inner magic. The White Worldbridger theme might mean a lot of us STOP what we are doing, seeing the bigger picture of our actions, and how they are either not supporting the reality we want, or actually harming its potential to manifest. Less can be more in 2019, as we surrender being so busy, asking ourselves what are we doing and why, is this really what the moment is calling for, or is this a program I am running that is keeping me from inner peace, and therefore keeping the paradigm from outer peace. The Worldbridger energy will make us all see the bigger picture more, as we die to the limitations of our conditioning, our seeing, the paradigm on all levels.

Alchemist World

The activation points of 2019 will be our continued process with Red Moon. We have been in an era of Red Moon since 2006, and are currently completing that process and heading towards the shift in July to the White Wizard era. Red Moon has been about activating and initiating the restoration of the feminine, the yin power, our sensitivity, our receptivity, the purification of our bodies, so we can return to the life force, to reintegrate the Divine Mother archetype into our beings, which holds our creative power to birth reality. We went into Red Cosmic Moon on July 2018, so all practices that are about water, cleansing the body, working with our emotional processing to clear our internal waters, as they have an influence on each other and the planet, yes, we are all connected. White Worlbridger death and surrender, allows us to enter into the flow of Red Moon, the flow of life, as we die to what we are holding on to that is in the way of what the Universal Flow wants to bring us, we will receive, receive ourselves, receive the support we need, the awareness and guidance, the life force, and the creative power.

Know the yang,

yet keep to the yin;

receive the world in your arms.

If you receive the world,

the Tao will never leave you

and you will be like a little child.

Know the white,

yet keep to the black;

be a pattern for the world.

If you are a pattern for the world,

the Tao will be strong inside you

and there will be nothing you can’t do.

Know the personal,

yet keep to the impersonal;

accept the world as it is.

If you accept the world,

the Tao will be luminous inside you

and you will return to your primal self.

The world is formed from the void,

like utensils from a block of wood.

The Master knows the utensils,

yet keeps to to the block;

thus she can use all things.

Lao Tzu

With Red Galactic Skywalker, we will all be more open to receiving Cosmic Guidance, integrating that we are part of a divine plan, and a cosmic reality, a multidimensional one, that we have a higher self, we are a soul, having a human experience, and seek therefore to know our cosmic story, and our soul purpose now. The Yellow Electric Star energy of 2019 will also very much be connecting people to the divine plan, seeing that actually everything is designed and there is a plan that we can resteer this earth-ship onto, once we embrace the our cosmic truth individually and work together collectively with our inner magic to create outer magic!

This will lead us to taking much better care of our planet, Red Crystal Earth, we are cooperating with Mother Earth and our daughter Gaia’s ascension plan, we are given the vision of what will happen if we don’t stop what we have been doing, and what we can co create with her if we wake up our divine blueprints and live by them. There are many lightworkers who have been traveling around the planet working on the crystal grids, but we are all needed, we are all crystals of sorts, energy generators capable of retuning ourselves, each other and therefore the planet. Many of us have moved a lot in these years since 2006, to be in the places we needed to be, for these activations, in us, so we could assist others, but also to assist the planet. Worldbridger energy within the Mirror energy of this era will also allow us to see the truth of our reality within the bigger picture of our cosmic, multidimensional reality. We are at a critical point in our planetary evolution, just as we are in our human evolution.

In 2010, I met and spent many years visiting with an awakened being who was ordained as a High Priestess in Bali, Ida Resi Alit. When I asked her what was happening she described this; the earth is the soul of the universe, and she is giving birth to a new universe, and all humans are acting as conduits to assist in that birthing process, that is why there are 7 billion plus people on the planet, we are all here to calibrate from a fear based birth, to a love based birth. We are the channels that are facilitating the birth of a new universe. We are not insignificant and powerless, we are magical. It is time that we stepped up and claimed our power, so we can fulfill our destiny.

cosmic birth

Within this Worldbridger/Star themed year 2019 we have Yellow Resonant Human, attuning to higher dimensional reality we can step out of delusion and confusion, drop into our hearts truth, remember our soul’s purpose and reconnect with the divine plan that we agreed to be a part of. 2019 is a bit like getting our soul contract from the Akashic Records and seeing exactly who we are, what we came to do, and getting ourselves into the right condition to do it, letting go of all that we are not, dying to that illusion and waking up in the light of truth, but whilst clearly seeing the beauty of the whole process, what has been, and what is to come. We cannot create a new future based on love, peace and harmony if we are still carrying the wounds and hurts of the past. We have to let that shit go!

2020 will be a whole new reality, and 2019 is our bridge to get there. Enjoy the ride, we came for this.



In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats & Mentoring

What does 2019 hold for you? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic?

Reach out for a deep dive into your soul blueprints. Commit to awakening your full potential with a 3,6,9 and 12 month coaching program to activate your soul blueprints and live your best life yet, not only that, but play your unique part in the shift. I only work with a few clients in this deep way, contact me for a free 15 min consult to see the stars align for me to be your guide!

Personalized Retreats in the Vortex Powered Ancient Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, 5 days to activate a transformation process towards self knowing, soul purpose, true love, self love, healing the past and seeding a higher, brighter, more joyful timeline future.

It’s my purpose to guide you back to your higher self so you can be all that you came to be.

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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