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Why Are We Here : What is the Purpose of Humanity

We are on day 5 of the wave of Yellow Human, the wave that gives us a clear message about the collective evolutionary story of Humanity, and offers us personally a glimpse as to our soul contract to serve the evolution of humanity. The fifth day of a wave is the Core Purpose point of the journey, and the archetypal energy of today is Yellow Overtone Warrior. Yellow Warrior represents our stepping into our power, fearlessness, courage and purpose, our soul mission. The message then from the Sacred 13 Moon Calendar is very clear, we are here to fulfill our soul purpose, our mission, and to be fearless in doing so. To realize our true power, and pioneer new ways of being and doing, so we can evolve.

Let's review the previous days leading up to this point, as all energies build on each other in a wave, to get to step into our power, and be fearless pioneers of a new reality, we have to firstly focus on Yellow Human. What is a human being? We are spiritual beings, in form. Why? We are here to experience creation, but also to be a channel of divine energy, and co-create with the divine plan. One of the major roles of humanity is to evolve Emotional Intelligence. Once we are in the clear of our emotional baggage that keeps us spinning our wheels in the past, repeating the same patterns for generations upon generations, we can awaken clear observational presence with our emotions, deepen them from stories into felt sense, a dialogue with the divine. The energy of our emotions are so great, yet we have been enslaved to them and by them, in resistance to, and ignorance of them, they have taken on a life of their own in our subconscious and projected out into reality. Each of our emotions have information for us, intelligence that we need, and so we need to know how to work with them, receive them, embrace them all, but not be run by them, not project them outside of ourselves, without processing them to distill the ultimate truth they are carrying. We never learnt how to do this, coming from spiritual into physical is an emotional process, we have all these energies of different frequencies to deal with, and pretty much no one on earth knows how to! Well, there has been a lot of information, ancient Taoism, and other disciplines who understood and developed ways of ‘digesting’ our emotional energy, even the ancestral emotional energy we inherit. But in modern times, we have abandoned all the ancient teachings that honored our emotions as divine intelligence to befriend and comprehend.

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.

meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.

- Rumi

We were designed to be super sensitive, in the flow of universal energies, able to perceive and respond. And to experience our feelings, taking that information back to source and feeding it into the Emotional Intelligence Cosmic Library. Consciousness is neutral, it conceives of what it wants to experience without attachment to the pain or suffering, joy or destructiveness of that experience. We came to feel it all, and in so doing, refine our creation. Going numb does not serve our purpose. It doesn’t serve our soul or the planet or each other. And yet this is what we do, we take medication, we distract ourselves from our pain, we form addictions - we do anything but sit with, the sea of emotions that are turbulently brewing within us. This leads many of us into illness, mental, physical, emotional, but ultimately they are all spiritual. We are not listening to our soul. To be fully Human we have to feel, feel it all, feel it to heal it and in that process, be emotionally intelligent, know the value of feeling, the meaning of our emotions, their guidance value for ourselves personally and for the collective. Our intuition is also connected to our ability to feel, it’s another layer of our interpretation technology for interfacing with reality. These bodies are our greatest technology, greater than anything we could ever invent artificially, and we still haven’t awakened our full potential. Humans are called to INCARNATE, EMBODY AND INDIVIDUATE, for a reason… we have specifically designed bodies, each of us differently, these are our flesh space suits for a cosmic journey, that we chose. A bit like James Bond visiting M for a new assignment, we decided what our vehicle would be like to optimize the mission at hand.

In the lead up to this wave of Yellow Human, we were in the Blue Storm wave, all about everything being energy, including us, and the harmonic that leads to Yellow Human runs from Red Moon, White Dog, Blue Monkey to Yellow Human. A harmonic is a 4 step process of the elements, Red initiates, activates, physical, fire, White - ether, refines, clarifies, spiritual Blue - water, transforms, emotional and Yellow - earth, mental, matures, flowering. In that case, lets review what Yellow Human is the flowering of. Red Moon, fire activation initiation of the divine feminine, the flow of the universal waters (also connecting to feeling, emotions), sensitivity and receptivity, openness. Red Moon is Water is LIFE… it’s also purification, in order to be receptive we have to have SPACE to receive. We are just in the closing months of a 13 year journey in Red Moon, which began in 2006, to me, this is the beginning of the shift we have been waiting for, and we are about to have a huge shift into the next stage in the harmonic process, into the Age of the New Shamans, and White Wizard 2019-2032, the spiritual phase of the creation process. Right now, we called to purify our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our lives, so we can RELEASE & RECEIVE, an upgrade, open to the divine that we are, so we can steer our reality back on course. Everything is perfect, as it’s all a learning curve of experience for our souls, but… we have been here before, many times, we have surely learnt all we need to about suffering now. It is time for a shift, and the cosmos is also aligning with that shift… a new paradigm awaits us, and we have to get ready for it, within our bodies, minds, and hearts. We are energy beings, we have to reconnect to feeling those energies, and learning how to interpret them. Then, as the next step in the harmonic process that creates Yellow Human, we can awaken HEART CONSCIOUSNESS, we enter the space of love, reconnect to our soul’s truth, and source, as love, know ourselves as love, and begin to move from love ONLY. Then, when we have really reconnected with our heart, the seat of our soul, we embody the archetype of Blue Monkey, the essence self, the pure being, our soul, who carries the dream of our soul, and the otherworldly magic of our being. When we are wounded children, we cannot step into our true Humanity. When we feel it to heal it - RED MOON, we transmute it all back to love, as love is all there is in truth - WHITE DOG, reclaim our magical inner child, who we came to be - BLUE MONKEY and flower fully as YELLOW HUMAN, the humanity we came to be.

Then we can begin!

Phew, how far we have come from our divine plan, but the portals and doorways are constantly re- presenting themselves, cyclically, waves of time, cosmic waves of light, pulsing through to facilitate a remembrance of Why We Are Here, and Who We Are.

When we open up, step into our hearts, remember our soul, we can begin what we came here for, and this Yellow Human wave is the global message to humanity, but can also be personalized individually, taking your natal glyph - archetype - and relating it to Yellow Human will tell you how you serve the awakening of Humanity and the seeding of the future.

The first challenge of being Human is Red Lunar Skywalker, day 2 of this wave, the cosmic connector, thus the message is, that we must attempt to be in the world but not of it, to realize and balance our human reality with our spiritual truth. To reach beyond this realm to higher realms, and remember the divine plan of bringing heaven to earth. Lunar energy is polarizing, when we have connected to our feelings and being sensitive to reality, open chalices, we have to attune ourselves to our cosmic truth, that is as much a part of us as our bodies. We are not to get lost in this reality, but to bring our higher selves more and more into our bodies and minds, so we can co create from the unbounded spiritual into the physical. We are a paradox, just as everything in this reality is. Yin and Yang. We have to EMBRACE the polarity, and not fall too far over on either side. We are not ascending full stop, we ascend to embody our higher selves, it’s not an ascension process really, that’s just part 1 so that we can do part 2, fully incarnate our soul’s into these bodies and co create heaven on earth. It’s a DESCENSION process. It’s absolutely necessary not to get lost in the New Age confusion of checking out, we have to get down and do the work, to transcend the human messiness and elevate it with our higher consciousness and reconnection with Divine Truth.

Then we can ACTIVATE White Electric Wizard, day 3 of the wave, our self mastery, managing to be in the world but not of it, we bridge the Human to Wizard paradox, how to be magical manifestos as we came to be. We are all Wizards, we are spiritual unlimited beings, but we have been born into physical limitations. When we step into self mastery we embrace them both, the limited and the unlimited, leveraging the potential of each to create magic. We are Wizards but we have must unlearn what we have learnt and really discover our untapped human potential, firstly of this flesh electromagnetic bodysuit that is our soul’s vehicle. And of the natural world, and the cosmic world. When we are cognizant of how it all works, the Natural Laws, we can use them to create. This is the Age of the New Shamans we are about to enter in July 2019 for 13 years. It is up to us, we are the ones we have been waiting for. It’s time to discover our inner magic and use it.

The next day of the wave, Blue Self Existing Eagle, is the practice point of the wave. We all have to expand our ability to see reality. We need REAL EYES to realize real lies. When we awaken inner technology of our bodies, raising the kundalini vibration, will allow our seeing to be awakened. Blue Eagle represents the 3rd eye, the All Seeing Eye of our Soul. Higher vibration light spectrum will be available to us, and when we are disavowed of our limited seeing, our belief systems will be shattered, and we will be able to imagine what was unimaginable. Imagination is everything, and we are limited by our beliefs in limitation, from imagining a better reality, or the path to get there. We must imagine, that is why children are day dreamers, and yet we foolishly attempt them to stop day dreaming and learn some incorrect facts about life that do not and will not serve them. Blue Eagle is vision, being able to rise high above the situation and see the causes of the past that led to the present and the potential future trajectories available, so we might choose the best timeline to go forward. We have to have a vision, to have a dream come true.

And that leads us to today, we have to have a vision to know our mission, to step into our power, and walk the unknown path, pioneer the future, to be Yellow Overtone Warriors. With the ability to see, we can be fearless, we are only afraid of the unknown, but in truth, when we are Wizards, we know, we know in a deep soulful way, what we must do in a moment, we are sensitive open and and receptive to the forces and the universal plan, the divine plan, we simply align with that flow and stop getting in the way of it. We listen for the subtle cues of what we need to do, to facilitate what is already happening. Less is more.

In this way, we can be balanced with our humanity and the planet, no longer fighting her to tame her, and depleting her to get energy when we forgot how to generate it within ourselves, and receive it from the universal flow, leading us to day 6 of the wave, and Red Rhythmic Earth. We are both the children of Mother Earth and the Guardians of Daughter Gaia, we are made of her, and we co create her destiny. Whilst we are immature humans we have neglected our responsibilities, and have endangered her, as we have many times before in our arrogance. When we remember who we are, why we came, we will be back in alignment with Nature. Balanced.

Only then can we Resonate Truth, White Resonant Mirror, and integrate the energetic shifts that are part of the regenerative process of evolving this reality, all of it. It’s all moving shifting, but we are not allowing it to, we have fixed beliefs that keep creating the same old same old, and we feel a victim of it, but we are responsible. In reality nothing is the same, ever. We just perceive it to be so, because our perception is skewed. Once we are balanced in this process of upgrading our Humanity, we will be attuned to Natural Law, Cosmic Law, and able to work with this electromagnetic reality to shape it to a higher vision.

That’s when we will reach the 9th day of the wave, the intention point, Yellow Solar Sun. We are consciousness in form, intending to experience a human reality, and to awaken as co creators, directing consciousness towards the realities we prefer to experience rather than deluding ourselves that we are a victim of reality. We are the designers of our own lives, before we arrived, we just need to remember our spiritual truth and enlighten ourselves of the original plan, and our part in it. Which is to birth the New Earth, the earth that was intended to be Heaven on Earth, the Divine Mother, Red Planetary Dragon, she birthed us and she is within us all, male or female, we carry the power to create, birth into form. Releasing Great Spirit, White Spectral Wind, we liberate our spirit by completing our mission to evolve humanity to another level of conscious evolution. And by and by, layer by layer, we Seed the future from our consciousness, getting closer and closer to seeding Heaven on Earth.

It begins within, as we seek to connect to the Seed of our Soul, the divine intent for our life, and moves out into reality, where what we came to do will ripple out across time. There is only one you, for all time, and if you don’t do what you came to do, it will be lost for all time. Know thyself and to thine own self be true. The greatest service to humanity is for each of us to remember the truth of our soul, our soul purpose, and learn the necessary self mastery to direct our creative power more consciously.

Let love light the way!


LOVE only

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats & Mentoring

What does 2019 hold for you? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic?

Reach out for a deep dive into your soul blueprints. Commit to awakening your full potential with a 3,6,9 and 12 month coaching program to activate your soul blueprints and live your best life yet, not only that, but play your unique part in the shift. I only work with a few clients in this deep way, contact me for a free 15 min consult to see the stars align for me to be your guide!

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It’s my purpose to guide you back to your higher self so you can be all that you came to be.

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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