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  • Rianna Skywalker

The Power of Love : The Magic Within Us Awaiting Reconnection

We are on the 5th day of the White Dog wave we began on Saturday 13th April 2019. We are in the second wave of a creation harmonic, that began with Red Earth wave. As we grounded into our bodies, into the Mother Matrix of Creation - Mother Earth and Divine Mother, the Material Realm, we are now called into LOVE.

Artist Unknown - Please Advise if you know!

The White Dog wave is the wave of love, the story of love in this Mayan Cosmology is beautiful and clear, and intricately intertwined with where we are now in our planetary, human evolutionary process.

Let me recap on the larger cycles that we are running so we can focus more clearly on the portal of opportunity that is now, where we are, where we need to be, so we can face what lies ahead with the best of ourselves.

1st Jan 2017 we entered what I call our Terrestrial generational wave, as Jan 1 is a Gregorian Calendar artifice for the beginning of the year. Many other cultures and peoples do not celebrate the beginning of the year at this time, they choose the moon, and the heralding of Spring. Those cultures are calculating time based on the planets, astrologically. We live by an artificial timeline created by a power construct that is at it’s core fundamentally flawed in it’s divorce from nature, the feminine, and as such the life force. It is an unnatural timeline, creating months - the word month relates to the moon - that are not in synch with the movement of the moon, the moon does not do erratic months of 28-31 days. Nature has more sense than that! There is no such thing as a blue moon, there cannot be 2 full moons in a REAL month. We have to reclaim Natural Time if we are to reclaim our true nature. The Moon is an ideal timekeeping device as it is our closest celestial body and can easily be tracked, without argument, so we can, re-align with the universal forces that contain the divine intelligence that we are a part of. Being disconnected from the cosmic connection that is our birthright has devastating effects on us on every level of our being, physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and of course spiritually.

But notwithstanding this, the intelligence of creation is catching up with those who thought themselves to be superior to nature herself. Time is catching up with the Time Lords, those who would assume to have knowledge and use that knowledge out of alignment with Creation, with LOVE.

ONLY LOVE can set us FREE

So on Jan 1st 2017 in the Gregorian calendar, we entered the White Mirror - Age of Truth - 2017-2030. It is unmistakably the time we are in, and, we have only just begun! So many disclosures and revelations are coming out each day, and more and more people are being pushed outside their belief systems, into places where they have to surrender all that they have been told to be true, and be ‘ok’ suspended for a moment in ‘not knowing’. For some this is, and will be, excruciatingly difficult. But, the truth will set us free, even if at first it does ‘annoy’ us somewhat!

Coinciding with this terrestrial wave, we are closing out the Mayan Generation of Red Moon 2006 - 2019. A time of restoration of the divine feminine, receptivity and entering into the flow of life, the universal current. We have been cleansing, hopefully, and emptying out all that is not truth, all that is not natural, not us, and making space to receive, truth, and life. A full cup cannot receive. A cup full of lies cannot recognize the truth. We need to let go, and let the flow guide us from where we have been to where we are going to.

We are in the year of Red Cosmic Moon, which was the archetype of the day before this wave of White Dog. In order to know love, we must be fully open to receive the truth of love.

What we know of love, human love, is not love. What we know of reality is not the full picture. We are lost in time and space, we are lost from the cosmic connection, the field of intelligence consciousness, the Source, that we emanate from. And, it has been a long long journey to attempt to get home.

We are all just walking each other home. Ram Das

Along the way, we have inadvertently created quite a dysfunctional mess, and this mess is INSIDE US, though it appears to be outside us. We worry about our planets destruction, and we have externalized our fears. Fear separates us from truth, False Evidence Appearing Real, and makes us contract and shut down our life force. We have to face our fears, for the illusions that they are, reclaiming our life force and allowing it to flow FULL POWER, to restore our seeing.

We are on the frontier of a new age, this July we will enter the second wave of this incredible 52 year process of evolution that will be the most amazing time in human history on this planet. We came here for this time, 7.7 Billion of us, to steward the New Earth. To see the worst of times, and then the best of times. We must not lose faith, the process is already underway and the timeline already exists. We are just on the frontline, about to learn how to line up with our destiny as opposed to derailing it. This will require us to step into self mastery, and awaken Spiritual Intelligence. We have to understand the spiritual technology of our bodies, our energy, and this reality, if we are to co create and re direct reality back to the original intent of Heaven on Earth.

It is up to us, and the time is NOW.

This July we will enter the White Wizard wave, what I am calling the Age of the New Shamans, and The Great Battle 2019-2032. Today is White Overton Wizard, in the wave of White Dog, representing love. Love is the key to it all. Love is the light of truth that we wish to have illuminate within our hearts, shining the way forward. The White Wizard represents the wisdom of human stepping into spiritual intelligence. Becoming magical. We are spiritual beings, magical beings, unlimited beings, having a limited, challenging and material human existence. We have divorced from our spiritual truth, and lost our connection to spirit. And this is the foremost disability of our times. It is the key to all our malaise. Depression, suicide, mental illness, dis-ease, it’s all spiritual sickness at it’s core. The Spiritual Truth is we are all one, we are interconnected threads in the glorious tapestry of conscious creation, and we have meaning and purpose in the story of consciousness exploring itself and creating. When we lose sigh of this, we lose everything. We cannot fill the void with things of the material world, because we are spiritual beings first, and foremost. When we die to this material reality, our soul lives on. This life is but one part of the journey of our souls, but it is vitally important for us, and for the whole creation. We are not random, accidents in a loveless universe fraught with danger. But our belief in that reality, creates it.

Wizard is the 14th archetype in the Creation Story of the Tzolkin Dreamspell 13 Moon Sacred Calendar. Human is the 12th archetype, and we live in a human matrix of the number 12, divorced from the natural universal pulse, and the bigger picture story of creation. I am the 13:13, 13th archetype and 13th tone, Red Cosmic Skywalker, I precede the White Wizard, and as such I see that I am to herald this coming age, and help humanity to align with the divine plan, this grand window of opportunity that is lining up for us, if we so choose.

Skywalker represents the traveller, seeking the cosmic connection. Wizard is the evolution of humanity once it’s embraced it’s cosmic truth. When we stop being so distracted by the distraction machine of this reality, and we begin to journey towards our higher truth, we will unlock the mystery of who we are, and why we are, here, at this precise time. Wizard represents self mastery, it is knowing who you are, and what your special gifts are, and having specialized in them to the degree that they are now superhuman skills. It is understanding the Natural Laws, of the Earth and the Cosmos. It is astrology. It is being in the world but not of it. It is higher seeing, and being able to put 2 and 2 together and make 16. We are all Wizards in the making, we each have some magic we came to bring into reality, to leave our mark on the fabric of time. For there is only one you, for all time, if you do not do this thing you alone came to do, then it will be lost from time, distorting reality forever.

We have lived in a long era of distortion, and there are those with the ancient sacred knowledge who are not aligned with LOVE TRUTH & SPIRIT, those who would use this knowledge to have power over and control reality.

The Dark Wizard. But now we are entering the age where we must reclaim our power from the Dark Wizard, no longer believing his lies, seeing through the curtain and remembering the power was always within us. We were asleep and gave it away, the game got very dark, and we lost our way. Time and time again, we have lost our way. But this is the dawning of the 6th Sun. We are aligning for the shift, and we will not self destruct as we have before, the momentum of consciousness is too strong now, and the universal forces of support are with us. We simply have to make the internal commitment to playing our part. And that commitment is simply SELF LOVE.

Artist Unknown - Cosmic Heart

And yet Self Love appears to be our most elusive ability. In this wave of White Dog, the message is that LOVE is a magical power of transformation, it leads us to Truth and reconnects us with Great Spirit. When we are lost from LOVE, we are lost from life. The darkest place to be is in the space of NO LOVE. No love is no light, no light is no truth, and this is where we are on the planet. We have journeyed as far from love as we can and the darkness is unbearable.

Just this week I read an article that the fastest rising group who are committing suicide is, our children.

There is a death wish growing like a cancer in our consciousness. It is the evil we did not think existed, but has been brewing inside us all along. We have the key to set ourselves free. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And LOVE, ONLY LOVE, lights the way.

Self love is the first step, we cannot know love if we do not love ourselves. To love ourselves is to know ourselves, and to know ourselves is to know god, to know truth, to know love. God LOVE TRUTH are all the same Source. We are that, but we have lost sigh, felt sense, knowing of that. We have lived in our minds, programmed by external forces who have lost truth and love in exchange for power and control. When we love ourselves, we come to know our destiny.

To discover our destiny is a person’s only obligation - The Alchemist

We are lost, and we do not know we are lost. Worse still we don’t want to know that we are lost.

How will we find our way? What will it take to stop and consider, we are lost, and we need to work out where we came from, and where we were headed, so we can reorientate and realign with the divine plan. We will not be at peace within or without, until we do this very important enquiry within. It is an inside job. And only you can discover the truth of you.

When the power of love, overcomes the love of power,

We Shall Know Peace - Jimi Hendrix

Reconnect to your true self, your purpose, your soul, and step into 4d HEART consciousness, embracing the story you created for yourself in this cosmic mystery, and step into self mastery of it. Activate your innate gifts, and bring them to the world, shine the light of love that you are, and be the change you came to be. There is only one you for all time.

The Age of Self Mastery, the New Shamans awaits, we have a great battle on our hands, but it is already written that we will get there, only when is up to us. Window of opportunities arise in the cosmic flow, we can catch this wave or not. I know I have been here waiting for this wave, before I even knew this wave was coming. And as I have waited so many more of you have shown up, and it is, tinglingly amazing to see it and feel it… it is what plugging back into the correct timeline will feel like.

This is the year to choose YOU, and discover you, commit to being YOU in service to the All.

The next wave will be Blue Night, the dreamfield, or the Dark Night of the Soul, the choice of journey we take is what we do now, if we have the light of love in our heart reactivated, then we will find our way back to the dream of our souls.


be love

think love

see love

and you will know, only LOVE.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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