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Countdown to the Shift : Final Call : Feel it to Heal it

Today we begin the final Red Moon wave within this era of Red Moon that began in 2006 and will end this July when we move into the White Wizard era 2019-2032.

This is the final call to the gate.

These 13 days will be a push towards our finalizing the initiation process that began in 2006, so we can be ready to step over into a new paradigm. What has the last 13 years been about for you personally? In what way has this Red Moon wave affected you, changed you? You need to look at your own galactic signature, from your date of birth, to see what your Natal Archetype is and then relate it to the Red Moon to see, what this process has been about for you. What it’s been about for the collective, for humanity, for the earth is - The Restoration of the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine.

This Red Moon generational wave set us on a 52 year process of evolution. The last time we were in Red Moon was 1954-1967 and that was the beginning of a 52 year cycle that took us to 2006. Red waves are initiations, activations, the beginning of a physical restructuring of the life force. Tangible change. The Solar aspect of the Red Moon wave that began in 1954 was Blue Self Existing Hand. Hand represents healing, knowing, achievement and the hand of god. Self Existing tone represents the daily practice, the form and measurement, the grounding. And so it was that the groundwork of the rise of the feminine revolution was sown into daily life in that era. In 2006 the Solar aspect of this current Red Moon wave was Yellow Self Existing Sun, Sun representing consciousness, awakening, mind and inspiration, and the same tone of practice, grounding and form. This era has been the Awakening to the Divine Mother, to the feminine, to bring her back into our consciousness, as to have been separated from this part of us, is our greatest dis-ease, leading to all our problems as a humanity in this reality.

And today, this micro 13 day wave of Red Moon has the Solar aspect of Blue Resonant Night, attuning to the dream, the unknown, the subconscious and the underworld, the field of pure potentiality, the Wu Wei.

What has it all been about? It’s been about embodiment, it’s been about our feelings - Emotional Intelligence was first coined as an expression in 1956 but it wasn’t until 1996 that it was popularized by Colemans’ book which was for the Corporate world. The only reason to validate emotions was for productivity. That’s a typical yang manipulation, but this is not the intent of Red Moon. Red Moon is not to serve the insanity of the overly yang imbalanced world of doing. It is to bring us back to the divine connection within, that reconnects us to all that is, and to the Source, and Mother Earth. It is a washing away of impurities, and so during these years 2006 til now, and onwards for this whole cycle til 2058 no doubt, we will be focusing on clearing, cleansing, our bodies and the body of our Mother Earth. They are connected.

This year, since the Mayan New Year July 2018 has been Red Cosmic Moon, the graduation year of this Red Moon era, and so we have been further pushed into clearing out, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To feel it all and to heal it all, to release and be open to receive.




We need to let go of what has been, in order to be ready for what is to come. We need to emotionally process the past, the eons of time where we have been separated from our divine truth, our Divine Mother, the feminine principle of life. We cannot go on down this road, life will not support it. The life force of the planet, and within us, is attuned to the divine plan, even if we are so disconnected as to be oblivious to it. We are being called back home, back to our bodies, back to our body intelligence, back to our feelings, so we can clear the way to awakening our full optimized potential as embodied spiritual beings, connected to divine intelligence, and the super-humans we are about to become.

When we feel, we get real. Feelings have been suppressed and denied for so long that we are lost from the truth of who we are, what we want, what to do, when to do it. We no longer know how to feel. And when we lose that completely, we will have lost it all. So many of us have been called Highly Sensitive Empaths, as we came to feel and heal it all, some have taken on feeling it and healing it for the collective. We are pioneering the way to seeing our felt sense as an intelligence, not a crippling disorder. We are sensitive to the insanity of the world, because we can feel it. More and more we are presented with the awareness in science and therapy about the somatic experience and how to move through our feelings, and be freed from them, rather than ignoring them and allowing them to manifest as physical, emotional or mental disease. Depression could be seen as a spiritual disease, of disconnection with the meaning of life.

In all the ways we have created life disregarding the feminine, feelings, the water, the memories, the mother, Mother Earth and the Divine Mother, we will need to reorganize, break down, and regroup in order to create again, something more attuned to these qualities, to create a healthier happier society and planet. This is the path of love.

This path of love we are on has been to open us up. Get us into feel, get us into our hearts. Where we can remember who we are, remember our higher selves and the mission of being here. The Red Moon wave key points are Red Overtone Skywalker, day 5 of the wave, and the core purpose point. Skywalker represents the cosmic connection, the pillars of heaven attempting to land on earth, the time space traveller that connects the dots for humanity to remember it’s divinity. Day 9 of the wave is the intention point, Red Solar Earth, the intention is to redirect the trajectory of Earth, to birth the New Earth. The 13th day, the goal of the wave, is Red Cosmic Dragon representing the Divine Mother. This year, is the final year of this 13 year cycle, and is Red Cosmic Moon in the Red Earth wave & Red Cosmic Dragon. New Earth is being birthed, and the Divine Mother is reclaiming her creation, her children, Mother Earth and all her beings. We are called to heal the Mother Matrix, to reconnect to these energies, our bodies, our feelings, the form of our being as an intelligence and as a tool for our awakening. There has been much talk about ascension, but the missing part is this descension process whereby we fully ‘arrive’ into our bodies, so we can activate this inner technology that connects us straight back to source. We have been dislocated, from the truth of who we are and how things are, and the Mother is demanding that we wake up from this dream, and restore her dream of heaven on earth.

The patriarchal age is ending. We are in a paradigm shift, but we are also bombarded with distractions and technological devolution, where we are less and less embodied and being led towards a false feminine. For as long as we are rejecting our bodies, lacking in self love, unable to be yin, and find our flow, we are lost from a part of ourselves and therefore unable to unite within or without. Peace begins within. The gender debate is another agenda to disassociate from the body, and therefore from our birthright technology that would connect us to our truth. The war on consciousness begins with the body, and our sexuality.

The many faces of the feminine have been lost, the fierce feminine that we see in nature, needs to rise up again, where we - men or women, feel the primal urge to create and protect life. Without this connection the men are not aligned with life and against themselves, and feel estranged from the feminine / women. We have fragmented, inside and out, and Red Moon is activating the reconnection, so we flow together.

It’s complex and yet super simple. If we drop out of our heads, into our bodies, and we feel through all that is there, with the loving presence of Divine Mother archetype we all carry, we can heal the wounded child and maladapted adult, and step into maturity as a humanity. Conscious co creators, we can occupy our body vehicles, have boundaries from the unseen influencers and reclaim all our energy to direct it towards the timeline we choose, with our free will. Red Moon is the hidden power of Yellow Human, and Yellow Human is the 4th day of the Red Moon wave. Feeling is what makes us human, if we lost that ability, which we have seen in our history and present times, we become dehumanized, we are monsters. So it is the water that gives us a chance to enter back into the heart consciousness of unity. Water envelopes all, love embraces all. Water dissolves impurities and carries memories, communicates across time and space, faster than the speed of light. We are mostly water, and our planet is mostly water. Our inner waters are polluted, the earth’s waters are polluted. When we feel it to heal it, we are transforming our inner and outer worlds. There is no amount of outer campaigning that will heal the earth’s waters if we don’t do the inner work first.

The work is to release and receive. We are so programmed that we have no room to receive, this is what keeps us disconnected from ourselves, our higher selves, each other. Being open to receive. If we are full, we have no more room to receive so the beginning process is one of letting go, letting the flow state take over and lead us back to harmony within and without.

Let love light the way.



In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats & Mentoring

What is your mission, your soul purpose? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic? What gift did you come to bring to reality? What is the shift of 2019 asking from you, and what will the new era 2019-2032 White Wizard wave mean for you and your place in the world?

Reach out for a deep dive into your soul blueprints. Commit to awakening your full potential with a 3,6,9 and 12 month coaching program to activate your soul blueprints and live your best life yet, not only that, but play your unique part in the shift. I only work with a few clients in this deep way, contact me for a free 15 min consult to see the stars align for me to be your guide!

Personalized Retreats in the Vortex Powered Ancient Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, 5 days to activate a transformation process towards self knowing, soul purpose, true love, self love, healing the past and seeding a higher, brighter, more joyful timeline future.

It’s my purpose to guide you back to your higher self so you can be all that you came to be.

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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