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  • Rianna Skywalker

Inner Magic Activates Purposeful Power

Well here we are, 3 days into the new era. Welcome to the Age of the New Shamans, the White Wizard era 2019-2032.

We have moved into phase 2 of a 52 year process, out of the initiation period of Red Moon 2006-2019 and now into the refinement and clarification period. From the Fire into the Ether. We are called now to connect with our inner magic, we are all much more than we know, than we even imagine, mostly because our imagination of ourselves have been deliberately limited to subvert our stepping into our true power.

George Atherton : Solar Citadel

Each day of this 13 day wave is a window to each year of this 13 year journey we are now on. All is a fractal, a hologram, as above so below. Cycles within cycles, and the junction points of those cycles creating portals and wormholes, shortcuts through to other timelines. The Age of the New Shamans is a time of remembrance, we are to remember the natural laws of creation and to step into the self mastery of them, as they flow through our being, our bodies, our earth, our cosmos, our relations, our creation.

White Wizard is the 14th archetype in the 20 archetype cosmology that reveals the story of humanity. The 12th archetype is Yellow Human, when we step into the fullness of our humanity, we are grounded, earth beings, connected to Mother Earth, her plant medicines, her herbs, her tides, her seasons, her ley-lines and her cosmic cycles. We know how to listen to her, and navigate ourselves around her, to work with nature in a synergistic way. As we do this, we are inevitably connecting to Spirit. Nature, Gaia, Mother Earth are all manifestation of Spirit, and we are made of the earth and the stars. Once we have observed nature, we enter the mystical world of spirit. This calls us back to the stars, for deeper knowledge of our origins, our soul, our soul purpose, and the purpose of creation. Why are we here? This is the 13th archetype of Red Skywalker, the cosmic connector, depicted by the pillars of heaven attempting to land on the pillars of the earth, with the space in-between where we must travel to re-connect the dots. Once we have made contact with the stars, and the truth revealed by them - astrology unnervingly charts our evolution in the physical and on all levels of our reality - we marry the earthly wisdom with the cosmic wisdom and turn into Wizards, the 14th archetype. Wizards have the knowledge to make a difference, but, with knowledge comes power. And this is the danger of knowledge in the wrong hands, for the wrong agenda. This is why INTEGRITY is a key aspect of Wizard. We see clearly in our modern age that we have great knowledge, often in the wrong hands, used for the wrong intentions. Now is the time to flip that switch, for us to align to a higher truth, to love, and to use our knowledge and power to lovingly redirect our reality back to the Original Intent. Heaven on Earth. It is, as it always is, within us - within our choices moment to moment.

George Atherton

The wave of White Wizard is about self mastery, which is ultimately mastery of creation, as we are creations of ourselves, and this whole play of life unfolds from that creation. We have to master and transmute or shadows, and bring all our power into the light. We have to re-aquanit ourselves with the ancient wisdoms, and to re-interpret them into the momemt, by being awake and aware on multidimensional levels of reality. Things are not always what they seem. We have to learn how to see deeper into reality. To pierce the veil of illusion. A key part of this process is how we are using our sexual energy, Red Serpent is the supporting energy of White Wizard, and is the 12th day of the wave, the cooperation point. As we cooperate with the LIFE FORCE, allowing it to serve us as a guidance system, a healing system, a manifestation system, and an awakening higher seeing system, we are utilizing it as intended, to animate the incredible power of our body temple, this inner technology that nothing and no-one can disrupt once we have fully reconnected to it. This is why the sexual distortion on the planet has been so intense, and perpetrated for so long. This is the Achilles heal of Humanity, our weak point and our savior.

Day 2 of the wave, yesterday, was Blue Lunar Eagle, this corresponds to 2020 as we will enter the 2nd year of this era then. The challenge of seeing, having planetary mind, to be able to rise above the mundane reality, the survival instinct that blinds us, and see the timelines from high above, the past that led to the present and the potential timelines that are branching off where we are now. Without this ability how will we navigate forward successfully. 2020 is full vision, in alignment with Blue Lunar Eagle yr 2 of White Wizard 13 year cycle, the year will be Blue Lunar Storm in the White Mirror wave, as the planet is in the Gateway kin, all Galactic Years & waves are in the Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm and Yellow Seed archetypes. We entered White Mirror Age of Truth & Disclosure, reorganization of reality in alignment with Natural Law, on Jan 1st 2017, and 2020 will be Red Self Existing Skywalker. Blue Lunar Storm represents polarity change, challenge of regenerative energy. Red Self Existing Skywalker represents the grounding of a cosmic communication, the practice of being connected to the divine. It happens to be in the wave of White Dog, love. So we can decode from all these participating archetypal energies that in the latter part of 2020, we will be experiencing a shift in our seeing, the truth & disclosures continuing to reframe our reality, and our own inner cosmic connections grounding, into the heart consciousness, bringing a new way to see reality, a new vision of the future.

We need that to happen so we can step into our power and purpose in today’s energy that will correspond with the year 2021, Yellow Electric Warrior. Activating the Mission. Years ago chatting with Zuni elder Clifford Mahooty, he said we are waiting on our orders. We just have to get ready to a)receive them, and b) be masterful in our divine gifts in order to do what we came to do. And to me, this is the process that we have been in, beginning with the Red Moon era in which we were called to cleanse, to purify, to open ourselves to be more receptive of the Divine Feminine, the life force intelligence, the Divine Mother - the nurturing creator aspect that has been so removed from our reality that we live in such a power crazed destructive world. Opening up to receive means letting go of the baggage. Many of us are still too full, carrying the past, the ancestors, without having digested the past, extracted the gifts and left the debris to go, so we can be empowered by life, activated and emboldened. It is all a gift, if we see it that way. None of this is accidental, it’s all interconnected, and meaningful. We just have forgotten how to see.

Seeing is a fundamental requirement to navigation. If we are in a dream, we can’t orientate ourselves. If we have built a world of lies, or live in one, then we are ineffectual. Our seeing is a vibrational quality, all light is vibration. Normally we only see a narrow bandwidth of the light spectrum, but when we elevate our life force, and purify it, then we pierce through the veil and see more of the light spectrum and reality. Some of us see auras, see energy, see cords, see beings. More and more are seeing beyond the norm, and much of our technology now has meant that we cannot necessarily believe what we see, there is a manipulation going on. Another aspect of seeing is our own belief system filters, our stuff. If we are clouded in our thinking and feelings, we tend to see reality through that filter. Soon enough everything looks the same.

It is interesting that we live in an age where we are visually bombarded, looking at our phones and devices, watching the busy world dramas unfold. All this external seeing is impacting our internal seeing. We need to cultivate more time to being in the darkness, dark room retreats, float tanks, having no sensory stimulation and recharging our DMT and imagination. All shamans use their inner seeing as their tool. We are called to activate this, to challenge our seeing beyond our belief envelope and the MSM - mainstream media - the culture we are fed. Can we rise above any situation and see it from another perspective? Can we see the energy streams that are seeking resolution that led to this moment? When we start to decode all that is happening in the now from this perspective, we can see we are all players in a game with the energy of existence, dancing with the yin yang light dark and ‘influencing’ that energy one way or another, leading to x y z results that will create and create, and create. Can we bring ourselves into stillness and zero point, to feel the expansion of that space of non doing? When we do, it will always bring us to an impulse, we cannot stay still forever, that is not what we came for. But are we responding or reacting to stimuli? The Wizard way is to slow it all down, to be masterfully in the center of the storm, seeing the energy that is coming towards and harnessing it in a creative way, not a destructive way - though there might be call to destroy it, that would be a misunderstanding of energy, if we know all is LOVE, and an energy appears that is NOT LOVE, has evil intent, we know how to transmute that energy back to LOVE, and that is what we are here for. To transmute it all back to love.

Love is the core purpose of the Wizard wave, day 5 and year 5 of this time we are in. Without the alignment with LOVE, then fear controls through a power over game. This is where we are and have been for many eons of time. It’s now up to us to see, see it all as love, see how to transmute it all to love. This is not just a concept, we have to take actions to cultivate our seeing. We have to stop taking drugs and mind altering substances, even if they promise opening our seeing - they too are subverting our seeing. We have done enough of that exploration and it is not the answer, it gave us a clue as to the capacity of consciousness and our imagination, it opened windows to other realms, but we soon learnt that we did not have the spiritual intelligence to navigate those realms safely. Now we are coming back to the embodied practices, and the gateways they open up for us to see beyond. When we are in our body we have all our sensorial intelligence to respond to our seeing, we see through the illusions on other dimensions of reality too. We might see a being that seems to be dark, forboding, but with our felt sense feeling no fear, we do not contract, and we see deeper, that being can transform. These are the gate keepers of the higher realms, protecting them from the uninitiated and unpure of heart. When you are in truth and alignment, there is no fear, and you know all is love even when it is presenting otherwise, you see through it, and in so doing you transform it. I do this all the time in my sessions with people, there are entities and devices that appear, they are at first frightening or try to be, but as I hold the space of knowing that all is love, and I don’t seek to destroy, merely to meet in the space of love where all is healed, then they transform, the darkness is illuminated by the light of love. All that is not love is simply lost, lost from truth. When we meet that with knowing, wisdom, and love, it is healed and can restore itself.

artist unknown

We each have our roles in this process of 52 years, and now, the age of awakening our inner magic will connect us more to our soul purpose. If we know what our magical powers are, we will know what we came to do. This is why Know Thyself is the greatest of all wisdoms. When you know your power, you will know how and when to use that power. If you humbly accept your place in the whole whilst still knowing your importance, you will show up when you are needed. All missions need visions. All missions need magic. This is a time to remember the magic of you, and the story you came into, so you can sow that magic into the fabric of time.

Only LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

Transformational Retreats &

Self Mastery Mentoring

What is your mission, your soul purpose? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic? What gift did you come to bring to reality? What does the new era 2019-2032 White Wizard wave mean for you and your place in the world?

Reach out for a deep dive into your soul blueprints. Commit to awakening your full potential with a 3,6,9 and 12 month coaching program to activate your soul blueprints and live your best life yet, not only that, but play your unique part in the shift. I only work with a few clients in this deep way, contact me for a free 15 min consult to see the stars align for me to be your guide!

Personalized Retreats in the Vortex Powered Ancient Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, 5 days to activate a transformation process towards self knowing, soul purpose, true love, self love, healing the past and seeding a higher, brighter, more joyful timeline future.

It’s my purpose to guide you back to your higher self so you can be all that you came to be.

My readings provide you with the map back to your soul’s truth, activating your self realisation. I work with you identifying the keys to your healing and awakening, self fulfillment and place in the world, your moment to shine. I connect you to a global team of teachers, healers, facilitators and therapists, to continue the work of becoming your true self.

My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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