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A New Dawn : Awakening Conscious Creators

Today we begin the Yellow Sun wave that completes the first harmonic of waves that began on July 13 2019 when we began the new Tzolkin 13 moon 260 day calendar that included the Mayan New Year and new generational wave of 13 years that is White Wizard. So much is new. Do you feel it? I am sure you do! The whole calendar moves through cycles upon cycles. There is the chromatic harmonic RED initiate, WHITE refine, BLUE transform and YELLOW mature, fruition. These occur every 4 days, we move from Red to Yellow, and they move every 13 days, and they move every year, and every 13 years and so on in larger and larger cycles of time. In this way we can track exactly where we are, and what the energies of the moment are. A group of 4 waves is called a castle, and there are 5 castles in a 260 day Tzolkin year. We are currently in the RED Eastern Castle of Turning, that comprised the waves of Red Dragon, the first wave of the Tzolkin, and White Wizard, the wave of the year and the new generation we are now in for 13 years, which was followed by the Blue Hand wave in which we emotionally processed and transformed from the first two waves all these new beginnings and therefore, all that needs to end. And now, we enter the fruition part of the process that began in July, we are called to shift consciousness to all that has changed, within and without so we can evolve a higher consciousness which leads to higher conscious creations.

Now we stand in the glaring light of the Sun’s illumination, we are no longer the same people we were, or at least we shouldn’t be. We are awakening beings, and the universe is on a trajectory of awakening, so if we are at all present and embodied enough to feel what is happening, then it is inevitable that we will shift awareness and that from the new awareness we must create in new ways. But, there is clearly much in the way of that, or else it would happen effortlessly! And, this is actually how it is designed to happen, but we have some distortions in the field that need clearing so we can get back into phase with the Divine Intelligence that flows to awaken and move us forward on our trajectory through existence.

The path of the Sun wave is one of awakening as conscious creators, that seed the divine plan for humanity. The core purpose point of the wave is Yellow Overtone Seed, the message is, as we think, so shall we sow. And then as we sow, so shall we reap. We have to wake up and take radical responsibility for what we believe, think and put into the consciousness field within us, around us and into the collective. We are consciousness, and we create from consciousness. So awakening is fundamentally about realizing that, and then learning how to manage that, how to master that process and eliminate what is interfering with that process, resulting in creations that do not serve life, humanity or the planet.

The intention of consciousness is to create, to create the divine plan. The Yellow Solar Star represents the intention point of the wave of Yellow Sun. Yellow Star represents the finger print of God, the Flower of LIFE encompassing the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, the Star Tetrahedron of creative alchemy that is the sacred geometry at the core of all that exists in form from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic, it is all a perfectly fractalized hologram of masterful beauty. And we are that. We are created from that Divine Intelligence that creates all things that we see, this unbelievably beautiful planet, the solar system and stars and their mesmerizingly beautiful dancing patterns. If you stop and look for just a second at something natural, be it a leaf on a plant by your computer now, or the meniscus on the water in your glass, or outside in your garden or up at the clouds, wherever you are, you can connect to the beautiful truth of our reality. And when you do, you are centering in truth, absolute truth, that this is all designed, it is all intelligent, meaningful and amazing. And when you do that, when you feel the AWEsomeness of that, and then reflect on yourself, your heart must surely explode with the LOVE of existence that created YOU as part of this creation, AND at the same time you must feel the incredible privilege that you have the power to influence this reality.

It is this fact that we need to take radical responsibility for now. We can no longer remain asleep at the wheel, allowing the subconscious programming, wounding, addictions, entities and soul fragments, the confused information that is lost from the light, from love, from truth, to control us, our thinking, our behavior and therefore our creations.

It is up to us.

That’s the power we have, that’s the power we are not owning, and that’s the power that we give away without realizing. Awakening is remembering our power, and aligning our power with Creation, with the bigger picture, with the Divine Plan. The final day of this wave of Yellow Sun Consciousness is Yellow Cosmic Human, when we wake up to our Divine Truth, and the Cosmic Truth of Reality, who we are, and what we are capable of, we can move forward to the next part of the creation story. The next wave after this Yellow Sun wave is Red Skywalker, which begins the White Northern Castle of Crossing, it is the wave of building Heaven on Earth. The glyph for Skywalker shows the pillars of the temple of heaven, one representing masculine and one representing feminine, hovering above the pillars embedded in the earth. Skywalker is the evolution of Humanity and the bridge to the White Wizard, our awakening inner magic. Once we reach the level of human consciousness of radical responsibility, awareness of our power to create reality, and self mastery of that power, aligning it with love and truth, not with fear and delusion, we are reconnected to our Cosmic Truth, our divinity, which awakens our inner shaman, the super human in us.

So consciousness is the key. That is why there is a war on consciousness. It is in itself designed to awaken from it’s sleep of itself and to be restored to the One Light, but, the divine intent was hijacked, and a game ensued, with a battle to keep many asleep at the wheel, controlled, doing the bidding of others who have knowledge, but have divorced themselves from truth and love.

OK so you know this, but how do you reclaim your power? Lets look at the wave and see the encoded messages that the mysteriously brilliant Mayan’s left for us, interpreted by a cosmic brother, and now being re interpreted through me. Day 6 of the wave represents the balance point, in the wave of Yellow Sun the mid point of the wave is Red Rhythmic Serpent. Red Serpent represents life force, sexual energy, the sacral chakra, the generator center in the Human Design system, the Dan Tien in the Taoist Qi Gong, the kundalini and Tantra. The message is loud and clear, we have to balance our sexual energy, that is our life force, that is the power that fuels our life, and our spiritual awakening. That is why sexuality has been assaulted by religion and even some so called spiritual systems that denounce the body. We have to wake up to sacred sexuality in order to wake up. There is no other way, and we clearly see that the world is having a sexuality crisis on every level, as this area of our reality is so key to our empowerment as conscious co-creators. There have been great teachers, yogi’s and gurus, who have failed to address their sexual programming and fall from grace. It is a huge paradigm on the planet. The porn industry is a multibillion dollar business, and young boys from 12 to 28 are the ones that are using it the most. Programming their minds, disconnecting from their bodies, from their hearts, from themselves, and enslaving their sexual energy to an entity that is not in alignment with life, love, truth or Creation.

Sacred sexuality begins within. It begins with our relationship with our body, and our energy. Are you connected to your body, your energy, or are you projecting onto yourself to be something that society is asking for, from the programming. Are you numb, acting a role, or are you truly in your lusciousness, feeling the joy of being, just being in your body on this planet, breathing? Do you know that breathing itself is orgasmic? Can you breathe, let alone breathe yourself into divine union with your soul? With another? Highly likely not, unless you have been on the path and somehow been called to the higher spiritual arts of Taoist Tantra and Tantra in it’s pure sense, not the commercialized bastardization that we have endured that’s part of the disconnection programming masking as liberation.

You can meditate all day long but it won’t necessarily wake you up. You can be so disconnected from your body that meditation itself is another addiction to avoidance creating what we call spiritual bypass, where the veneer of your wellbeing is very thin, and needs to be propped up by isolation, your routine, disengagement with others, so nothing can dance with you, and therefore trigger your subconscious and denied parts that remain unhealed. When you do embodiment practices, all sorts of buried trauma, shame, ancestral, past life stuff can emerge that you are carrying in your field, unchecked, because of your refusal to feel them, you cannot heal them. And if you can’t heal them, they can’t become your superpowers. Everything that is in our life is by design, even if it is truly awful. And I do not say that lightly, I have suffered in life, many lifetimes of suffering in fact, but I still see the divine plan in it all, the Grace Unfolding, which humbles me to accept that sometimes I do not like or want it, but in time I will grow to embrace it as an empowering experience IF I SO CHOOSE TO DO. And this is the key, we are called to radical responsibility in order to be consciously choosing how to respond, response-ability, and therefore how to move the energy onwards. We either transmute to love, or we pass on the energy in some distorted way, and we have to deal with it manifesting in some other way as all energy is seeking resolution, a return to innocence, a return to source, so it can be undefined again, back to the void, to be reborn.

We exist in a reality of persistent forms, unresolved energy, fragmented lost souls, and the manifestations of that. And yet we feel like victims of this, utterly denying our power to change it. Of course we are on a learning curve, descending into form, falling through the veil of forgetfulness and into a hijacked timeline where just about everything that could be done to dumb us down and numb us out to who we are and what we are truly capable of is on full power, we have never been in a time with more access to information, to awakening tools from the ancient teachings to the newest inventions, and science is coming in line with much of the ancient spiritual teachings to boot. There is not much excuse to stay asleep but we do. But, existence has a plan for us, and awakening is the game afoot, so we can move to the next level of the game, and experience that reality. So the planets align and cosmic forces push us to wake up. We can either go easily, cooperating with the changes that coming, or we contract to avoid the growing pains of letting go of false comforts.

Day 2 of the wave of Yellow Sun is Red Lunar Dragon, the challenge of Divine Mother, we are consciousness, but we are in the creation of Divine Mother, we are embodied, in this embodied realm, and as such, we have to honor her. The estrangement from The Mother is a key to the distorted consciousness that is creating a reality that is about death and destruction. The Mother is about life, birth, nurturing and LOVE. Yes she has the Kali energy of destruction but it is not destruction for destruction sake, anti life, evil, but the destruction that forms a part of a closed regenerative system of creation. We are called to heal the distortions that keep us from receiving The Divine Mother, in our mother matrix, that also includes our relationship with Mother Earth, and our Daughter Gaia. In this conscious evolution that is radical responsibility, we step into our roles as guardians of our Daughter Gaia, our power to influence reality, to be co creators is affecting her, and our irresponsibility, ie our denial of our power to affect her is allowing her to suffer, despite what we think we are doing to help her. The marches don’t count. Your embodied awakening is what she needs, your sacred sexuality is what she needs. These are the energies of creation that created her, and can heal all that is affecting her, and us, for we are one and the same.

When we heal the separation and projections with The Mother, which is fundamental in healing our sexuality, we can return to the divine intelligence flow of life, the Divine Feminine which brings life, allows us to receive, and enter our hearts, returning us to innocence, our true selves. And only then can we evolve to be Cosmic Humans, remembering our mission to create heaven on earth, and our magical powers to do so.

Let the magic flow, from LOVE ONLY.

Only LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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