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On September 3rd 2019, we entered the wave of Red Skywalker, which begins the second castle - White Northern Castle of Crossing, a 52 day cycle that embraces 4 waves of 13 days in each of the colours from Red - initiation, to White - refinement, to Blue - transformation, and ends with Yellow - maturation. There are 5 of these cycles in a lunar year, the Tzolkin 13 Moon Calendar. We entered this Tzolkin lunar year on July 13th, and began the new era of White Wizard on July 26th 2019 and will journey in this for the next 13 years, and this wave is the second 13 yr cycle in 52 years that is leading to the seeding of New Earth. Waves and cycles, colliding and crescendoing, we are rising.

Red Skywalker represents cosmic connection, the time space traveller that seeks beyond the human realm for the cosmic, divine truth. To reconnect the dots of our divine origins. The glyph for Red Skywalker shows the pillars of the Temple of Heaven, floating above the pillars of the Earth. Skywalker travels in the space between, with her supporting energy of Worldbridger, to bridge timelines, and ground Heaven on Earth.

Thot Deck High Priestess

Red Skywalker is the 13th archetype, coming after Yellow Human the 12th, and before White Wizard the 14th archetype. When we evolve our humanity to the point where we are ready to embrace our cosmic truth, seeking answers from other dimensions, timelines and realities, we reclaim our divinity, our divine gifts and powers, enabling us to return to be Wizards. White Wizard has the cosmic and earthly knowledge of creation that allows him/her to seem to create miracles, only they are not miracles, it is knowledge and self mastery that will make us super-human.

White Wizard is the generational wave we just began on the Mayan New Year, and so, this wave we are now in is linking with the process of our stepping into our power as magical manifestors of a new reality. This Castle that begins with Red Skywalker, moves into White Worldbridger and then Blue Storm, and ends with Yellow Human. Again, messages are communicated in every sequence. As we seek to know our cosmic truth, we die to the limited view of who we are, and of reality, we awaken to the truth of our multidimensional nature, our existence in worlds within worlds, and this catalyzes a shift in energy that has the potential to upgrade humanity.

Red Skywalker is my archetype, and this wave of Red Skywalker has been my self realisation wave that I began in 2008 so I am now in the 11th year of this process. I know this path well. The Red Skywalker wave has opened me up more to the mystery, and yet the perfect structure of existence. I have had kundalini awakenings on one hand, experiencing incredible bliss and magic, and on the other hand almost dying and having my whole life turn upside down. It has been a deep initiation process, one that my fellow kin will at some point experience for themselves. And so, this wave of 13 days lies before us, inviting us to leave the mundane world and remember the divine origins of our soul. Red Skywalker is the path of the priestess, the oracle, traveling between worlds, neither here or there. Skywalker kin are the Ancient Elders from the Future, we are the way showers, the Signal Kin who light the way. We are time travellers and so we are able to see the future, and the past, and understand the fluidity of the present. As I left my Yellow Star years, my first initiation was in Tantra, and Red Cosmic Serpent is the goal of this wave, the awakening of the kundalini, that reconnects us to the divine. My Skywalker initiation years have also taken me to specific places on the planet that are energy centers, catalyzing further transformations, not all of them pleasant, but, regardless, they have always revealed themselves as part of the divine plan, a necessary step in my awakening process. Remembering lifetimes or timelines of persecution and murder for being an oracle and priestess. And being gifted with these wisdom codes, and teachers along the way. The path of Skywalker is ancient and futuristic at the same time. I have had to pull away from day to day life, or life pulled me away, so I could cultivate my inner connection, my practices of opening up to receive these messages, and facilitate the reconnection of others.

Red Skywalker is receptive, receiving new information means constantly dying, and surrendering to the unknown. The supporting energy of Red Skywalker is White Worldbridger, death change and rebirth, and multidimensional reality. The challenge energy is Blue Night, which is an archetype within the Signal kin, representing the Dark Night of the Soul, the abyss, the unknown, the infinite void, the sea of pure potentiality. In order to connect the dots, we have to let go of all our reference points, so we can discover new connections, new timelines. This is a challenge for Human’s who want security and to know, and are inclined to belief paradigms, which is why we have to work so hard to get to a place of trusting in the divine plan that we will surrender what we know, in search of the truth beyond the edges of what we have been told.

The hidden power of Red Skywalker is Yellow Star, the beautiful plan, seeing the perfect pattern. So the initiation process is to be cast out into the darkness, the great abyss, the unknown, to die, and no longer know who you are, or what reality even is, and there, discover the ultimate truth of reality, the love that is All That Is, and see that it is all so intricately designed, that the divine intelligence is so heart wrenchingly beautiful, that you are humbled, in devotion. And so it is, each day, I have to tame my human’s fears, mistrust and doubts, my seeing of the world as it is, and balance that with my seeing of the worlds I have known and see as potential timelines, fading in and out of reality depending on how we choose.

It is not easy to see, we need to embody, and awaken our life force, say YES to the Mother, and trust. These are not generally required human abilities, but, we are in a new age now, one that is asking us to step up into the super human, and the bridge to get there is Red Skywalker. Day 2 of the wave is White Lunar Wizard, the calibration of how we align, with the divine or with interference agents, will determine if we use our power in service to the Light or the Dark. Skywalker glyph shows 2 pillars, representing YIN YANG, masculine feminine and the balancing of these polarities that forms a structure for the divine to enter. The temple is our body, our relationships and the planet. As we bring these polarities into harmony within, we are able to discern what we are connecting with beyond this realm, if we are not embodied, and if we are out of balance, then we are vulnerable to beings, entities, information that might not be in the greatest alignment. The path of Skywalker has been one of learning how incredibly hard it is to discern the original intent of an energy that is working through. What we come to see is that the light and dark are battling it out on every level of reality, as above so below, and the balances are swinging wildly at this time, but this too is part of the grand design, and of course the Light will out the Dark in the end, no matter how long and how many cycles of time we go round and round, no matter how many distortions and complexities we create into the design, energy will come to an equilibrium at some point.

Do you want to see? Are you willing to take the steps to bring your mind body and soul into balance, and to piece the veil of reality into the unknown, see what is there? There’s no going back once you do. And now, it doesn’t really matter if you want to or not, there is a cosmic wave washing through that will continue its course, we can either ride along safely or get taken down, tossed out of the boat on to the banks, left behind. We began the Age of Truth in Jan 2017 and will be in that enlightening, cold light of day process until 2030. Next year Jan 1 will be Red Self Existing Skywalker, again echoing the importance of this wave, and this archetypal energy at this time. It will be the 4th year of the cycle, and the grounding point, the practice point. As we practice seeking answers beyond the known, we will make new connections, be open to new timelines and ways of seeing the Divine Plan. 2020 is a big year, for a shift in seeing, 2020 vision.

Red Skywalker is the 13th archetype, the demonized no 13, and in this the 13 Moon calendar - the war on consciousness has been to keep humanity from it’s divine truth, it’s divine nature, it’s cosmic history and magical powers. Skywalker reaches towards reconnecting to that wisdom, and bringing it back for Wizard to move into action. Before we can move forward, we need to step back. We need to let go and die to what we think we know, and let the divine meet us and show us the way. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, Skywalker is traveling to meet our higher selves, and bring that into the physical realm.

Only love lights the way.

Only LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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What is your mission, your soul purpose? How do you step into your truth and power, discover and cultivate you inner magic? What gift did you come to bring to reality? What does the new era 2019-2032 White Wizard wave mean for you and your place in the world?

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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