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The Intention of Awakening From the Dream of Forgetfullness : Humanity's Soul Calling

We are on day 9 of this wave of Yellow Human that began on 12th October 2019. Today is Yellow Solar Sun, the intention point of the wave. Yellow Solar Sun is inviting us to have the intention of awakening, so we can step into our true power. The whole journey of this Yellow Human wave, a message for humanity, is this journey of empowering us to awaken to our creative power to create our reality.

Yellow Human represents human, it exists in the soul family kin group of Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand and Yellow Human, the Core Kin. This soul group have an inbuilt message about how we as humans are meant to function in this reality, what are our balancing points so we can evolve. Red Earth represents Mother Earth, nature, timing, this space time earth-ship that we are incarnated on that is an embodiment of Great Spirit, which is represented by White Wind. Blue Hand represents our hands, our physical bodies, and our ability to physically influence reality, to do things, get things done, achievement and also beautifully, healing. The hands are an extension of the heart, and when we are in our hearts, doing what we love, from love and with love, whatever it is we are doing, is healing, as it is a communication, an expression and vibrational message of love. The message we get from this soul group brings us many well known expressions, such as ‘we are human beings not doings’ inviting us to balance our Blue Hand busyness, and reconnect to the grounded stillness of Red Earth and the moving messages of White Wind. ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience’, which is inviting us to remember not to get stuck in the mundane human created reality which has separated from it’s spiritual essence. These balancing acts are essential for our wellbeing but also for the earth. In our busy-doingness addiction we are overusing and abusing her, her resources, and our own body. These expense accounts will become due, we cannot get away with that imbalance. There is a natural order, that fluctuates but it has it’s own built in harmonic that supports life, a self sufficiency efficiency and that translates as beauty. Nature is beautiful, reflecting the higher orders of spirit, and our creations within her can be measured against that. Are we making the world a more beautiful place or not? What if we were to stop all our doing, and just be, and wait for the call of spirit, the call of the earth, to guide us. Could we do more by doing less. I think this is a very clear message that is echoed in the Taoist wisdoms.

The Tao does nothing, yet through it all things are done. - Lao Tzu

When we are secure enough in BEING, remembering our divinity, and therefore our soul’s calling, we are committed to awakening from the dream of forgetfulness. We are no longer afraid to know the truth of who we are, why we are here, because we feel empowered by our divine reconnection, that if it is what has been called for, then it must be possible! In Being, we open up as vessels of spirit, to be agents of co creating Heaven on Earth. Day 2 the challenge point of the wave is Red Lunar Skywalker, the challenge of seeking higher truth, seeking Divine Guidance and being able to choose our guides, choose the voices we invest in to direct our way in this maze of life. The glyph of Skywalker shows the pillars of heaven hovering above the pillars of the earth, the space of traveling in between to reconnect and ground the temple, within and without. The pillars denote all polarity and duality, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang. The light and the dark. Once we are able to hold both, then evil cannot exist. The evil that emerges in our human reality is born of the darkness that light has abandoned. When we fear or deny those shadows and darker energies, they are forced further into the dark, and end up projected out into reality, and encountered as external.

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

- Carl Jung

The Skywalker glyph is a key for humanity, if we refuse to acknowledge our divinity then we cannot awaken our true power. Recognizing the body as a temple, we have to tend to it, to allow ourselves to fully connect with our true essence, and be guided from there. The 3rd day of the wave, the activation and service point, is White Electric Wizard, the shaman, the knowledge of heaven and earth that allows us to move from Human to Wizard Miracle Mindset and the inner magic to actually work with the mechanics of creation. This is the Age of the New Shamans 2019-2032, so awakening our inner magic is the key of this era we are just embarking on. When we remember who we are, and we access the knowledge of creation that we have been estranged from, we will be able to move mountains to reorganize reality back in alignment with the divine plan. The divine plan that is encoded in our cellular memory, beneath the ancestral human memories we need to liberate.

A key factor in stepping into our magical powers is understanding Sexual Energy as the foundation of creation, and therefore respectfully working with that in our own bodies, to heal and awaken, and reconnect us to the divine, aligning us with our higher selves, and not allowing the distortion to come into reality through our unconscious sexuality. Red Serpent is the supporting energy of White Wizard, when our life force is realigned with LIFE, it will bring us back to the vision of our Soul, rising the kundalini to the 3rd eye to release the Blue Self Existing Eagle, which is day 4 of the wave of Yellow Human we are journeying in now. Day 4 is the practice point of the wave, here we can see what is our daily work to do. Another key for us to step into our creative power is the use of our divine gift of Imagination. Seeing is believing, and believing is seeing. We cannot experience something we don’t believe, and so, expanding our ability too see reality is a key for us to change reality. We all know that by shifting our perspectives, in real physical space, we can see the same thing differently. This is the case on every level of our experience, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically. We need a daily practice of opening our eyes, to really see. Of visualizations that help us to reconnect to the vision of our heart, the seat of our soul. Blue Eagle flies high above the mundane world, and sees the past and the present and the future timelines and therefore allows us to predict our trajectory given our choices, what we seed into the moment. Being on the ground in survival mode, we lose sense of where we are going. We get lost. Lost from ourselves, we cannot orientate. Much of the distortion on the planet is caused by not seeing. Real eyes realize real lies. We need to see with the eye of the heart in order to reclaim our soul purpose, and to have the courage to step into that calling.

Day 5 of this wave of Yellow Human is Yellow Overtone Warrior, empowered intelligence that is fearlessly pioneering the evolution of consciousness, of humanity, protecting the earth and life, creating the future. Day 5 is the core purpose point of the wave, and as such this therefore is the core purpose point of Humanity. We are Spiritual Warriors, charged with various missions, soul contracts to complete in the tapestry of this Embodiment Experiment. Warrior has to face the dark, the unknown, to forge into the subconscious, the underworld, and find the light of truth that will set us free, and then act on that inner knowing, with fearless courage despite the detractors, because we have our inner guidance and connection with spirit and we are not here to conform to the status quo that has devolved from the divine plan, but we are here to clean up the mess and get the show back on the road!

Day 6 of the wave is Red Rhythmic Earth, the balance point. This message is loud and clear. Nature brings humanity into balance, and humanity can affect the balance of nature. We are the same. We are made of the earth and the stars. We are spirit in form, and Nature as represented by Red Earth is our physical interface with Spirit, if we are present in nature, we are receiving messages all the time. Our disconnection from Nature is our greatest wound, an insanity that has to come to an end. There are narratives that we need to address that are not helping us to reconnect. Humanity is not a scourge upon the planet, the planet will not be ‘better off without us humans’. The planet is our Mother, Mother Earth, no mother wants to be separated from her children. The planet is also our Daughter Gaia, in such as we have power to co create her, and so we are both born of the earth and are guardians of the future of the earth. The earth is not dying, she is the embodiment of eternal spirit, she is eternal, though she might have to shake off the insanity, and reset herself, we are one with her, so we can influence her, as she influences us. This message is for us to get grounded, grounded in the physical reality as Nature shows us, there is a time for this and a time for that, there are natural laws, and we are subject to them, and if we understood them, we could leverage them to create, instead of abusing and destroying our abundant fertile resources. How we feel about our bodies can be related to how we feel about the earth. The Red Earth brings us timing, seasons, the elemental flow. We can probably track our downfall in line with the emergence of agriculture, where we began to attempt to control nature, instead of respecting and working with her, in harmony. As above so below, as within without, if being in nature is so healing and rebalancing for us, then what is that doing for nature? All of our current propaganda and reaction fails to address that our own inner reality has an effect on nature. The greatest gift to Mother Earth and Daughter Gaia that we can give is our awakening, our inner peace and resolution of the inner turmoil of our physical reality as it arises in our bodies, from our ancestors and all the creations of humanity, bringing it all to a stop point in us now, so we can open to the opportunities for healing what needs to be healed, and creating heaven on earth.

Day 7 of the wave is White Resonant Mirror, the reflection of frequency that is another message for humanity. All is light sound vibration, we are that, all is that, and we can either attune to the mass vibration or we can create a new vibration, and shift the reality. We can shift the reality in a discordant way - away from the Divine Plan Truth Light Love - or we can bring in the vibration of truth light and love, alignment with the divine and heal the distortion. We are all here to do this work. This is the work. Resolving our energy so it is a reflection of higher truth, allowing heaven to appear on earth. All is reflection here, if we choose to see. The planets oceans are polluted reflecting our toxic emotional baggage that we have dumped into our bodies but have not processed, choking our emotional intelligence.

'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency

and vibration.’ — Nikola Tesla

Day 8 of this wave of Yellow Human is Blue Galactic Storm, integrating the energy of change. Blue Storm represents energy, the vortex of change, as energy is in it’s natural state always moving, and changing. Though we incarnate, and collapse energy into form, and all this reality is in the dimension of form, it is still only energy. When we as a humanity awaken to being energy beings, in an energy reality, we can leave the stories behind and integrate the transformation that the Intelligent Energy that is All That Is, is seeking to evolve. We have to digest the energy of the past, the present and make it pure and available for expression in the moment. We are energy conduits. Unconsciously we have been affected by energy and reacted, passing on that energy in a distorted way, away from love, away from truth, and so it reverberates across the time space continuum seeking resolution, to return to source, return to neutrality, to center, to an unimprinted unprogrammed pure state of potentiality, so it can be alive and aligned with the divine, to create from truth, from love, from the light of truth and love.

And this all brings us to today, Yellow Solar Sun, the intention of awakening. It is crucial that we as a humanity have an intention to wake up. Without that, we will stay asleep, and create from confusion, distortion. We will never know our true power or remember who we are, we will not see reality as it really is, we will therefore have no power to have an effect on reality. And so this is the pivotal point, and exactly why we have had a war on human consciousness to keep us asleep, keep us distracted, keep us from awakening our true power and remembrance of our souls purpose, of our lives mission.

Tomorrow will be Red Planetary Dragon, the manifestation point of the wave, and the birth of form with the Mother Creator. If we don’t intend to wake up then we are creating from our subconscious, which is where we are unhealed, where we are influenced by unseen forces who understand how to manipulate reality via humanity. We are creating reality, it is up to us. Becoming conscious is the key.

When we do, the 11th day of the wave, the liberation point for Humanity is this release of Great Spirit, White Spectral Wind. Our suppression of our spirituality, is the crux of all our problems as a humanity. Forgetting we are spiritual beings having a human experience disconnects us from truth. Living in the lie takes us down dark miserable trajectories creating distortion and fragmentation. There is only so far down that road we can go before we are totally lost, but even then, nature has a way of resetting the playing field of this Embodiment Experiment. We have free will, we choose, we have to claim the intention to know, to remember, and to choose from that remembrance, so we can shift the experiment from a learning through suffering paradigm to a learning through joy paradigm. Don’t we want that?? Would see that everyone would say yes to that logically, but, in my work with people I see we have so much in the way of saying yes to joy, in our body, we don’t even know the vibration of it to choose it, there is so much unfelt pain to release. Remembering we are spiritual beings should enable us to face this task of healing, understanding that actually nothing else matters. We arrive alone and we leave alone, we are on a soul journey, and our soul does not care for how much money we made in a month or what sports car we drive. We have forgotten to balance the material and the spiritual, and it’s led to our malaise on every level, mental, emotional, physical and energetic. Another way to see this day is White Wind represents the breath, prana. As we let go of our breath, we let go of the past, the stories, the cellular toxicity, and we bring in new energy, new life, new breath, INSPIRATION. This is why dynamic breathwork is such a powerful healing and awakening modality for humanity. Just breathe it out, let it go and let your body breathe you back into authentic beingness.

Day 12 of the wave is the crystallization point, the core creation, Blue Crystal Night. The Dreamfield, the wu-wei, the field of dreams, the abundance of the sea of infinite possibilities that is represented by Blue Night. It is also the dark night of the soul, the unknown, the subconscious. So here is the choice, if we don’t clear the darkness - by facing the unknown, we are still creating from this space, and so we are either creating the dream of our souls’ or the nightmare of humanity’s fears and denials, separation from truth, light, source. There are no limits in truth, there is this field of pure potentiality that consciousness can collapse into form. We are consciousness, we need to awaken our awareness of our consciousness, and what is manifesting into form to be experienced in this reality, this experiment.

The last day of the wave is Yellow Cosmic Seed - we are all cosmic seeds, full of seeds, that we sow into the fabric of time. Have those seeds been corrupted, are they planted in the wrong place at the wrong time, fed the wrong foods, are they becoming distorted from their original holographic perfection? It is up to us, to cultivate our cosmic seed, our beingness, and our bounty, that we come to sow, in our children, in our projects, in our thoughts and deeds. All are seeds, like stones thrown into water, they ripple out their effects beyond our comprehension. The war on our consciousness is to rob us of our seeds, and to implant the seeds of the agenda to control humanity and our planet. The greatest threat to that agenda is our awakening. So make the intention of awakening your core principle. And by and by, we will reclaim our power, and co-create with the divine, to experience a new level of the game of life.

ONLY LOVE lights the way.

In La'kesh

R I A N N A Skywalker

Astro Intuitive Soul Orientation

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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