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Refining our Creations with LOVE : Part 2

*Began this post 7th Jan 2020* We are now in the second wave of this Yellow Castle of Giving, and in the wave of White Dog - Love that holds the theme of the year 2020 and starts of the 2020s era. Today is Blue Planetary Storm, the 10th day and the manifestation point of the wave. We could therefore say that the manifestation point of this year 2020 is a planetary storm - an energetic shift - that leads to an awakening, a consciousness shift. That shift is one of awakening heart consciousness, the consciousness of Love that we need to reconnect to in order to refine our creations.

It’s only day 7 of the year and we can already tell it’s going to be a wild ride. What a learning curve we have created. I hope that my words, that are not just coming from me, but are coming through me, will offer you insight and comfort, courage and fortitude to face the challenges of this year and to come out on top, because that is the window that is opening for us all now. This is a hugely transformational year. Are you ready for the change? It is coming whether we know we want it or not. Deeply our soul does want this, it’s only our ego identification with fear that is keeping us stuck in a dysfunctional relationship with reality. That is why Love is the key, and why this pivotal year is under the umbrella of the Path of Love.

This Path of Love is one of reconnecting us to the magical power of our Spirit, allowing us to align with the power of Love, and allow ourselves to "die into Spirit”. White Dog represents love, heart consciousness, soul family and loyalty, the bonds that connect us. This is what 2020 will be about, and the 2020s. The core purpose of this immersion into awakening to love, is that love is the greatest power in existence. Love is the magical miraculous power we long for, and it’s our separation from our spiritual truth that has estranged us from that power. As we reconnect with Spirit, we reclaim our true power. And the only way to reconnect with Spirit is through love. Love is the only way. Without love we cannot know what we are serving within ourselves, within reality, within the multidimensional reality. The heart is the center of our being, it is what evolves in our body first, but it is also what has been most wounded and shut down in this reality. Without love, we are left with fear, which leads greed and the pursuit of power over, rather than empowerment.

The first part of awakening to love is self love. We cannot know love until we love ourselves. To love ourselves is to know spirit, to meet our true selves within the heart of love, and remember we are one with love, and all that is. If we can awaken that within us, everything will completely transform. Every decision we make being made from love will collectively transform our inner and outer worlds, and ripple across this planet and into the cosmos. Where our cosmic family are waiting for us to remember who we are. As above so below, if we can stop the war within us, and on this planet, then the war in the heavens will stop too.

The cause of war is the journey of falling asleep to love, forgetting love, and getting so lost from love that a being is totally deranged. De-ranged, rearranged in a way that is distorted from original intent. If the big bang of existence was an cosmic orgasm that’s expanded out from center, then we are reaching that event horizon, where we have gone as far away from love’s truth and who we are, as is possible in a sustainable creation. That is why we are realizing that we are living on earth in an unsustainable way. We have lost our center, have not been coming from love, and now we clearly see the need to return to love in order to create a reality that can survive and thrive.

Where is love? Why is it such a long journey to get there? It maybe seems that way but actually love is everywhere all around us all of the time. Take a deep breath and drop in, drop out of the mind & the noise, and step through to the infinite presence that you are. When you make contact with that, you feel the love that you are and that is all that is. Yes, for some of us, just taking that breath is a big step, dropping in another big step, dropping out of the mind a huge step… but even if these things take some effort at first, once you clear what is in the way of these steps, you will meet that space. I have facilitated many breathwork sessions to reconnect people with that space, some reach that space in one session, even when there might be stuff in the way, and some need to move stuff out of the way and keep pursuing that meeting. I would suggest that until we do this work to clear what’s in the way of our reconnection with our true self, and feeling that love that we are, we really can’t be a part of the shift, we can’t really fulfill our destiny, and therefore we can’t be happy. No outside object or being, or set of circumstances in an ever changing world of changing circumstances will ever be able to meet us in that way.

“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart” - Unknown

Returning to Heart Centered Consciousness is what this year and the 2020s will be about, allowing us to create the future from a whole new template of seeing from the heart.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Day 6th of the wave of White Dog is the balance point, Blue Rhythmic Eagle, when we are in love, in the consciousness of love, we can see clearly, Eagle represents vision, we can see clearly the past, and how we got here, and this moment, and see the potential futures that this moment is holding. Allowing us to choose the future of love. It is the only way out of this mess, and it seems cosmically that it is that time, and there will be cosmic events that are designed to trigger this awakening.

We are, as I predicted being bombarded with fear porn, to keep us from being safe in our hearts knowing. Blue Planetary Storm is guided by Blue Hand, the power healing, knowing, doing. This energetic shift is in our hands, extensions of our hearts. With the right loving energy, we can move mountains, right now, people are moved into action, donating time and money to the disaster in Australia. A huge outpouring of love. Whatever the darkness brings, love will always win. And we will see this this year, as the veils thin, and we drop into our hearts, allowing us to see more of the truth and how we influence the future of reality.

Tomorrow will be Yellow Spectral Sun, the liberation point of the wave, this suggests that the path of love will liberate consciousness. Yellow Sun and White Dog are poised as polarities in this Mayan cosmology. What this means is that they are in a continuum with each other and we are called to be in balance, in the sweet spot between them and not over on either polarity for too long. The dark side of each is expressed when they are not melded with each other. The dark side of the Yellow Sun - consciousness, is that consciousness is neutral, in a vacuum without love, consciousness can conceive of anything, and as energy follows thought, what is conceived is created into an energy, and that energy can then be collapsed into form, by more consciousness - attention particles that are attracted to it. The dark side of White Dog - love, loyalty and family tribe is the falling asleep, not being awake, choosing to stay within the bonds of love even if they are toxic, because it is not an awakened love, it is a love that is born of fear, fear of abandonment, rejection, of separation and aloneness. To be awakened in LOVE is to be able to expand to allow Consciousness to explore, but to direct consciousness through the portal of love in it’s explorations.

So in 2020, and the years of ahead of this epic decade in our human and planetary history is the gateway for us to choose conscious love. Above all else. This will be trying for us with our love ones, we are all learning about love, and as such we are born into and are in relationships that oftentimes are reflecting the wounds that have lost the light of love. Many of my clients are concerned at how to stay on the path of awakening, and be connected to love ones who are not. This is one of the tests of love! The ultimate test, allowing consciousness to express itself in a myriad of ways, more or less awake, and in so being, more or less in heart awakened love consciousness. As we journey to awaken it is often necessary to isolate and go within, to meet ourselves, and to meet the love that we are. Then we are called back into the world to shine that light of love - but without attachment. That light might not be received, it might very well trigger others, we might not be met with love or consciousness, but we must not lose our center in that love regardless of what others or the outside world ‘appears’ to be doing. We cannot judge, because we are on a journey, and all is in process. And to be in the love vibration that is awake, is to know that all is love at it’s very core, no matter how lost from love it has appeared to become. When we lose sight of this, then we separate from other, and that separates us from love, and we fall.

The 7th day of the wave of White Dog, the wave of the year, was Yellow Resonant Warrior, the fearless intelligence of the pioneer that is attuned to their heart for their strength - courage - cour is heart in French, to be heart led is to be courageous. Warrior also represents our mission, and it is only through our heart that we can know our souls mission and purpose. A fearful warrior is a dangerous warrior, the many activists that do extreme things are driven by fear not by love.

The 8th day of the wave of White Dog, was Red Galactic Earth, when we connect with nature, and integrate with her wisdom, her flow, her calendar, her seasons, we are met with the love of the creator, we see clearly how the original creation is one that was born of love. Earth is so giving and abundant, and the intelligence of her design, her timing, is just stunningly beautiful. Even in her fierceness, as volcanoes eruption will attest. Another way of seeing Red Galactic Earth in this love story, is that in order for Earth to be reintegrated with her cosmic family we need to awaken love consciousness in humanity and transcend this illusion of being separate. When we see with eyes of love, the truth of creation, of ourselves within creation, we would be ready to see the rest of creation, without fear. Another aspect of Red Galactic Earth - no accident that Earth and Heart have the same letters - is that we need to be grounded, we need to integrate the fact that Earth and Humanity are not separable, we are one, and as much as she is suffering, we are. These fires raging are our fires, they are out of control, within us, threatening the future. But also these are fires that might set us free. We have suppressed our rage for too long, and seeing it expressed by Mother Nature may just allow us to move out of rage anger and into our fears, and through our fears back to love. There are many things being done to the planet from disconnected consciousness, that is mired in fear and power. Weather modification, geoengineering created to either protect us from something, or have power over something. Both are erroneous, we do not need protecting from the sun, and we couldn’t if we tried. Consciousness cannot be defeated.

The 9th Day of the wave of Love was White Solar Mirror, the realignment that love consciousness brings will get us back into the flow of Natural Law and order, allowing the clarity of truth to bring about the change catalyst that leads to our awakening. Blue Planetary Storm is this change vortex, love is the energy that will change everything, inside and out. And as we move from a loveless consciousness mired in fear we awaken a new level of consciousness, upgrading the operating system so we can create from a new template. The template of love. This template of love brings us back into the arms of Divine Mother, Red Crystal Dragon, the 12th day of the wave which was on Jan 9th 2020, preceding the epic Cancer Full Moon Eclipse with the North Node of the Moon, completely open to the cosmos, and uninhibited by the controlling influence of Saturn which was and is still on the other side of the sun. There were Schumann Resonance anomalies this week, in particular a 17hr black out of data, and a 9hr one 24hrs later, after which a higher frequency transmission was noted in the charts, like a code coming in, never seen before at that frequency. And still it comes, anomalies in the charts, reports of radio signals coming in from the galaxy. Mother Love is the ultimate expression of love, and as we reconnect with the love of the feminine aspect of creation, that birthed us and this reality into form, we reclaim our power to be creators ourselves.

The last day of the White Dog wave is White Cosmic Wind, Great Spirit. The path of love is one of returning to Spirit. Remembering we are spiritual beings, and experiencing the love of spirit, within us and around us, reflected in Nature for instance. Great Spirit is in the breath, as we breathe we drop out of the mind and into the moment, into our hearts, and into love presence, embracing ourselves, and the creation. For all our seeking, it’s always just here, in our inhale and exhale. Returning to this, is the beginning of the journey home.

And so we begin the 2020’s invited to connect with our higher spiritual truth, the magic and power of love, and to allow that to frame our new reality. If you knew you were love, what would you do? If you knew that all that is not love is not real, how would that change the way you feel, and what you focus on?

Create the space of love, within you, within your practice, within your day and your dreams of the future. Make love the focus.

Think LOVE


And let all the rest fall away. Nothing else matters, and the future of peace love and harmony will only be born from our unwavering commitment to love, to loving ourselves, enough to heal the wounds and separation from love, and remember who we are, and what we came for.

only LOVE will light the way.

R I A N N A Skywalker

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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