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Well 2020 has been quite a ride hasn’t it? I had part 3 and 4 of this reading for 2020 in my space all this time but, the fast paced alternating landscape of our reality was keeping me from writing, and now the time has definitely come. Much of this year has been an odd feeling of future timeline deja vu, so many things materializing that I had ‘received’ as dreams, visions, downloads, impressions, memories from the field I was tapping since my awakening began in 1996, and with this calendar that I first reconnected with in 2000, and which became a major key for me to receive messages of the moment in 2009. All these years, much of what I received I could not make total sense of, some of it I interpreted at that time in certain ways, and now, I feel as though I am witnessing many of those messages in our current reality.

There was a huge transition this January 2020, on the 20th which was —— Yellow Planetary Human, the manifestation point of the wave of Blue Night —— I viscerally felt us having been squeezed and funneled through a portal, which was intense and challenging, and then come through the other side, and a HUGE, vast spaciousness was felt, it was lighter, and there was no resistance, only the inner resistance to expand into such a vast space, and explore. I got the message that we made it through an activation gate, and that Divine Mother has returned, she heard our call, and, now we have returned to the original blueprint of her creation. We are free will beings, and now have a chance to fully experience that. To awaken as creators of our lives. There is no more interference by other entities on any realm, for a small window of time, whilst the greatest experiment is allowed to play out and see if it can, transcend the echo of the past in which we have not succeeded to complete our mission. That doesn’t mean things are easy! Oh no, as you can see actually we have called in, through our collective awakening, the final play of this theatre which is an evolutionary chapter in Cosmic Humanity. Resistance will appear to be there still, because it’s the projection of our inner resistance. But if we are willing to do the work now, we can move through it like no other time in human history. It really is now up to us.

Blue Night represents the void, the unknown, the dream field, intuition and abundance, because it is the nothing from which everything comes. We are the dream of ourselves, so Blue Night wave is about the dream and it’s manifestation point, day 10, is Yellow Planetary Human. We are called to remember that we incarnate through the womb of the mother, in the amniotic fluid that is the Ocean of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Sea of Divine Mother, which Blue Night represents. Returning to the dream field we can dream ourselves again, and create a new dream to experience. That was a significant day for us to be released from the interference, and be released into the unknown, a reality where, if we can remember who we are, and be true to that, awaken our inner sight, and wisdom, to see through the illusion of reality we have created, and free ourselves into a dream that every soul wants, to experience heaven on earth.

I am sure you will agree that since 20th Jan 2020 it has been a wild ride. We are facing a global pandemic around a virus. I have sat with this creation, contemplating it. I did not know until this entered my field that viruses are not alive. They cannot be killed. They seem to be some sort of synthetic creation, that merges with natural creation. I began to see how this all came to be. Our planet and the experiment has been seeded with viruses for millennia, traveling into our solar system and onto & into Mother Earth on meteorites and other space collisions and objects. A cosmic version of Genetic Modification. And so it is that this Corona - Crown - King - Virus is the virus that has been created to merge us with the synthetic to the degree that we are no longer able to AWAKEN our crown chakra and reconnect to our true vibration. It is attempting to birth the New HybridHuman. And as much as this agenda is created by the Dark Wizards, those who are lost from love and have kept the wisdom of creation as a tool to control, the light, empowered by our awakening, is able to leverage and utilize all that ‘they’ can create to further catalyse our awakening from the nightmare of our creation, into the dream of our souls.

This is why for years now I have passed on the message of awakening our inner - biological,natural and divinely created - technology, and understand energy and how to heal our bodies and access higher knowledge with our vibrational alignment with the divine. July 2019 we entered the Age of the New Shamans, and therefore the age of self mastery, for 13 years, pulling our power back from the Dark Wizards by remembering our magic. Activating this body temple equipped with all we need to traverse this dimensional reality but be multidimensionally aware at the same time. The distortions on the planet have all been to create disharmonic resonance, disconnecting us from our true selves, just as we see in this reality we are often disconnected from ourselves. The artificial unnatural calendars and time frequencies, enslaving us to a rhythm of living that is not in accordance with our soul desire, and detrimental to our bodies, and our awakening. The further we are from our organic nature, the further we are from our awakening. The transhuman agenda is pushing that being merged with AI and the machine will make us better humans! Some of us have so fallen asleep that we believe it, we carry the wounds of past cataclysms and are feeling guilty that we have destroyed the earth several times before. Losing our humanity will be losing our spirituality. These two are inextricable. So, in the midst of what we are going through, there will be an awakening, as more of us will be reconnect to our humanity in a way that we have not done before, despite the negative projections of murderous chaos, the majority of humanity will be kind, considerate, loving, giving, patient, cooperative, contemplative, quiet, still, grounded and so many many many qualities that have been so lost from our reality. The vibration of this will be palpable around the world, just as when these events have stopped us before, but now more so, and for longer. The machine cannot understand love, and so it cannot factor this into it’s agenda. What human love will do?

So there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and love is always the answer, though of course love is not so easy. And yet, it is, we have just forgotten, and we are about to remember. It always begins with Self LOVE, and here we are called to self care, and self responsibility and social distancing! Ah yes coming back to the self! The only way to return to the dream is to go inside, and so, we are going inside. You could say that we are ‘grounded’ like naughty kids by Mother who has come home to find the house upside down. We are going to get a moment to think about it… and stop blaming anyone, but see, how we are creators of it all. And when we are ready to see that, the perfect vision shift invitation of 2020 portal of divine reunion with our soul, we can stop creating this reality and begin creating something else. From love.

How can it change if we won’t let it go? How can we let it go if we are still running around doing it?

artist unknown star merkabah kundalini awakening

I wrote before that the only way to change was to stop entirely and sit for a while in not knowing, allowing the inspiration to come from beyond our dysfunction and distortion. The truly creative space is one outside the box. And so now the end cycle of the creation story that is this Mayan Dreamspell, is the wave of Yellow Star, the journey of awakening as creators. Yellow Resonant Star is the solar aspect of this Mayan Year White Magnetic Wizard, representing the solar (intention/direction) attunement for the era til 2032, to attune to the Beautiful Plan, the perfect pattern of creation. We are all star seeds seeded with that finger print of god, the beautiful sacred geometry of life, in our cells and in deep space, it’s all reflecting the same Natural Laws. Beauty is the signature of higher intelligence. We often experience something beyond through art, as art is a portal back to the heart of knowing our soul. We came to be artists of life, and our art is our life.

Day 3 of this wave is White Electric Dog, activating the heart, art is what flows when we do what we love, and connecting to our essence selves, to express that part of us, elevates our humanity. This time we are called to return to our inner child and heal it, to love our true selves back into our awareness so we can be in divine union with our soul, the portals of 2020 are about that, and through that, we all reconnect with the Divine Mother, the mother archetype in creation that we have fragmented from to the point of self destruction. It is key that we reconnect to her, to reintegrate her, and step into our power to create. The creation into form principle is through the feminine. There is no life without being birthed through the feminine. And yet we have so devalued the feminine within and without. The challenge of this wave is Red Lunar Moon, the challenge of staying in the flow, being emotionally available for this duality ride we signed up for. As we experience the high and the low of our emotions/feelings, creations, we are expanding the experience of consciousness of itself. When we resist this, we project these out into reality, and they become form for us to engage with and reintegrate. All is One, at the ultimate level of reality. All that is manifest here as Darkness has been fragmented from source for the longest, furthest away from love, they have forgotten who they are, but so have we, and our awakening is their awakening.

I have been given the impression that time really doesn’t exist in all dimensions, there are multiple timelines present in this reality, and we are seeing them merge into this reality more, hence the feeling of it all being dreamlike and surreal. The mandela effect perhaps. So in this perspective of watching this cosmic play I can see that what appears to be our oppressors and transgressors is merely us, timetravelling or timeline hopping to connect with us, and reconnect with a lost part of themselves. Yes yes, some of how that has been acted out is horrendous, but, clearly all part of the plan. We know through history that often these times of extreme evil, have also lead to huge awakenings. We were choosing to define our humanity in a certain way, with high virtues. But our humanity is being cultured by an agenda that has traumatized us away from our virtues, and we are falling from our light. But not all of us, the agenda is not working. We would not be facing this test now if we were not accelerating in consciousness. So whilst it is crazy out there, and this is entirely unknown, I feel this is a wonderful time for humanity’s evolution. The portal is open, and our love will see us through.

Only love lights the way.

More in the coming days, stay tuned, stay well, stay in love.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

R I A N N A Skywalker

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My soul purpose to guide you so we can all step into self mastery and create heaven on earth as intended.

I am the Sage of the Age of the New Shamans; Signal kin - Red Cosmic Skywalker precedes White Magnetic Wizard in the creation story of this Sacred calendar of Natural Time, I am the cosmic connector, keeper of the records of the magical gifts you came to bring and embody, a beacon to light your way.

Now is the time. Re-member.

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