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Awakening in the Great Battle : Preserve Your Precious Energy For Creation

Red Cosmic Serpent : Kin 65, day 65 of 260 in the 13 Moon Sacred Calendar : the last day of the 1st quarter of the lunar year : the last day of the first wave of the 2nd Castle of Crossing.

Day 13 of the Red Skywalker wave we have been journeying, the first wave in a set of 4 waves that comprise the 2nd White Northern Castle of Crossing. This day is the 65th day, and is the end of the first quarter season of the calendar. We are in the Crystal Moon month, the penultimate lunar month of 28 days before we go into the Mayan New Year on 26th July. Last year we began a new era, the White Wizard wave 2019-2032. This year that we are coming to a crescendo on, is a microcosm of the whole 13 years we have in this White Wizard wave. Hence the intensity of these times. Red Skywalker precedes White Wizard as the 13th and 14th archetype in the creation story that is an encoded message for humanity’s evolutionary process of awakening, remembering we are source consciousness, and that we co-create our reality. Red Serpent is the supporting energy of White Wizard, and so this day is a major key for the 13 year process we have begun.

Let’s recap, this wave of Red Skywalker has been about reconnecting with the divine intelligence through grounding into the body of the mother, mother earth, divine mother, into this divinely created material world. Everything is energy, and the material world, of matter/mother, is made of energy too. Energy follows thought, which is the father aspect of universal fire. We have become polarized in this dimension/realm of reality, such that we have even rejected ‘materialism’ as bad, because we have been programmed to judge it from the perspective of greed. All of these subtle and not so subtle ‘word plays’ and symbolisms that are inversion of the truth, that keep separation and polarity collapsing into duality. In truth we are all one, we are all energy, everything is energy and there is no material reality without spiritual reality. And yet we have lost our spiritual intelligence, it was robbed from us by those who I call, the Dark Wizards, those who had the knowledge and sough to use it to have power over, to control. One of the major ways in which they have disconnected us, is through the Red Serpent archetype. Red Serpent represents the life force, the kundalini, that divine pulse that brings us into the physical from the non physical. Red Serpent is our sexual energy, that is our creative power. Red Serpent is the transmutation of light into form. Amazingly now we can see that at the point of conception, when the sperm merges with the egg, there is a flash of light. That is the first ignition point for our soul light to become manifest. Sex is sacred, it is spiritual, it is magic, and the Dark Wizard use this sex magic, and have adulterated - destroyed the beautiful innocence - of sacred sexuality. In our misinterpreted spiritual texts that became indoctrinating religions, in our education, in the media and in the pornography, and on and on, including the very destructive confusion around gender. Please do not get me wrong, my beliefs are that love is love, and we can love whoever and however we want to, but there is Natural Law and Creation, and in this there are yin and yang, masculine and feminine principles, and before we throw these out, we must comprehend them correctly as they are key to our ability to create.

In our world, that is crashing as we are in a time of great transition, we have lost this step in our growth, the Red Skywalker wave, connection with the divine through our body temple, to activate our sacred sexual power to create, not just babies, but that is a part of it, because if we were conscious in our sexual procreation, we would be able to connect with the soul’s that we are facilitating into manifestation, and correctly steward them into being incarnated. Preparing our body temples to receive them, aligning with our life force intelligence to know with who and when to create life, to carry that being consciously without fear, to birth that being consciously without fear, in orgasmic birth flowing with oxytocin - love - and consciously parent, hold space for the perfect of that being to come through. Imagine a world where we were all facilitated into reality in that way, imagine. And now look where we are. It is heartbreaking and I know many are suffering now, but it is all in our hands, and this is a time for the awakening, the awakening that will end the suffering by taking us out of illusion and confusion.

If we do not own our life force, then we give our power away and feel helpless and even victimized by the world, by those who are addicted to power who have created and continue to create ways day in and day out to steal your life force. Because it is powerful, because if you were reconnected to it, and it reconnected you to the divine truth of who you are, and what you are capable of, then their pathetic show of power would dissolve in an instant. The dis-ease of separation and duality has led to the manifestation of evil, but we are all anchors of the light of integration, remembrance and love. When we resolve the separation within, we will resolve the separation out there. Red Cosmic Serpent is the awakened life force, the coiling serpent energies of the yin and yang, masculine and feminine, pingala and ida, coming back into union, back into the light of love, and truth, piercing the veil of forgetfulness into god consciousness, source consciousness.

In my work I am reconnecting people to their light, and a key part of this is healing the sexual trauma that we all have, whether we have been abused sexually or not, and horrifically we all have in one way or another. When you get really subtle about it, what is this sex that has been abused? It is our life force. It is our divine light expressing itself in form. Have you been treated as a divine light expressing itself in form your whole life? No, hardly. So the assaults on this light that we are begin before we even arrive. Most are conceived in less than ideal situations, drugs and alcohol, codependence, addiction, even those of us who feel we are in love, it is not a love borne of wholeness, a spiritual love, it is a construct of love, a love of separation, which is why there is so much divorce and separation in the world. We see what is within. The world is a reflection of us. We have to own that, even though it is incredibly hard to own what we are seeing, the only way we can transform it, is to come to that knowing, that we are creator beings, and we created this, therefore we can create something else.

How is your sexual relationship with yourself, with your body, with you masculine and feminine energies, how are you balancing the yin and the yang in your life, in your thoughts and feelings, actions and non doing. Can you see the bias and separation within you, can you see it reflecting in your relationships with the opposite or same sex? Do you feel depressed, do you feel tired, do you feel out of your body, do you not feel anything at all? Are you using porn, do you fantasize with stories and seek sexual ‘relief’ rather than exploring your sexual energy as a spiritual sacred practice? Do you own your creations? Do you feel victimized? These are all questions that lead back to Red Serpent. When we are reconnected to the divine, via the body temple, the mother earth and divine mother, our life force is connected back to the divine source, there is no separation between creation and us, and we can move with the life force in a way that honors it, an empowered way. The hidden power of Red Cosmic Serpent is Yellow Warrior, and the guide is Red Moon, the divine feminine flow, through which life is born. We are living in a time where the feminine has been grossly maligned and abused, in men as well as women, this is not about men and women, this is about our life force. But this deliberate defilement of the Natural Laws, divine truth, leads to the issues we have between men and women, which are a fundamental breakdown of society and the world. If we cannot come together in love within ourselves, or our relationships, then what hope do we have of achieving it in the world.

Be very aware of this commodity that is your life force, this wave of Red Skywalker was a reminder to see the sacredness of life, to make life sacred, to come home to what is real, what you can feel, in your body, in nature, with the mother, come back to what matters. We are living in a time of virtual reality, we are bombarded with news we cannot know if it is real, unless we are in our bodies, connected to our inner wisdom, our embodied ways of knowing. We are being manipulated, to give our life force to things that we do not know. There is only so much we can know, really know, and it is only when we ground in that, that we can explore the unknown safely. In reading peoples charts I begin with helping them to master what they have, to see their keys and use them to have this ‘control group’ of data for their knowing, and then explore the unknowable with that intelligence, that is connected to divine intelligence, so we can navigate through the illusion with ease. Do not let external forces commandeer your emotional energy, and life force. Before the advent of the media and radio, then TV and now the internet, we would only know what was happening in our immediate vicinity. We could be more present in the now. And now is where we want to be. Red Cosmic Serpent is here NOW, it is our survival instinct that connects us to the Eagle 3rd All Seeing Eye of our Heart and higher mind, planetary mind. We are creating the future now, so if we are not grounded in the now moment with our intelligence available to respond, then we are lost, and our creative power and ability to survive is compromised.

I see that the powers that be have chosen this auspicious day to call for a black out, and black squares, and I understand the emotions we are being provoked into feeling but, we are in the Great Battle, I called this age the Great Battle, because it is the battle for our souls, we are in a moment of great awakening, and a time to reclaim our power from those who would seek to have power over us. They use this power in symbols, and they eek our agreements in symbols. We have divine free will, and they cannot violate that, but they can manipulate us to agree to things when we are confused. Question everything, Yellow Warrior questions for intelligence, this intelligence is multidimensional, we seek to feel it in our body, in our energy field, in our mind, and come to a full embodied choice as to how to align our life force. If you don’t know, then keep to yourself, keep to your sacred space, keep to what’s real, what is in front of you right now. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and this is the time of our arrival on the collapsed timeline of all timelines, so we can see clearly where we are, who we are, who they are, why and what now. Red Skywalker has been the first wave in the Castle of Crossing, we are crossing over a threshold of awakening now, and so the play for distraction and emotional entrapment is highest. Tomorrow we go into the White Worldbridger wave of death and rebirth. A portal into the multidimensional. We need to be anchored in our sacred space of divine connection, our life force lit with this ability to discern. The Battle lines are set, and the rest of June will be huge for humanity to awaken and choose to move out of the past trauma, and into the future, leaving this game behind to fall apart at the seems before our very eyes.

Mayan New Year 2020 will be Blue Lunar Storm, representing year 2 of the Wizard era, and therefore Blue Lunar Eagle, the challenge of seeing through, seeing clearly, seeing with perfect vision 2020. It is happening, you can see it now, so, step back and activate your true self, because we need now to step into truth and purpose, to create the bridge to the timeline of New Earth that is awaiting. We have already created this dimension, it is merely up to us to align our resonance with that timeline, which means healing the past traumas that have bonded us to this artificial timeline, and certainly not allow these current traumatizing events to re-cord us here, instead take all of these triggers as signposts to past traumas that are now resurfacing in order to be finally released. Released so the Red Cosmic Serpent life force is restored and we can cross over into the multidimensional truth of who we are, why we are, and move on to a whole new level of the game of form.

LOVE lights the way. Only love. LOVE only.

June Special - 20% off all readings for the month of June, orientate to your soul blueprints and understand what is happening now we have begun this new era of self mastery, 2020 is a portal year for us to partner with our higher truth. There is a meaning to you, and a purpose to fulfill, now is the time, we are called. Remember and delight in the divine plan. It is my divine purpose to guide you back to your inner wisdom and show you the beautiful plan that is expressed through you. Only love.

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