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Crossing Over the End of Times Bridge to the Future

White Magnetic Worldbridger : Kin 66 day 66 of 260 in the Calendar of Divine Time : 2nd wave of the 2nd Castle of Crossing

Day 1 of a new wave, the wave of death and rebirth, change and transformation that will lead to an awakening of higher truth, an expansion beyond our limits to a multidimensional perception of ourselves and reality, and our role in it. The magnetic tone is an attractor, a focus, pulling all the energy in to one point. We are all feeling the squeeze. Worldbridger represents change and surrender, and we are in an unprecedented time of surrendering to change. It is not comfortable, to let go into the ceremony of death, to let go into the unknown, but the supporting energy of Worldbridger and this wave is Red Skywalker, the previous wave lessons, to reconnect with the divine, in order to be able to move from one world to another, without fear. And this where we are now on the planet, we are facing a fear of death, a fear of change, and this wave has come to really push our buttons and get over this irrational fear, this fear that is founded on illusion and confusion. Worldbridger is who we are, we bridge worlds all the time, we are spiritual and human, we are masculine and feminine, we are a mother, father, sister, brother, young, old, this or that profession, this or that hobby. And in all these there is a world unto itself. We are multidimensional in this realm, and beyond this realm. We have become to small minded, and short sighted, overly attached, and therefore resistant to change. And yet, the only constant is change. Everything is energy and energy is in a constant state of flux. Death is merely a process of changing from one world to another, from one state to another, it is a portal, and yet we have a pathological fear of it, and it ripples down into a crippling fear of change. Everyday millions of cells in our bodies die, in order for new cells to be born. Nature reflects this cyclical nature, the leaves fall in the autumn/fall only to bud again in the spring and flower/fruit in summer. Time is also cyclical, naturally. But as we have divorced ourselves from nature and natural time, we have these misunderstandings of our true nature.

How can we allow the changes that want to happen when we refuse to let go? This wave of White Worldbridger will be calling us to let go, surrender to the bigger picture changes that are occurring, on the global scale, on the cosmic scale, on the spiritual level and probably every level of our reality. We are in the shift of the ages, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and a Great Awakening to our true nature. This means the world as we have known it has to die. We are all witnessing the process now, some of us have been aware of it for years, and have been waiting, so we are not as alarmed, more able to stay in the center of this storm of change and trust in the process. As a humanity we need to awaken this multidimensional viewpoint in order to understand what is happening, and why, and how we might navigate it with more grace. Worldbridger is challenged by Warrior, the mission. We will have to let go of who we think we are, what we were doing, in order to step into a higher truth of who we are, and what we are here for now at this epic juncture in our human history. We are dying in one sense, as we are changing, we will never be the same again because we are expanding from our small self into beings with a greater understanding of the reality we are in, and our original intent for this creation. It is like humanity is growing up, and we can either travel this transit with acceptance, and receive the changes with gratitude, or resist and fight to hold on to something that has already died.

It is that moment, and it is harder to write about it as it is happening than when these messages started flowing through me in 2012. It is almost too much to express to you what we are undergoing, but I will try!

Worldbridger is the end goal of the era we commenced last summer when we began the White Wizard years 2019-2032, this first year is a microcosm of the 13 year process, so it has all the elements condensed into one year, which is why this is such a intense year. We will begin the 2nd year on the 26th July 2020, and that year will be challenging. I know I know, as if this one isn’t! We will go into a year of Blue Lunar Storm, the challenge of regeneration, of energy, of change. We are going into a wave of 13 days of Blue Storm after this wave of White Worldbridger. This month of June is so powerful, so important, for the shift we are in, as it will set the tone for the years ahead. We are being called to choose, to surrender to the changes, and to the bigger picture plan, the divine plan, or to create all sorts of other timelines as we have projected or had projected on to us by those who have been aware of this time and it’s importance in our Cosmic History. This Castle of Crossing is hinged on this crossing over the bridge from one reality to another, and it began with the invitation to create that within, so we can have that inner knowing whilst the external changes took place.

Let's look at the wave journey, the core purpose of the wave is White Dog, love, so these changes are about bridging to a heart consciousness, rising up from the survival power over paradigm of fear into the consciousness of love. Phew, there’s a meaning for all this that we can pin our hopes to! The intention point of the wave is White Wizard, which is the era we are in. This is interesting, and places this wave in a key place of importance for this Age of the New Shamans 2019-2032. We are being called to awaken as wizards. What is a wizard? It is a wise person, someone with knowledge. We are barely graduated as Cosmic Humans, but we have to fast track ourselves now in this year of Red Self Existing Skywalker to stepping into self mastery, attaining the knowledge of who we are, what we came to do, and the skills we need to do it. White Wizard is unlimited by the small mind of Yellow Human, the shaman understand the energy of existence and how to influence it, the multidimensional nature of reality and how to work with it. White Wizard is not a victim, but an active conscious manifestor. Currently on the planet there have been Wizards who are not aligned with love, and who are addicted to power and control, and we are in a cosmic consciousness battle to reclaim our magical (aka knowledge) from those who lied to us, about everything.

We can see it now, larger than life in our faces. Lies lies everywhere. The People of the Lie was a great book by the legendary M Scott Peck, and throughout the ages from ancient to now, people have written about this Great Deception that has been played upon Humanity. Perhaps the greatest of these will be the realization that we have created it all, we are the light and the dark, and we bridge these energies. Perhaps in our fear of death, we have become identified with one side over another, and polarized the projection out into our experience. Stepping into our self mastery and Wizard archetype will require us to own it all, our true power, undiluted, the dark and the light, and tame it into alignment with the divine, with love. Love is the hidden power of the era we are in, it is the secret gift of the journey. Uranus in Taurus at this time is further emphasizing this awakening of love consciousness. The lovelessness that was born of forgetfulness, is seeded within us all. We can all contact this existential wound and we can all do our part to heal it, and come back to love. From the space of love we can embrace our shadows, no longer dark as we are shining the light of love on the totality of our being, which is a reflection of the totality of creation.

The ultimate goal of the wave is White Cosmic Mirror, universal truth. So we are dying to be reborn in the light of truth, a far greater truth that we have ever known. On a soul level we are ready, but on a human level we have no idea what crossing this event horizon will be like, and we have come to fear such a huge change, mainly because we have disconnected from the spiritual support systems that would connect us to these greater cycles and the actual purpose of life and it’s evolutionary drive. We have been living an artificial timeline, hurtling toward this end times without awareness, and now that timeline has crashed, and is disintegrating, as consciousness is a far greater power than any Dark Wizard or sleepy human denial. All timelines are colliding now, we are remembering eons of timelines, in order to die to them, to surrender the imprints and limitations those experiences brought into our soul’s journey, so we can restore the vibrancy of our true light in order to begin again, but this time in a whole new level of consciousness than humanity has ever been before.

This is the end. And the changes are coming to bridge us and carry us over. Do not fear the changes, expand your mind and explore your limitations, are you ready to let go of them, how big will you allow yourself to be? Do you want the truth to set you free? Remember nothing in existence ends, everything is energy in a state of flux, and this is a quantum reality shift moment, and we are riding in it. So we can get on the wave, find our center and ride it out. Or be dragged. We need to cultivate the same excitement as we must have had when we signed up to incarnate in the first place.

Remember the Butterfly.

”A great beginning is sometimes at the point of what you thought would be the end of everything.” – Dodinsky

LOVE will light the way.

Join us for the Worldbridger Webinar on Sat 6th 2.22pm AZ time to explore the wave in more detail to understand what it means for you personally & the collective perspective, so you can ride the wave with ease!

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