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Activate The Beautiful Plan for the New Earth : Surrender to Divine

Yellow Electric Star : Kin 68 day 68 of 260 in the Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : 3rd day of the 2nd wave of the 2nd castle : The Castle of Crossing

Day 3 comes as a relief from the second day of the wave, the first day focuses, the second day challenges as an expansion from the single pointed focus of Magnetic energy, and then the 3rd energy comes in, bonding with the first 2 energies, dissolving the agitation into a dynamic dance of creation. The number 3 - the Electric Tone is connected to electricity, to activation, to the foundation of alchemy, and therefore to creation. As in the Tao, it is the launch point for the 10,000 things. As Telsa said if you want to understand the universe then study the numbers 3,6 and 9.

We are traveling in the White Worldbridge wave of death and rebirth, in the Castle of Crossing, crossing over. Yesterday the challenge was Blue Lunar Hand, what to do, if to do anything at all. Worldbridger is surrendering to the bigger picture, and when we do that, we might not feel like doing what we normally do. Something is dying, and changing, and so it is natural that we are going to be challenged to do things differently, part of the process of doing things differently for us as we are currently on the planet, is to perhaps not do anything at all. Interestingly many of us might still be in a shutdown, and doing less than we were. If we are to change course, then we have to stop, especially if we don’t know where we are going! Blue Lunar Hand also speaks to knowing, and the challenge of knowing. And this too is a big theme in our collective now, we are bombarded with apparent knowledge from sources we have outsourced our knowing to, and we have lost our own ability to know. And yet, feeling like we don’t know is challenging for some as they have an emotional attachment to needing to be right. In this wave of death and rebirth, expanding beyond our limitations, one layer of this experience is for us to let go of our beliefs, ideas and concepts, basically of knowing. What if you don’t know? How would you feel? Is it ok not to know? Does it even feel exciting because when you rest in that space of non doing and non knowing, you feel the expansion of possibilities, you reconnect with the infinite that is who we really are. The message is clearly, if we want to change, we have to stop doing, rest a while in non knowing, and allow the energy of existence to move us back on track, back into alignment.

Once we have stopped doing all our busyness, and we don’t even know what to do anymore, that’s the space where some divine inspiration can come in. How else could it possibly get your attention when you are so busy doing things all the time, and believing that this or that is who you are or what you do or have to do and so on. So now we are ripe for the activation that wants to happen when we surrender to the bigger plan, the White Worldbridger process. This brings us to Yellow Electric Star, the activation point of the wave. Yellow Star represents the finger print of god, art, beauty, divine plan, the sacred geometry of life, the perfection in all things. It is efficiency and elegance, and directly relates to both LOVE and TRUTH. Beauty/Art is the manifestation of LOVE and Truth. And this is something we desperately need to reclaim as a driving force in our lives, because at a soul level we are LOVE, and to create love from love is our soul’s only desire. This existence is a love story, but it’s got a little lost along the way. Much of what we are busy doing is not making the world a more beautiful place, it is not an expression of love, and it is not in harmonic alignment with the divine plan. And this weighs heavy on our soul, even though as humans we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to functioning according to the dictates of the paradigm, our soul knows who we are and why we came, and ignoring the soul desire will lead to distortions, illness, shutting down of the divine connection, and life force. Use it or lose it as they say. This why aging looks the way it does, we arrive and we are full of life, and the divine connection is strong in us, we just want to paint and draw and imagine and play all day. Blue Monkey is the supporting energy of Yellow Star, children show us what this whole trip is about but we ignore them, label them childish things that we have to leave to grow up and be adult in the world. But we got it wrong, so wrong, yes we have to grow up, and this is what is happening now on the planet, a kinda Saturn return for humanity. Grow up and take responsibility for creation, but not to abandon our creative energy that is from source.

Yellow Electric Star is asking us to activate our imagination, playfulness, allow the magic that flows when we are in the state of not knowing - just as children are - so we can connect with more than what can be known in this world. It is asking that we die to the limited and expand into the divine plan, the perfect pattern of god’s fingerprint. When we create or enjoy art, we are touching the divine, and it is a language of the soul, it is good for our soul to listen to beautiful music, watch an incredible soulful dancer. Much of our arts on the planet have been distorted, not coming from a place of love, and not connected to the divine. Much of what we have created as systems, organizations, nations etc are not efficient or elegant because they are unnatural, instead of following nature’s lead as blueprint for the divine plan, we have expended our creative energy to make horrendous creations that diminish life. That is not what we came to do.

The hidden power of the day, is Red Skywalker, echoing the message that activating our inner artist is the best way for us to reconnect with the divine. At this time of great change the invitation is that we need to be creative in a beautiful way now more than ever, as this will connect us to our divine truth faster and stronger, and that will allow us to know what the right thing to do is going forward, how we are going to rebuild reality from the ground up, from within us as we align to our true selves, and love, rippling out into the world. When we are in times of great change, death and rebirth, we want so much to know, and creativity will allow us to play with realities, and realize the ultimate truth that we are artists of life, and we are playing with reality, only we have got a little serious and identified in the duality, and a little addicted and convinced that we have to battle it out out there, rather than battling with whatever inside us is keeping us from knowing the beautiful plan for our lives, for existence.

Another way of understanding Yellow Electric Star in the wave of White Worldbridger is through NDE, near death experiences, in which so many experience seeing the beauty of it all, realizing it was all beautiful, even the pain we go through. They see that the ultimate truth of life is love, and beauty. They all appreciate life so much more afterwards, after getting to surrender themselves and cross over to see this from a higher perspective. We don’t have to die to activate that, but perhaps many of the indigenous ceremonies with various psychedelics are essentially creating that death rebirth event to allow us to cross over into a larger perspective on reality. It is true, we do need to get out of our head! But not by numbing out on drugs, alcohol or food or other addictions, but by consciously connecting to the heart, our soul, and letting go of the false world, the masks of our different identities, and surrendering to the process of awakening that we are programmed to do. There is nothing to do, mostly we just need to stop doing, and in that space, the life force will guide us, and we follow our joy authentically and it all flows from there. Imagine!

Yes, I shall leave you there to imagine knowing your hearts joy and following it without fear. This is how we bridge this world to the next, the one our souls’ have been waiting for, the one we built, the one that the portal of 2020 is open to, if we can stop doing what this world demands of us, and drop into and reset. 2020 is a reset year, it reset all our numerology. Grab this time of transformation, that will continue into the next wave of Blue Storm, and make a beautiful tapestry for your life, and as we each do this for ourselves, we will together create heaven on earth.

LOVE is lighting the way. Keep following the love.

Only love.

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