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What the World Needs Now

White Overtone Dog : Kin 70 day 70 of the 260 day 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time & Humanity’s Evolutionary Journey to Sixth Sun Consciousness : Day 5 of the 2nd wave of the 2nd Castle of Crossing

Francene Hart : Love & Power

Day 5 of the wave of White Worldbridger that we are journeying together, a time of death and rebirth, transformational change that expands us, takes us towards the bigger picture of our multidimensional truth. The 5th day is the core purpose point of the wave, it is always in the same color as the theme of the wave, and marks the cornerstone of the journey. In this journey of death and rebirth, the message is love is the key. Guided by White Mirror, that is the end goal of the wave with White Cosmic Mirror being day 13 we are headed towards. White Mirror is also the wave of 13 years we began on Jan 1 2017, and indeed we are in the throes of the unveiling of truth, in amongst the battle for truth. There is no truth without love. We cannot find truth if we are outside of love. The purpose for the death and rebirth, for all transformation, indeed for this life which is a transformational process, as above so below, we transform from the conception to death and then after death, it is a never ending transforming ride, and the core purpose is love. Love is why we are here, love is why consciousness expressed itself into form. And love is the road map back from the side -effects of separation that has ravaged our reality in duality, duality played out in every way we can, warring between nations, in relations, warring within, with our minds, with our bodies, with our soul, with our sexuality, with our heart.

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that’s there’s just too little of… “

Life will demand that we die to be reborn in the truth of love, until we awaken in love, awaken to being love, and the power of love. One of my all time quotes, I think there perhaps need be no other quote, as this sums it all up so perfectly, is this gem from Jimi Hendrix

"When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, we shall know peace”

The Overtone and 5th frequency represents empowerment, we have been through the stages of focus, challenge and activation and then grounding into the practice point of the wave, yesterday’s glyph Red Self Existing Moon, and now we merge those steps, and can radiate an empowered beingness. 5 is the number of free will, it is dynamic and moves from the base of 4 which is foundational. Without a foundation we have nothing to stand on, and we can’t really exercise our free will. In this process of death and rebirth we are called to the divine flow of the feminine Red Moon, representing feelings, openness, fluidity, the universal waters of life, water that holds the memories, our emotional baggage. Until we are able to ground our emotions, and have emotional sovereignty then we do not have a foundation from which this process of death and rebirth can proceed with ease. Then we will be in fear of this expansion, and resist it. Which is what we see in our reality, a pathological fear of death, coupled with a fear of feeling. Feeling all our beautiful feelings is what makes us human, and learning from our emotions, makes us emotionally intelligent. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for spiritual intelligence. And this is where we are now as a humanity. We spent 13 yrs in the Red Moon 2006 -2019 to bring us into this flow state, where we are able to feel, and receive our divine inner guidance. Now we are in the second stage of a 52 year process to seed the New Earth, the Age of the New Shamans - White Wizard wave, since July 26th 2019 for 13 years, this year being a microcosm of the whole journey. Now we are called into self mastery, and awakening to the multidimensional truth of reality, which this wave we are in now is a transformational portal to. We are dying, and it’s a little scary, but we have to surrender - another aspect of Worldbridger’s energy is this surrendering to the bigger plan. But we only have to look to nature to remember, nothing really dies, it transforms, which is why Worldbridger represents change and transformation as well. So we are moving from one level of being, one level of consciousness, one level of reality, to another, bridging and crossing over. With love in our hearts, and a connection with the divine, as reflected in nature, we can trust the evolutionary process is one that is spiraling upwards, we are improving, or at least that is the window of opportunity that is opening for us, can we rise above all that is crumbling round us, and not be sucked into the devolution, seeing that it is simultaneously an opportunity to ascend, to move up.

White Dog represents love, the heart consciousness that is the new level of consciousness that our cosmic evolution is calling us to. We have Uranus in Taurus for 7 years, just 1 yr into that process which is a revolution of our bodies, of our felt sense, perhaps bringing us into our heart more as Venus rules Taurus. Love is the bridge, it embraces what is, and connects it all to the divine truth, that all is love. When we don’t feel that, can’t see that, we have work to do, we are living a lie, and moving away from the truth. It is only when we each come home to the heart, the seat of the soul, that we can transform in alignment with our multidimensional truth, which is our souls desire, the original plan of creation, of Gaia, of Humanity.

So today, focus on your heart, ask yourself if you truly love yourself, do you know what that even feels like, are you loving parts of yourself and not others? Are you able to know what love would do at any moment? Do you think love? Where is the love coming from if it is not from source? Are you giving love, but not allowing yourself to receive love? How can you be more loving to yourself and those around you? Meditate on the quote above, and see how your relationship to yourself and others, and how the world is reflects your position around power & love. We are shifting out of the power over game, into the empowerment game, empowerment comes from love, from the place where you are another me, and I want the best for you, as I want the best for me, and that is the only way to create heaven on earth. And if we can do that within, and with our loved ones, our community and so on, by and by we will rebuild the world from love only.

What the world needs now… is love sweet love.

Love will always light the way. Let love lead.


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