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Attuning our Human to Higher Vibrational Reality

Yellow Resonant Human : Kin 72 day 72 of 260 day Sacred Calendar of Humanity’s Awakening : 7th day of 2nd wave in the 2nd Castle of Crossing.

Art by Noa Knafo

Day 7 of the wave of White Worldbridger, of death-rebirth, change and transformation, that we are traveling together in this 52 day process of crossing over from one reality to another. We are in that clarification phase, expanding to the multidimensional truth that is becoming more and more evident. This journey is one of awakening to higher truth, the higher truth of love. And in that process, reclaiming our power from the limited perception of reality based on lies, and accessing the spiritual intelligence that will rebirth us as magical manifestors of the future.

The journey took us from the heart consciousness, to yesterdays’ glyph, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, balancing the inner child. Healing the wounds to release the wonder. Blue Monkey is the Achilles heel of the Cardinal kin family, when we are wounded then we are susceptible to multidimensional interference. We are all carrying wounds in our inner child, no matter if we had a great childhood, the nature of our reality is such that our soul light arrived into a less than ideal world, with traumatizing ways of being. We cut the cord when it would naturally fall off in 3/4 days, violation happens the moment we are born. And all unconsciously, but the effect is the same, we are separated more and more from our soul light and by the age of 7 we are adapted into ego defensive personalities, and this is how we lose our way. Healing the inner child is a beautiful journey of remembering who we are, reparenting our inner child so the incorrect perceptions of reality are released, and our gifts and dreams return. With the inner child in balance, where we are not vulnerable due to our blind spots of childhood trauma, and we similarly not so serious that we can’t remember that this life is all a game, and that being imaginative and creative is actually a survival skill, one that will make our lives infinitely better.

Only once we are balanced in our Inner Child, can we be reconnected with the Divine Mother aspect, and we need that in order to reclaim our power to create, to birth reality, consciously. Healing the subconscious distortions we are able to step into response-ability to the moment, which brings in all the magic.

Today’s glyph is Yellow Resonant Human, attuning our frequency to our higher selves, we are able to bring in the spiritual intelligence that we need to navigate reality back in alignment with the divine plan. The multidimensional interference relies on creating low vibrations in our field, feeding on our life force, and keeping us from our divine connection. When we are conscious to take care of our vibration, and to work on elevating our vibration, we are able to access higher states of consciousness, ultimately the unified field of LOVE from which we emanate from. We need to tune back into that source, so we can align with the divine flow. The greatest influence on our vibrational state is our emotions. Emotions have a huge resonance field, and right now we can see that we are being emotional manipulated every second of the day, and it is hard work to stay neutral and not engage in this war for our energy. But we must work on emotional sovereignty. We must be able to feel our feelings, and own them, to see when the external trigger is manipulative based on lies, but also to heal where in our field we are unable to have a defense against that - this is the inner child wounds. Feelings are our emotional intelligence, if we don’t have control over our emotions we are unable to ground, unable to think clearly nor act coherently. We need to be able to feel our feelings without reacting, and trace them back to their key message, so we can free them, free lower vibrational emotions back into neutral energy and direct that energy towards what we want to create, how we want to feel. This is not to emotionally suppress anything, we must feel to be human, it is the foundation of who we are, and why we are here. And in the healed state, our feelings are a guide. But when we are reacting, and emotional without awareness, we are lost. With awareness on the feelings, listen to them, follow them to receive the inner wisdom they bring. Free yourself. Be yourself. Be love.

Yellow Resonant Human speaks to the fact that we are a collective, and our energy affects others, both negatively and positively, and Yellow Human is also about free will. We need to choose our vibe, and that will align with our tribe. As we move forward into the Sixth Sun Consciousness - heart consciousness reality, we will communicate more from our feelings than from mental constructs. We will have realized that our emotions are a language of the soul, and as we will have healed the distortions of 2000s years we will be able to be in the flow state of feeling in response to the now moment. We will appreciate our feelings, as energy, and we will emotionally align with what we wish to create and experience. This is in fact what we are learning in this generational wave of White Wizard 2019-2032. This is why the world is in a crazy chaotic emotional reaction, because the portal for us to align with the timeline of our hearts desire is open in 2020, 2 is partnership, inviting us into partnership with our higher self, and the divine plan, to feel the future into being and bridge over to a better experience of life. If we are consumed by the low vibrational distractions of the moment, and believe me, we still have 6 more months of shenanigans, then we cannot feel the higher timelines that are waiting for us.

So hold your vibrational space sacred. It is not important if you get sad or angry, this is natural, it is energy. If you shame or blame yourself for your feelings that takes you into lower and lower states. Just being with your feelings, in an open hearted way, whatever they are, and meeting them with the intent to understand, receive and release, is high vibrational way of being. As you digest the emotion, and it’s roots from your past, from our collective past, without fear or resistance, it dissolves into love. We rise above it and see it from the context of our spiritual journey, and then we feel the love for life that brings our resonance higher and higher. You know this works, you have done it many times I do not doubt. Perhaps it doesn’t work all the time, and something can throw you off, that is ok. Sometimes things happen precisely to release a buried emotion that is no longer meant to be in our space. Witness without judgement, and you will feel the transformation. Feelings are real, they are true, but they are currently out of time because we have not been emotionally intelligent enough to deal with them in the moment, and so, knowing that, we can meet them when they arise, and allow them to process and then be free to respond and not react. As my friend once posted, be Creative not Reactive. The same letters in these words. Just need to move the C… Take 3 breaths, feel the energy and remember you are source, you are creative, so what would love do with this?

We are in a time of a huge shift, a vibrational shift for humanity, and perhaps the process looks messy but it will come into alignment soon. Trust, and love will light the way.

LOVE only.

art by Noa Knafo

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