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Communion with Divine Nature

Red Crystal Earth : Kin 77 day 77 of 260 in the 13 Moon Sacred Calendar of Humanity’s Awakening : penultimate day 12 of the 2nd wave of the 2nd Castle : Castle of Crossing

Art by Kallen Mikel

Day 12, the penultimate day of the wave of White Worldbridger we have been journeying together. The 12th day is the Crystal tone, representing the crystallization point of the wave. After the 10th day/tone of manifestation, there is a dissolution in the Spectral 11th day/tone and after all that is no longer needed has been released, what is liberated is the core creation, a deeper meaning to the journey. Just as in our science experiments when we would dissolve and crystalize, something appears that was hidden in the process of transformation. This White Worldbridger wave has been akin to a Pluto like transformation process, of death and rebirth in a more expanded perception of reality. Bridging worlds means we need to let go of the small world view we might be in, and venture out towards higher truths that will allow us to integrate the bigger picture of who we are, as spiritual beings having a human experience. Worldbridger reminds us that we are multidimensional, to remember our soul purpose, and this day of Red Crystal Earth is the crystallization point of that remembrance.

Along this journey we have let go of our knowing in order to embrace new knowledge, we have activated the divine plan of perfected form seeing the multidimensional truth and being able to ground it into our felt sense, feeling our feelings to flow with the divine flow that was intended to be our inner guidance system. This brings us into our hearts, where the ultimate higher truth of reality can be known, and the self love that will allow us to know our place in this creation so we can love ourselves enough to commit to it. This brought us into our inner child, where healed the wounds to reclaim the wondrousness of our essence self, so we can remember who we are, who we came to be, and what we came to do. Reclaiming our joy of being, our playfulness and the dream of our souls. From this place we could be higher vibrational humans, vibrating our reality higher, and each other. This higher vibrational energy opens us back up to our divine right of cosmic /heavenly connection, our higher selves, our guides, our soul’s journey and more. This reconnection allows us to bring in the fullness of our wisdom, married with our self mastery of being human whilst bringing in more and more of our spirit into our forms. This is when the magic happens, and where we are in our evolutionary history right now. Awakening as the New Shamans. This year since July 26th 2019 Galactic New Year, has been a microcosm 1yr version of a 13 year process we are in as a humanity, affecting us all differently as it activates our reconnection & reclamation of our magical powers, the power of knowledge. Stepping out of the matrix of illusion, the world of the People of the Lie, into the truth, into the alignment with Higher Truth, to serve the divine. With the wisdom of our multidimensional seeing, we are able to be visionaries, to see the planetary timelines, to see our impact on them, and how to steer humanity on to a timeline in which Mother Earth and Daughter Gaia are able to transcend to the next level of the experiment. This infused our sense of purpose, and we surrendered to the higher purpose of our lives, seeing our magical gifts and why we need to master them to serve our souls intent to see the creation of heaven on earth. Bringing us to today, cooperating with the the flow of the divine earth. Red Crystal Earth, guided by the moon, the waters of life. Mother Earth is alive, she’s a conscious being, she is spirit in form, just as we are, and we are inextricably linked, though for thousands of years we have been estranged from her, and as we are both her children, and her guardians, we have abandoned her to our distortions.

As we emotionally mature, to embracing the divine feminine aspect of ourselves and reality, seeing the way Mother Earth feels, and being able to listen to her, feel her again, and be in divine communion with her because we are present in the now to her messages and gifts, to her warnings and her humor, her needs and guidance. This is already heaven on earth but for our perception, and our alignment. This process of dying to be reborn we are in now is coming back to the awareness of where we are, who we are, and how it was originally designed to be. We have journeyed together many lifetimes with her, and been through much suffering, we have learned, or should have, indeed I would say that the current upheaval on the planet is a sign that we have reached a consciousness shift point as a collective, even if the narratives we are fed through the flailing systems of the People of the Lie, the Dark Wizards who have subverted knowledge for their own gain, and power over, who’s disdain for the divine feminine is evident in their removal of Divine Mother from our lives, the attempt to control nature and enslave it to their agenda, the divorce from natural time to an artificial time that is disharmonic to our bodies, our awakening, to our inner peace and health on every level. We are witnessing the Great Awakening, and part of that will bring us back to the land, back to nature, back to our bodies and the interaction between nature and our bodies. When we free ourselves of the emotional imprints from the distorted reality we endured for so long, we can be present with our feelings in the now, able to feel our way, and bring our feelings into higher resonance from wherever they are. Just as nature does. She shows us all we need to know, and yet we have built a modern life in which many don’t get any time in nature.

When we can cooperate with nature again, we will no longer fear that somehow she is in danger from us, and the worst of all narratives that the controlling Dark Wizards have perpetuated on our collective consciousness, that the earth would be better off without humans, that we are a virus or parasite to her. This is a fundamental lie that I see come up with many of my clients, which is ultimately a self hatred, which creates much suffering and distortion. The truth is that we are one with her, she is our Mother, and our daughter, we have a cocreative relationship with her, we can’t survive without her just as she can’t survive without us. Yes we have had cataclysms on this planet, some say this is the 5th world, and each time she is birthed with the codes of how we can ground heaven on earth, as in how we can descend fully into form, bring the whole of our soul spirit into our physical bodies and into presence with her, and experience her in the same way, an awakened embodied being. We are at that point in our evolution, and the new dimension has been created, we simply have to step into self mastery so we can ‘bridge’ over to that timeline and leave this one behind, with love and grace, integrating the lessons we learned from suffering and losing ourselves and our divine connection.

As we see our world - the man made structures - are failing and crumbling, you can get to nature and see that nothing has changed for her, she is still breathing in and out, growing and flowering. So clearly it is not the end of the world, it is a transition from one season to another. If we can be grounded in the real, in her wisdoms, we can reorientate ourselves. This will all seem like a bad dream when we wake up in the dream and reclaim our power to dream ourselves with her, in heaven on earth, together to get there.

Get out into nature today, and really connect with her, perhaps near water too. Let her move your feelings, and notice where she takes you to. Notice what messages she brings in her interesting ways, a bob cat or bunny, a red tail hawk or squirrel. Nothing is meaningless, this is our hologram, when we own it we can reclaim our power to create in it. Red Crystal Earth is the invitation to come together with the earth, and crystalize the grids of connection within her and us, and the divine.

LOVE will light the way. Think love. Be love. ONLY love.

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