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Intention Directs the Magic of Manifestation

White Solar Wizard : Kin 74 day 74 of the 260 day 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time Reorientating Humanity to it’s Evolutionary Timeline : day 9 of the 2nd wave of the 2nd Castle The Castle of Crossing

Art by Autumn Skye

We have reached the 9th day of this transformative wave of White Worldbridger, a wave of death and rebirth, changes that expand us to the bigger picture view of our multidimensional reality. The intention point of this process is today’s archetype, and our generational archetype that we are all called into being now that we are in the 2nd 13 year cycle of a 52 year evolutionary process. White Solar Wizard. The 9th frequency tone is intention and direction, like a solar ray it shoots forth deliberately, intentionally and in a particular direction. We evolve through the tones each wave, from one focus to the challenges of that focus, to the activation and grounding, the empowerment and balance, the attunement and then the integration of all those parts. Yesterday’s archetype was Red Galactic Skywalker, integrating the cosmic connection is the key to the expansion process. We die to what is, and expand to reconnect with the divine plan. And in so doing we receive the wisdom of the heavens and step into our Wizard.

We are in the Age of the New Shamans, 2019-2032, the last time we were in this generation was between 1967-1980. It is the coming of age of this generation, called to step into self mastery, awaken to multidimensional spiritual intelligence to navigate this particular part of the game of life, a critical point. We are transcending the control of the Dark Wizards, whose intention and direction are jeopardizing humanity and the planet, and reclaiming our power to attune our reality to a higher timeline, one that already exists, we simply have to bridge there. This year since July 26th 2019 has been showing us all the ways in which we will have to mature in our self mastery in order to pull this off. We have already won, but as we live in a multidimensional reality, all timelines exist, and we have to remember how we navigate, using our intention to set the direction.

The White Solar Wizard is guided by White Dog, love. This is the key to the difference we are making in our reality now. Love is the guide, love connects us to the highest timeline, effortlessly. The only challenge then is to listen to love, to do what love would do. And we are learning about love, learning to love ourselves and to open to the love of the divine that we have been so separated from with the indoctrination and programming, especially around our embodiment and sexuality. Love is alchemy, it is magic. We all know there are amazing stories of the power of love, the miracles it can create. We need love now, more than ever. We are in crazy changing times, a death of what we have known, in order for a rebirth from the ashes. We have to stay steady in this storm of change, and fearless. We need the light of love to be strong within, to withstand the darkness that is unearthing as it falls away. We have been too busy running the rat race to notice what has been occurring, we are in the age of truth, so all is being revealed so it can be released. We have all been a part of creating this reality, like it or not, because we have disowned our power, and lost our magic. Now existence has aligned the forces to call us back into our magic, our power, to remember who we are, and to see with perfect vision 2020 where we are, so we can get out of here, and get to where our hearts would rather be.

Do you know the magic you came to bring? Do you know your hearts desire? Can you hold true to the light of love that is within you, and connects you to all things as the shadows rise up and play their last hurrah? If you don’t know, that is ok, but you can intend to know, and your intention will carry you forward. What is your intention? Where does it come from? Is it based on fear or love? Can you intend to reclaim your power and intend to use your power in a loving way for the greater good of all? Intention is everything. Without it we are lost. Let us be intentional in all that we do, and see the magic that unfolds. Right now we are holding the intention of change, we have been calling for it for years. Be the change you wish to see, now we are in the midst of change, we need new intentions, what could they be?

Let love light the way.

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