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Center in the Storm of the Great Awakening : Return to Innocence to Ascend Humanity

Blue Magnetic Storm : Kin 80 day 80 of 260 day 13 Moon Sacred Mayan Calendar of Natural Time : Day 1 of the 3rd wave of the 2nd Castle : Castle of Crossing

We have begun a new wave - a cycle of 13 days, the blue transformational wave in the 4 wave cycle that comprises a Castle. We move through these waves of elemental activations, yang to yin, rising, falling. The first wave of a castle is Red, for fire, activation, initiation, physical. The second wave is White for air, refinement, clarity, order and spirit. The third wave is Blue for water, transforming, fluid, changing, and emotion. So we are in the quickening phase of this particular Castle, which is the Castle of Crossing. Crossing over from one level of reality to another. We began with the call to reconnect with the divine in the Red Skywalker wave, reconnecting with the body temple, the temple of Nature and Divine Mother, to activate our life force codes of survival, and awakening. We have just left the White Worldbridger wave of death and rebirth, a process of expansion that demanded we left behind our small world view and remembered we are spiritual multidimensional beings, and to reclaim our power to be magical (wise) manifestors of our reality. And now we are entering The Storm. Has it been stormy enough this year? Well here we go, this storm is a prelude to our shifting into a Storm year, on July 26th 2020 we will go into Blue Lunar Storm, the second year in this new age of White Wizard 2019-2032. The theme of the Galactic year ahead will be White Mirror, yesterday’s archetypal energy. We are in the age of White Mirror since Jan 1st 2017. The Age of Truth and ReOrientation with Higher Truth. We can clearly see how we have been having a time of disclosure and as we exist in a dualistic polarized reality, at the very same time we are bombarded with confusion and delusion, plain out and out lies that serve the illusion. My prediction is that this Blue Lunar Storm year will crack the White Mirror and reveal the truths that will set us free. Coinciding with the 2nd archetype of the White Wizard wave Blue Lunar Eagle, this latter part of 2020 will be the portal of seeing through the veils of illusion, just as Dorothy saw the Great Wizard behind the curtain was merely a trickster ruling over the many with his trickery. We have always had the power to click our heels and go home.

Lets talk about the Storm. Blue Storm represents energy, the vortex of change. Energy is in a constant state of flux, always moving. Everything is energy and energy follows thought, although interestingly in this cosmology Blue Storm precedes Yellow Sun, representing mind, consciousness thoughts & concepts. It’s a good conversation to explore. We know that somehow these things are in an inseparable dance with each other. Thoughts, the light of consciousness, collapses energy into form, but what motivates consciousness to create in this way, is there a intelligence in the field from which consciousness arises? Blue Storm is regeneration, because energy is eternal, and all things move from one state to another, nothing becomes everything and everything becomes nothing again. Round and round we go. Only when we collapse into form, into realities, into identities, we begin to limit energy, and often block it, and then it becomes distorted and loses its natural way of being, loses it’s vibrancy and ability to dance. We are energy beings, and yet we have tried to control our energy in ways that has limited our energy, and diminished it. There is a storm inside us, and the storm we are going through is attempting to kick start that essential nature storm that wants to reorganize our parts, our consciousness, our frequency into alignment with the divine intelligence that is.

There is a Big Storm coming our way in the 3rd part of this 52 year process we are in, that will come in 2032 when we graduate in this process of becoming White Wizard. We are probably going to go through a part of the cosmos that is energetically very different, and all that is happening for years now has been to facilitate our energetic evolution so we can transcend that time. The last time we were in the Blue Storm era for 13 years was the generation born 1980-1993. This generation were labeled ADD because their energy body was so different and grossly misunderstood. We cannot hold back the storm of change but we can learn how to navigate in it. This age of White Wizard has Blue Rhythmic Storm as it’s balance point. We are having to learn about energy, how to balance our energy, how to recharge our energy, how to listen to energy, derive guidance from it’s language of frequency and how to alter our reality with frequency by navigating dimensions of reality. We are now facing the Great Awakening of how it is that we have lost our energy, given our energy away, had our energy manipulated and controlled, so we are not connected to it, not able to use it in all the ways it was originally intended.

Emotional energy is a huge aspect of our humanity, and it is here that we have our achilles heel. Somehow we have become afraid of change, fearing the unknown as opposed to embracing the vortex that is us, and the journey of moving from one state of being to another. We are in times of great change, a transition, a storm of chaos for a new order to arise from. We can get caught up in the storm and be tossed around or we can develop presence, awareness, and get centered in the storm, allowing it to do what needs to be done to bring itself back into right resonance with creation. In this wonderful modality of Mayan Soul Astrology, each glyph is a vortex of energies, a cross showing a glyph above that is the guiding energy lifting upwards, and a lower glyph which is the roots and hidden power, the vertical axis and then the horizontal axis with the right side representing the supporting ‘right hand’ and the left being the challenging oppositional energy, and the center glyph is the vortex of the archetype that is balancing these energies and expressing them into existence. The cross is a major symbol, representing the masculine and feminine, the electric and magnetic forces that create the circle of life, the vortex of life, as depicted by the Ankh also. In our energy bodies are spinning vortices, chakras, and in our precious planet also. As above so below when we look up at the galaxies surrounding us, we see they are spinning vortices also. Coming into gnosis of energy is very freeing, because we have to step out of thoughts, out of ideas, out of beliefs, and into presence. To witness the life force as it moves, we have it running through us, and we can feel it running through everything. If we reclaim our sensitivity to it. The truth is nothing is solid, it is all just energy in different states of frequency. So nothing should get stuck, but for our consciousness getting stuck projecting limiting ideas, and developing fear - resistance to moving from the known to the unknown, despite how painful the known is. We have got stuck like a broken record, repeating the same energetic patterns seeking a way out. We do this through our DNA spiral of vortexing energy creating patterns. We bring in the energy of our ancestors to resolve and move forward, but we forgot how to do that. We moved further and further into artificial frequencies, and most notably artificial time, that is not in resonance or alignment with the divine, with nature. And as we did this, and do this more and more, we are losing touch with the energies of life, and entraining ourselves to the energies of AI.

As Telsa said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

To awaken as The New Shamans we need to unlearn what we have learnt and really come to an inner understanding of energy, and how to dance with the vortex of change, how to allow it to transform us, how to trust it and gently steer it. You are not your mind, or your body, but the energy that is using both to participate in this reality of form. That means that you are connected to all things, as all is made of the same essential energy as you. When you really get into presence with that, you will be able to feel, with the felt sense feeling ability that is reading energy rather than interpreting emotions with the mind. It is essential that we become energy literate, so we can see through the illusion, see through what appears and presents as one thing but is energetically quite another thing. That is what we are seeing now, but as so many are not in touch with their energy body, their soul body and spirit body, they are in their emotional body which is wounded and easily manipulated, triggerable. And these reactions, and overreactions are energy, energy that is feeding into realities and timelines that we do not want, they are realities and timelines we have been doing for eons of time. And we are ready for change. We have been calling for change for years. Be the change you wish to see right? That means energetically align with the vibrational reality you want to experience. This is the challenge of this time, how can we divorce our energy body from the chaotic noise of a falling paradigm, and entrain our energy body towards a higher timeline, a whole new experience for humanity. To move from learning through suffering, resistance to learning through joy, opening to the dance.

In my embodiment work, using various breath techniques, I allow my clients to open to the energy vortex that is them, that is connecting them to all that is, and allowing all their cells to vibrate free of the imprints, and in alignment with their soul, great spirit and their souls’ truth. We have a great deal of trauma, which traps energy, and we are afraid to let that energy free, and yet we want free energy! It is quite funny how this reality is a reflection of us. Can you free your energy within? What stands in the way of allowing that? Can you feel the various super subtle energies within and around you, can you feel how you affect or are affected by the energies around you? Are you energetically sovereign, able to hold your center energetically? Are you energy aware, have you tried different energy modalities? Have you been to energy vortices on the earth and felt them? It’s time to leave the stories, the narratives that are one big psychology mind f*** and return to our essential nature, to the Cosmic Child, the pure energy potential that we are, and we came to be. These days I don’t really listen to the news, but I do listen to the energy of what is being presented, and what is. I see what the Dark Wizards are attempting to whip up a storm to get their agendas met, seeming to be rescuing us from a ‘natural’ storm, when in fact they created it. If we were energetically proficient we could read what is a natural storm from an artificially created one, and we could manage our energy in response. This is how we will free ourselves from their control. Once we see the truth, our energy will move towards aligning with it.

As always, love will light the way. Love is the energy of the universe, the energy of source, and attuning to the frequency of love will allow everything to move into its right place. The cooperation point of this wave of Storm is White Crystal Dog, cooperate with love.


**2 more weeks on my special on readings for June, get ready for the Storm, remember who you are by tuning into your blueprints, and seeing how best to ride the storm of change towards your highest truth. Together to get there, we need you to play your part in the greatest shift of all time. ** See Offerings Page for details, use code JUNE20 for 20% off. Look forward to faciliating your remembrance.

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