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Activate Inner Technology of The Mother : Birth the New World Now

Red Electric Dragon : Kin 82 day 82 of 260 day Lunar Calendar of Natural Time : day 3 of wave 3 in the 2nd castle : the Castle of Crossing

Artist Unknown

Day 3 of the wave we are in, Blue Storm, a time of catalyzing the changes we need to free up our energy from the past, to return to innocence, return to pure potentiality, so we can choose to create from a blank sheet, one of abundance. The 3rd day/tone of the wave is the activation point, after the challenging energy of the 2nd day/tone where the focus was polarized, now we have a dynamic creative dance with the 3rd energy, bonding to the polarity points and drawing them out of opposition into creative response. 3 is the number of creativity and joy, self expression. It’s always a relief to land in the Electric 3rd tone, and today’s glyph is Red Dragon. The Mother, the mother creator, that births into form, the responsibility for life, the nurturing and protection of life. In the wave of Quantum Energy, we are activating the creation process. Energy is what we create with. Energy lies in wait for our Consciousness, to choose, which way it wishes to express. Towards the light or towards the dark. And all the shades in between. And the Mother gives birth to this energy imprinted with the conscious choice, so we can embody and experience that choice.

This Mother Archetype has been lost from our consciousness, and from our embodied reality, and it’s separated us from the process of manifestation, left us feeling somehow a victim of reality. It’s a fundamental wound that is up for healing right now. The Mother has been returning, she is reclaiming her creation, Mother Earth, and Humanity. Her gift to us is free will, and that has been subverted by the agenda that separated her from us. We are all born from the mother, as above so below. The Universe is feminine, and all that arises comes from this space, the feminine waters of life. That life force is in our blood, in the pulse of the kundalini that moves through our bodies. The feminine is where the spiritual etheric and the physical meet. As we have lost connection with the feminine, within us, whether we are male or female, we have lost connection with our creative power, our ability to birth & nurture ourselves and reality. Red Electric Dragon is guided by Red Serpent the life force, our life force instinct for survival but also our sexual energy for creation and awakening. It is all one. The Blue Storm energy is bonded through consciousness and the mother, to incarnate and materialize into form. This is key for us to comprehend and to master within ourselves. Once we get this, we can reverse engineer from here, if we have a reality, a manifestation that is not what we prefer, we can break it down to the thoughts, the consciousness choice that led to the experience manifestation, own it, and collapse it back into pure energy, a vortex of energy that is undefined by consciousness so we can regenerate it, direct it with consciousness to our preferred experience.

To own our power, we need to grow up, which is to say we need to integrate the opposing energy of Red Dragon, Blue Monkey, representing the inner child. We have to bring our inner child through the wounds by reparenting ourselves, owning our self realisation process, so we can reclaim our innocence and self expression that arises from Source, rather than the adapted creation that all the trauma and conditioning has led us to be. We need the imagination of the essence self, the magical child, merged with the creative power of the divine mother within, to seed the reality for our experience. Being wounded in this dynamic, as so many of us are, we are limited in our creative power over reality. We are threatened by the Storm of change because it exaggerates our fear of being out of control. The truth is that we don’t need to control the energy, Blue Storm has a divine intelligence in it, if we could allow ourselves to flow with it, we would feel that, and feel one with it.

I am one with the force and the force is one with me. Star Wars

Red Dragon sits between White Mirror, truth & order, and Blue Monkey, the illusionist. What will we birth, from truth and alignment to clarity, to love, or order from the chaos? Or the imaginal realms, we need a bit of both, once we go too far in either extreme, we are creating imbalance. The wounded child creations are distorted, indulgent, emotionally reactive. The truth & order creations can be a bit stark, and lack enough playfulness. We are called to allow them to blend; the happy magical child who’s innate compass is already aligned with the higher truth of love.

How can we bridge the power of creation with the dream of our souls that Blue Monkey carries, with the higher truth of who we are as spirit in form. We rode in on a vortex of change, we came for this transformational ride and we intend to be a change catalyst for others, for the reality. How can we be true to the creation that is us, and yet stay connected to the undefined energy so we can allow it to regenerate and express itself without distortion through being controlled and subverted?

When the energy of change hits us, and we conceive of which way we would like to go, it activates the part of us that wants to birth, create. When we lose this, we have to retrace our steps and see what thoughts are restricting the energy, dampening our life force. If we are afraid of change, this is holding back the energy that we need. So the key is to learn that we are conscious agents, that can choose consciously what we want to experience, and that we are energy beings, that can allow the energies to flow the way they want to go, and influence them. Kind of like jumping on a wave and surfacing to shore. You can choose your wave, and how you want to ride it in. If you have limiting beliefs they will inhibit your ability, if you are open and in trust, you can wait for your wave to come and grab your moment.

We can see the waves that are crashing in our reality now, and we can hang back and wait for the ones that we prefer to ride, and let those other ones pass us by. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to go surfing in the storm, we just wait for the storm to pass and then see more clearly what our options are. This weekend we will have the solstice and a solar eclipse in Cancer, the divine mother, opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This is the last in a series of these Cancer Capricorn eclipses. Cancer at 0 degrees. The portal for the Mother to return to nurture us, interestingly the 69 symbol for Cancer is very much like the yin yang symbol. This Mother archetype needs to be reintegrated for us to be balanced, balanced in our ability to mother ourselves and reality. The solstice will be a Yellow Rhythmic Seed day, and we are seeding the the Storm of Change for the future we wish to birth now. Today we activate our inner Mother, to feel the power of creation within us, the start of growing this seed of the future is in the womb of the mother. Are you one with the mother energy within you and around you? How can you activate this creative birthing process? Clear out the negative thought forms and connect with your magical child, what seeds are sprouting that stir your life force? Can you see yourself nurturing them into the fullness of their expression, protecting them. Before you can connect with these seeds you came to sow into the fabric of time, you need to see yourself as a cosmic seed, of the divine, and mother yourself, nurture your true self expression, know your life force and let it guide you. Your life force is connected to the storm, the quantum energy of evolution, and it’s talking to you. You are mothering it into creation with your thoughts. Be mindful to be heartful.

LOVE lights the way.

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