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  • Rianna Skywalker

Reclaim the Dark : The Dreamfield

Blue Overtone Night : Kin 83 day 83 of 260 day Calendar of Natural Time Aligning with Divine Time : Day 5 of 3rd wave of 2nd castle : Castle of Crossing : Moon 12 day 22 of the 13 Moon Calendar : Solstice & Solar Eclipse

Day 5 of the wave of Blue Storm we are in, a time of change catalyzing the regeneration of energy. Blue Storm is the energy we are learning to manage, to bring into balance in these years of White Wizard 2019-2032, and Blue Lunar Storm is the forthcoming second year we will enter on 26th July 2020. This wave of Blue Storm is an extrapolation of what Storm is, and what it’s ultimately for. Day 5 of a wave is the core purpose point, and today is Blue Overtone (5th tone/day) Night. Overtone is the 5th frequency merges the first 4 energies, representing empowerment, as it incorporates focus, challenge, activation & service, grounding & practice, to give us the dynamic energy of free will, of beingness. Blue Night represents the dream field, the great mystery, the unknown, the subconscious, the dark abyss, the nothing from which everything comes. It is infinite potentiality, dark matter, or the primordial soup. The wave forms of energy that are undefined, existing but not collapsed into form, not experienced. Blue Night is pure yin. The Wu Wei. We have been so afraid of the dark that Blue Night is also the Dark Night of the Soul. Blue Night also represents abundance, as it is infinite potentiality.

It is quite amazing to have the solstice, which in the northern hemisphere represents the most yang, fullest light landing on the opposite energy of Blue Night. This speaks of a rebalancing, and an invitation, with the full light that we might dive deep into the dream, into the dark night, and retrieve the underlying truth, the light in the dark. White Mirror is the hidden power of Blue Night, speaking to the fact that going into the unknown will lead us back to truth & alignment. The solstice & eclipse are on the cardinal axis of Cancer - The Divine Mother - and Capricorn, associated with Saturn, and the father, but as I have been tuning in, all planets, as we are, above as below, are both and have masculine and feminine aspects. The Divine Mother aspect that has been lost to us, is returning, and this is the portal to bring these energies into balance within us. The dream field of Blue Night is where our disowned power lies waiting to be reclaimed. Currently projected out and played out in a power play and experience of victimization. The dark is rising up to be met with the light of love, that sees through the illusion, the play of light, into the core of truth, that all is One, emanating from the same source, and that source is LOVE.

We go into the dark to germinate, we are star seeds from the dark sky, from the womb of The Mother, to our mother’s womb, dreaming ourselves into being. The mechanics of dreaming is now essential for us to master. We can see clearly now that the lucid dream signals are coming thick and fast, the synchronicities and dream tells are everywhere, 2020 is surreal to say the least. When we are dreaming and become lucid in the dream, we notice these tells, and we have a chance to wake up from the dream, or become dream director, not being a hapless victim of the dream, confused and disorientated, we can interact and explore. 2020 has always been synonymous with perfect vision, and it is the year of the falling veils of separation. Which is why in our dualistic and polarized reality, we see only more separation. The second year of the Wizard era is Blue Lunar Eagle, the challenge of seeing, with higher mind, with wisdom, the wisdom of knowing that things are not what they seem at one dimension, we need to have a more expanded sight, a multidimensional way of seeing in order to be able to see clearly, and then choose.

We are mid way through this year, a year unlike any other in human history, and we all came to be here at this time. Solstice and Eclipses are power points, this year major astrological events happening on the solstices, the December solstice will also mark a epic turning point, with Saturn moving forward into Aquarius. Could it be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? We are the vortices through which we can call in, and align with the changes that bring us to a new experience. This wave of Blue Storm is the rinse cycle for us to let go of the energetic imprints that have caught us in the Dark Side of the Blue Night, lost and confused, feeling lack and powerlessness, when in truth the opposite it true. We are infinite beings, and we are dreaming ourselves. Reclaim the Blue Night and dream the dream of your soul. The Guiding energy of the day is Blue Monkey, the end point of the wave, because in the process of the Storm, the regeneration of energy, the goal is the restoration of the essence self, the magical child. Blue Monkey is the inner child, and in healing the inner child we release the wondrous inner child, the pure soul self that is not separate, and has a dream for this life. Remember who you are, remember your dream. You have to have a dream to have a dream come true. What is the collective dream we are holding, in our hearts, our soul, untainted by the noise of the world. It is the dream of awakening in the dream, and moving the dream from one of fear and separation where the monsters reign, to the dream of abundance. If we did not fear lack, what would we do? If we did not fear our darkness, would we reclaim it?

The seeds of our future lie in the Blue Night space, and we are activating them now, tomorrow 21st June 2020 will be Yellow Rhythmic Seed. The Mother/Father aspect of this time is activating this inner relationship, so we can fertilize our inner seeds, with response-ability and consciousness. Embrace the rising of the sun, and the fullness of it’s expression today, and allow that pendulum to swing fully into the opposite energy, seeking lucidity in all the areas that feel confused, fear, abandonment. It’s a great time to merge the full light and dark within, and collapse the division. Seeding balance for the future.

LOVE is lighting the way.

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