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Re-Membering the Cosmic Self : Letting Love Light the Way

Blue Cosmic Monkey : Kin 91 day 91 in the 260 day Dreamspell Calendar of Natural Time : Reorientation Device to Locate Our Trueselves In The Now Moment : last day of the 3rd wave of the 2nd castle : The Castle of Turning.

Autumn Skye : Blue Cosmic Monkey : The Magical Child

We have reached the peak of the 3rd wave of the 2nd Castle we are journeying. The waves dance up above the midpoint/ horizon and down below the mid point/horizon, just as we as a planet move up and down through the ecliptic. As above so below. Yin yang. Each Castle is a harmonic of waves, Red, White, Blue and ending in Yellow. The initiation, the refinement followed by the transformation that leads to the fruition. Each wave is 13 days, and so each castle is 52 days, relating to the 13,000 year and 52,000 year cycles. Everything is a hologram, a fractal of itself expanding and contracting from the macro to the micro. And we are points of light journeying these cosmic waves of time.

Today is Cosmic, and I was born Cosmic, so I feel deliciously Cosmic today. What is this cosmic frequency, the 13th tone? It is universal, it comes after the Crystal 12th tone, which is the condensed version, with bonded energy, and now we explode into a definitionless space, launched beyond the edges, going out there to the universal sphere. Where we came from. The next tone, tomorrow will be the 1st frequency of Magnetic - pulling all the pieces back together in a new way again. And so it is with all things pulsing in and out of form, in and out of reality, in and out of the dream.

This Blue Storm wave is a message for the year ahead that will begin on the Galactic New Year 26th July 2020. It is also a prelude to the generation that follows the once we have just begun, where we are headed in 2032. Blue Storm is the balance point of the generation of White Wizard we are in, we are now more than ever before, awakening to our energetic reality, and invited to enter the storm of regeneration that will catalyze our launch to a new consciousness, and from that new consciousness, new creations. Blue Storm precedes Yellow Sun, consciousness, change catalyzes awakening. The message of this wave has been to become aware of how we are using energy, how we imprint energy, how to clear it of the past patterns and free it to return to innocence, return to pure energy, without agenda without identity, simply aligned and vibrating with the universal frequency of LOVE. Yesterday’s glyph was White Crystal Dog, cooperating with love, partnering with the human self love and the spiritual unconditional love in order to be emissaries of love for creation. Love is where we come from, it is who we are, and when we rejoin this heart consciousness, we return to our essence, our true selves, as represented by Blue Cosmic Monkey.

Blue Cosmic Monkey is our Star Being self, the soul self before all the soul journeys, that is closest to the vibration of Spirit that is LOVE. We are all Cosmic Monkeys somewhere beneath the stories and experiences, the imprints and the wounds. Blue Storm representing energy, reminds us that it is all energy, and that on that level of awareness, we are eternal, and nothing has ever happened to us, though we have travelled in this or that incarnation, along this or that ancestral lines, and those journeys have altered us, wounded us on a soul level, but at the level of spirit, we are untouched. Blue Storm wave is the invitation to allow the energy, the universal energy of source, that we are, to return us to, our true selves. There is less to do that we imagine, it is more a surrendering of thinking that we know, thinking at all, and allowing the feelings to flow and release, so we can re-enter the heart space and remember who we are, reconnect with the love that we are, and receive the love that is all that is.

This White Northern Castle of Crossing has been one of death and rebirth, rebirthing our true selves. We began in the Red Skywalker wave, of embodied sacred reconnection, activating our body temple and the temple space in mind and environment, and aligning the life force with the Divine. Before moving to the White Worldbridger wave of death and rebirth, which expanded us towards the multidimensional truth, again to bridge, and cross over from ignorance to awakening. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I know you have heard that many times before but it really requires some consideration. If you really knew that, if you really integrated that ultimate truth, what would you do, who would you be, how would that change this reality for you, and if we all ‘woke’ up and remembered this, how would we treat each other and what would we do? Are we ready to cross over to that level of the game? Now we are in the Storm, the waters are breaking for the birth of the true being, the magical child, connected to the dream of The Mother, the original intent for creation, for Gaia and Humanity. Has this storm stirred your remembrance, has it cleansed you of energetic imprints and released emotional baggage, has it brought you to your heart? Have you found your self love there, the self love that is the love of All That Is?

If the answer is no, then please seek some assistance. The Blue Lunar Storm year ahead will be an intensification of this Storm energy, as there is much clearing and reformatting of our energy bodies to be done in this evolutionary process. As awakening New Shamans we must embrace this energy of change and allow it to catalyze our freedom from the past, so we can cross over to the future. It is up to us, we are the ones we have been waiting for, and now is the time for us to step up and remember.

Tomorrow we begin a new cycle, the Yellow Human wave, where humanity is invited to cross over from one level of reality to another. To step into our power, activate the inner shaman, the wisdom of the Wizard that is in our cellular memory and in the field of intelligence that is all around us, if we are open, energetically to connect to it. Humanity is being asked to make a choice, in this forthcoming closing wave. We need to be fearless, we need to be aware, conscious, awake from the dream of our powerlessness and suffering, to seed a new path. This wave will echo out across time, we are conscious agents of creation, and we create mostly from our subconscious, which is the field of dreams. If that subconscious is not made conscious, we perceive ourselves as victims of reality, but when we reclaim our power, and our dream, we can step up in our responsibility for creation. This is the invitation now, we are asked to grow up as a humanity, to cross over to a new way of being, and experiencing.

As always, in it’s simplest forms, ONLY LOVE will Light the Way.

In l’akech

Rianna Skywalker : Cosmic Oracle

Sage to the Age of the New Shamans

Remembering who you are is a soul service to yourself and creation, for humanity and the earth. Your cosmic blueprints reorientate you to the deeper and higher meaning of your life, your challenges, your gifts and your special self mastery keys that will allow you to shift your reality and reclaim your magical powers to do what you came to do.

I am a Cosmic Guide to bring you your much needed owner manual so you can understand and fall in love with yourself more deeply, reconnecting you to the love that is All That Is.

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