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Arise Homo Sapien : The Quantum Shift of Our Awakening is Now

Yellow Magnetic Human : Kin 92 day 92 of 260 in the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time : Synchronize with the Divine : first day of the last wave of the 2nd castle : Castle of Crossing

Yellow Magnetic Human

Welcome to the fruition wave of 13 days of this 52 day 4 wave cycle The White Northern Castle of Crossing. We began a process 39 days ago that we are now going to see fruits of. This wave is Yellow Magnetic Human, and it represents a choice point for humanity. Yellow Human the archetype in this wonderful cosmology represents us, humans, humanity, and the whole cosmology speaks to our human journey, and reconnects us to our cosmic journey. This calendar is a coded message for us, and never has there been a time when the messages are so needed, so perfect. From the perspective of this calendar we are returned into Natural Law, and a reality that emanates from Source. This calendar is based on the natural rhythms of the earth and the moon and the sun. It is easy to see that the galaxy is a kind of clock, and we are winding through time and space. However, humanity has got lost, we have forgotten who we are, and where we are, and where we are going, and where we are coming from. It is no wonder that the world is in chaos! How long could anyone go on being so lost? Til the end of time? No, because it is all designed, and destined, we are part of a process of evolution, and in processes there are peaks and valleys of progress and then quantum leap points. We are at one of those quantum leap points.

As I have said before, everything is moving in balance and equilibrium, yin and yang. So for however far we go in one direction the opposite momentum also exists. It may seem like more chaos than ever before, but conversely, in natural law, there is the opposite re-ordering taking place. It would be super helpful to humanity to come back to the basics of energy, and vibration, to understand the natural laws, and ideally re-align with Natural Time. There are seasons in nature, and they are replicated within us and beyond us into the cosmos, astrological movements affect us, affect the planet, affect the galaxy. Everything is connected. From the perspective of this calendar of the moon, the calendar of the human soul, we are right on track with the cosmic timeline. This Gregorian calendar is an artificial unnatural timeline, hijacking our life force, consciousness and reality. It appears linear going off into the abyss, one year after another without reference to the natural cyclical nature of reality. If we could remember that there are cycles of time, moving through yin and yang, light and dark, a spring and a winter, we could relax and enjoy the ride a little more.

This wave of Yellow Human tells a story of where we are now. We are invited to step into our power, Yellow Warrior is the 5th day of the wave, the core purpose point. How are we invited to step into our power? The glyph of Yellow Warrior reveals the key. Firstly it depicts a question mark, because Yellow Warrior represents intelligence. We need to question, and test reality and whatever we are told, and make in knowledge through our own experience, or discard it. Another beautiful key is that the supporting energy of Yellow Warrior is Blue Night, going into the unknown. In order to gain intelligence we need to go into it not knowing, not pretending to know, not knowing because someone else told us, but seeking to find for ourselves, and to put it into action to know it. Blue Night is the unknown, the field of dreams, the dark abyss, the shadow and the subconscious. A good warrior needs to have no hidden wounds, no obscured shadow that can become an achilles heel in their pursuit of their purpose. We are at this place now, we are called into reclaiming our power and purpose, to question it all, to question ourselves, to question how we know, and who assumes power over us without empowering us. The guiding energy of this Yellow Overtone Warrior that we are being called into is Yellow Seed, the end goal of this wave of Yellow Human. The message is, we are guardians of the future, we are the star seeds seeding the uncharted future, it’s in our hands. If we disown our power, and give away our power, we relinquish the free will choice we were blessed with, and remain powerless over our future timelines.

The intention point of the wave of Yellow Human, and therefore the intention for humanity and this journey of life, is Yellow Solar Sun, to awaken. To be conscious. To wake up from the dream of forgetfulness and remember we are consciousness, we are conscious agents creating reality. We have the power to dismantle this creation, and to create again. We are not victims of this reality, we are the creators of it. Holding the intention to be conscious, above all else, we will allow the lies to fall away, and for a reinvigoration of our life force, as it realigns with the Divine Truth, reconnecting us with the intelligence that will free us from this nightmare experience we have endured. It is only with fearless commitment to awakening that we can reclaim our power, and therefore assume the creative responsibility for reality. Individually and collectively.

When we reach that nexus point of conscious awakening, as we are clearly doing, despite what it looks like. Remember the Laws of Polarity & Duality. The pendulum is swinging wildly to extremes on both sides but it will at some point come to center, come to the breakthrough point. When we trust in the process, we can focus on our unique individual purpose that is feeding the collective shift. We reclaim our power to act, knowing where we are in time and space and how to step into our power, and why we have to! It’s in our hands, we need to be brave and awakened. We are being called.

I will take you through the steps in this wave, day by day, it is good to ask yourself, how does my humanity serve humanity, what human experiences are keeping me from remembering my spiritual truth and purpose. This wave is a key to how you serve, and we each have a way in which we serve in the awakening of humanity, remembering who they are and cocreating heaven on earth. We need to decide, to choose, which seeds within us grow and get planted into the fabric of time, and which we need to weed out and clear away.

Now is the time. LOVE only love, lights the way.

In l’akech

Rianna Skywalker

Cosmic Oracle

Sage to the Age of the New Shamans

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