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Activate the Wisdom of the Wizard Within : In Service to Humanity

White Electric Wizard : Kin 94 day 94 of 260 day 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time : Align with the Divine : day 3 of the 4th final wave of the 2nd castle : The White Northern Castle of Crossing

White Electric Wizard in the wave of Yellow Human

Day 3 of the wave of Yellow Human, the activation point of the journey we are on. Day 3 is a key to what we are called to bring into action, in order to serve the theme of the wave. In this wave of Yellow Human, a wave about our humanity, the activation point is White Electric Wizard. The Electric tone/frequency of the 3rd day/year/point on the wave is about harmony, harmonizing the polarity, unifying the duality into one harmonic multi faceted dance. 3 is the number of creation, the holy trinity, joy and self expression. The 3rd element bonds the first and second element to create, as described in the Tao Te Ching

The Tao generates the One, the One generates the Two, the Two generate the Three, the Three generate the ten thousand things.


The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.


This wave of Yellow Human is reminding us to step into our power and assume creative response-ability for our reality. Yesterday’s message with Red Lunar Skywalker was to accept the challenge of remembering we are spiritual beings, that we need to balance our humanness with the sacred. We need to have a relationship with our higher selves, with the divine within us and around us. It’s hard to do because it’s the unseen world, the world of spirit, but without it we are lost, because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore the primary mechanism of stepping into our power is to reconnect with the sacred & divine within us in order to remember who we are.

In doing this, we open to receive higher knowledge and wisdom, Wizard means wisdom, the knowledge of heaven and earth and the creative process. When we know how it works, we can be more masterful at life, more masterful at creation. We can amend our faulty creations, healing and releasing those back to pure source energy, for creations that are aligned with higher truths. We are invited to activate our inner magic, our inner Yoda. In order to do so we must as Yoda says ‘unlearn what we have learnt’. All that we know, the knowledge we have been given is subverted and leading us away from love and truth. We need to reclaim the wisdom of the divine truth, and we do that by stepping into sacred self mastery.

White Electric Wizard is how we serve as a humanity, how we will heal the damage we have done to the earth and each other, how we will heal the systems that we have created that are self sabbotaging our life force, our consciousness and our planet. Activating this inner knowledge that emanates from the field of All That Is, we will see miraculous changes in our reality. We are in the Age of the New Shamans, and right now we are witnessing a massive play from the Dark Wizards who have kept knowledge for their own agendas of power and control, not aligned with love. We have to reclaim that power, by remembering and activating that knowledge. Blue Hand is the hidden power of White Wizard, Blue Hand represents knowledge as well as doing, and healing. Hands are extensions of the heart, and it is through our doing, what we love, and what we known in our hearts, in our soul, that we come to have the real earthly knowledge. Our own experience married with our collective wisdom from the field, is our true intelligence, Divine Intelligence, back online. No longer taught what serves the status quo, we each have to reconnect with our unique purpose, and the magical keys for fulfilling that purpose, and practice them to make them our embodied knowledge now, bringing knowledge alive is the magic we seek. When we are in self mastery, and acting on that inner knowledge and experience, we are able to serve humanity, serve the reality of seeding heaven on earth, but with less physical effort and suffering, more grace and ease.

Let the magic in, let the magic flow, be magical. That is the call for humanity now, magical times are ahead, this is the cosmic window that has opened for us to experience our trueselves in form, be our divine selves and fulfill our divine destiny.

Together to get there,

Love will light the way

This wave of Yellow Human can reveal how you serve humanity, and this day of White Electric Wizard will reveal what you need to master and attain knowledge of in order to step into your power and purpose, and serve the greatest shift in human history.

Reach out for Mayan Soul Astrology Readings to orientate to the Cosmic Wisdom, and remember who you are.

In La’Kech

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